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5 Videos (16m)
    • Taking Control Of Your Life Inner Confidence Intro

    • Taking Control Of Your Life Inner Confidence Step 1

    • Taking Control Of Your life Inner Confidence Step 2

    • Taking Control Of Your Life Inner Confidence Step 3

    • Taking Control Of Your life Inner Confidence Summary


About This Class


If you want to take control of your life stop letting others dictate it to you! Here’s the thing, at varying points in life other people influence us more than we influence ourselves. That might not always be a bad thing but what happens when you feel out of control and begin externalizing all of your problems; ‘it’s her fault’, ‘he didn’t do …’, ‘she should have…’.

If you find yourself feeling indecisive, uncertain of your actions or frequently blaming others then it’s time to work on your inner confidence; 3 key things to develop to get you back in control of your life.

  • Introduction – why feeling out of control can drive you mad and the 3 key things to develop
  • Being Authentic – Being You
  • Stop Focusing On What Others Think 
  • Fail forward - Do It Anyway!
  • In Summary - key points to remembeK






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Yvonne Bignall

Personal Development Educator & Network Co-Founder

As an entrepreneur and personal development educator, YvonneB works with individuals, corporate health & fitness and wellbeing companies committed to developing their staff and sports charities developing youth in their communities, to inspire confidence, and unlock potential.

Yvonne is also the Co-Founder of Love Entrepreneurs, a unique business network helping businesses solve their most challenging issues. With her business partner, Eleri Cosslett, Love Entrepreneurs is championing start-ups and early years businesses where ordinary people are building EXTRA-ordinary businesses. She is also the UK Director for IMTA Ltd, an international personal & professional development organisation working with healthcare professionals.

Yvonne believes that you don’t really know what you’re potential is until you have to do something; until you have a challenge to overcome or a goal to achieve’. Yvonne lives life one day at a time and to the full, sharing her experiences and those of her clients to inspire others to push the boundaries of their comfort zone.

Final thought… Don’t get comfortable, get moving. Find your passion, create your dream and live the life you were gifted to live.