Save and come up with money (~$4000) to invest via my rejection-proof negotiation scripts/method Free class

Sashi Asakura

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5 Videos (17m)
    • m0 intro: Welcome!

    • m0: Why and what it covers

    • m1 intro: Save and come up with fund to invest

    • m1s1: Non-rocket-science method & estimate your potential savings

    • m1s2: Cust costly fees using my rejection-free negotiation scripts


About This Class

The smartest collection on the planet internet of investing hacks, word for word negotiation scripts and science-backed system that takes into account financial & investing planning, risk management, fees & commissions reduction, and long-term investment consistency that will protect your money from rip-off mutual funds and scammy trading gurus, even if you have never invested before OR have no idea what "compounding" and "index funds" mean OR have no Ph.D in Applied Math (I got you!)

Before trading forex, you need a solid investing plan. Shameless mutual funds and financial planners steal your money for their own profits. number flaunters and flashy trading gurus sell crappy products without properly testing and validating their claims.
what are you gonna do about it?

Imagine if you could know what to be aware of, how much and what to invest at where to reduce high-cost fees by yourself, and have confidence in making informed decisions for your hard-earned money.

The good news: all of this valuable & practical investment system is yours for a fraction of what it costs to rely on mutual funds or some random trading gurus.

What are the requirements?

  • Just open mindset and good attention. No prior investing experience required.

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Protect your money from rip-off mutual funds and scammy trading gurus
  • Save your money and immediately come up with $500-$4000 you didn't know available for free
  • Avoid being like 95% of losing investors via my wise intro to investing
  • Allocate just the right amount of money for sustainable 10% growth under 35% risk
  • Win the silent game played by brokers and avoid 2-3% high-cost fees
  • Think like a sensible investor to prepare for rainy days and increase your chance of long-lasting success in investing
  • Know with confidene how much money to invest based on your annual income, finding the perfect equilibrium between "too much" and "too little" so you will never worry being short on rent and utility bills
  • Avoid choosing wrong, ineffective, and high-risk investments so you don't waste your time and money on unsustainable investments
  • Know exactly where to deposit your investment funds and reduce the chance of getting ripped off with high-cost fees
  • Reduce fears of uncertainties and losing. Have a behind-scene look on how 95% of investors fail and know "what you don't know" so you can identify "blind spots" that no mutual funds or trading gurus want you to know

What is the target audience?

  • If you are interested in systematic investing even if you have never invested before OR have no idea what "compounding" and "index funds" mean OR have no Ph.D in Applied Math
  • If you have dabbled in trading Forex or Stocks or Binary Options but no solid foundation in investment
  • If you want to learn a solid allocation method, right investing models for sustainable growth, right brokers, and right investing mindset






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I'm Sashi Asakura, and I'm a Forex investment engineer. I've been a software engineer for over 5 years and an algorithmic Forex trader for over 2 years (out of 6+ years in overall Forex trading). 

I have helped my clients design systematic and battle-tested investment plans. My clients turn to me when they need better investment advice than "buy and hold," "hustle and grind and you'll get better at trading in 2 years," "trust the system that's not systematically tested," and when they want to stop trading based on gut-instinct or guessing work.

I went from sub-zero (investing manually and emotionally and lost $15k) to 50-60% annual return in the past 2 years of algorithmic Forex trading, and trading is not even my full time business... all because I know how to use proven systems and testing methods to validate consistency, profitability, and robustness of trading systems from probabilistic and statistical standpoint.

Other interesting facts about myself:

  • -Became one of the Amazon best-selling Kindle authors in Forex trading category
  • -Have been featured in Counting Pips, MQL5, Forex Crunch, and FX Street
  • -Was a software engineer at Microsoft and BlackBerry
  • -Am generally lazy and love the idea of software automation followed by automated testing. My studies in investment and personal finance include: Intelligent Investors, Poor Charlie's Almanack, Money Master The Game, I Will Teach You To Be Rich, Total Money Makeover, Trading in a Zone, Trading for a Living, Millionaire Next Door, Slight Edge, and more.

You can find me at my website: Introverted Forex Engineer.