Physique Mastery Boot Camp I: Counting Calories and Balancing Macronutrients Premium class

Sean Haddad, Owner/Writer at Dieticle

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9 Videos (30m)
    • Introduction

    • What is a Calorie?

    • Macronutrients: The Big Three

    • Estimating Calorie Requirements

    • Determining Macro Needs

    • Free Tracking Resources

    • Weighing Food with a Scale

    • Project Walkthrough

    • Wrap Up


About This Class

The first step to physique mastery and getting the body of your dreams starts WHAT you eat and HOW MUCH you eat.

So, in order to be able to add slabs of muscle to our frames or burn the belly fat to bring out those toned six pack abs, you need to not only know what to eat and how much you need, but how to track it all.

That is the purpose of this class.

In this class, you will learn to calculate the amount of calories your body needs based on your unique metabolism.

Then, you will learn how to split those calories in the proper amounts between the three major macronutrients: fat, carbs, and protein.

Finally, we'll go through the FREE resources available to you to start your nutrition tracking journey.

Let's go.

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I do recommend this class!! It is very descriptive and provides details along with examples that are relevant and helpful to any level dieter. I appreciated Sean starting with the basics since it gets overlooked. Thank you!