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11 Videos (15m)
    • Introduction to Mastering Your Learning Process in 6 Proven Steps

    • Knowing your Learning Potential

    • The Right Mindset When it Comes to Learning

    • The 6 Steps to Master Learning

    • 01 - Preparation

    • 02 - Multi-sensory Learning

    • 03 - From Knowing to Understanding

    • 04 - Memorising

    • 05 - Self Examination

    • 06 - Celebration

    • Summing it Up


About This Class

"Anything worth learning is worth learning it well!" Alexandru Blanaru - Trainer.

Most of untrained people take only one or two steps in their learning, hoping for the best results...

If you never learned about learning, now it's the time to start.

This short course provides a proven 6 steps guide for a complete learning process that will help you get the best results in learning anything you set your mind to.

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great knowledg
The class is rudimentary, but conveys the basic steps of learning, which seems to be a mystery to most people.
Very nice, Alex! I'm proud to see you on the screen and to find out these interesting new stuff about the learning process! Good luck!





Currently I work for Value Plus Association as a project manager & trainer. I am responsible for all the projects and the development of educational trainings for kids and youth within the association.

I graduated in Business Administration and my key areas as a trainer are:

  • entrepreneurship & business,
  • learning techniques,
  • creativity,
  • public speaking,
  • effective comunication,
  • leadership
  • ethics and character development
  • spiritual development

In the future I will focus on developing human centered educational programms & trainings that will make a positive difference in the world.

People who inspire me are: Jesus, Zig Ziglar, John Maxwell, Jim Rohn, Robin Sharma and Dale Carnegie.