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8 Videos (14m)
    • Take Actions Now - Tap into Power of Preorders

    • Motivator 1 : CAN Go Live in 24 hours marketplace

    • Motivator 2: CAN Go into Best Sellers

    • Motivator 3: CAN go into Hot New Releases

    • Five Smart Action Steps - Do Right Away

    • Fill in Your 90 Day Planning Calendar

    • Take Action: Circle Dates to Meet Deadlines

    • Wishing you Success & Thank you!


About This Class

Are you now ready to take action to do Kindle Pre-Orders to get your books to Best Sellers?

In this Class, I will show you 3 Motivating Factors of doing Pre-Orders and Provide Action Steps for you to plan the 90 Day Program.

3 Motivating Factors - Live Case Demo:

  1.  Your Pre-Order Book goes live in 24 hours in all of Amazon's marketplaces except India.
  2.  Your Pre-Order Book goes into the Best Sellers Pages even before launching
  3.  Your Pre-Order Book goes into the Hot New Releases even before launching

So Please take advantage of all these 3 places to let your Pre-Order book has wide exposure and Sales before it actually launches. Accumulating these sales will help your ranking to go high.  I demonstrated this with my books.

5 Easy Smart Action Plans

  • I show you exactly how I execute my 5 EZ yet SMART steps.
  • Doing Pre-orders in Kindle does not need to be complicated at all.
  • Use my 90 Day Plan Calendar
  • You can download the Calendar in the project area.
  • I show you an example of my calendar.  
  • You can try 4 books and not 10.
  • Watch my demo - Circle the deadline dates to meet deadlines!

Follow My Kindle Success Series:

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2.  Kindle Success # 2:  5 Powerful Tips on Uploading onto KDP Platform Effectively

3.  Kindle Success # 3:  Expand Kindle to 8 Other Platforms - iBook, Nook, CreateSpace, etc.

4.  Kindle Success # 4:  Get NEW Kindle Books to Best Sellers after Launch

5.  Kindle Success # 5:  Revive OLD Kindle Books to Best Sellers

6.  Kindle Success # 6:  Make this Small Change in Your Cover Thumbnails!

7.  Kindle Success # 7:  Tap Into the Power of Kindle Pre-Orders - When & How

8.  Kindle Success # 8:  Kindle Pre-Orders Marketing Tips to Best Sellers

9.  Kindle Success # 9:  Kindle Pre-Orders Smart Action Steps & Calendars

See you all inside the class,


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Always Great tips from Rosa. I am taking action. For sure.
Thank you all for joining this class. Put your pre-orders into action right away. Our problem is not taking action. Once you take action, you will see the power of this strategy.
Rosa Suen

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Rosa Suen

Skillshare Coach: Follow Me

Rosa is Sharing Her Skills & Secrets in  79 Classes!

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Rosa Suen is  an Entrepreneur in Amazon Kindle & Doing Small Home Business.   She has been coaching many students in the Amazon Kindle Publishing as well as helping instructors to create their Online Schools. 

Rosa is also a Music Teacher & Church Pianist for over 30 years. She is the head of the Music Department in her local church & conducts various workshops that teach people music theory & how to play piano.  Rosa has started teaching music & piano online since 2009.  During these 8 years, she has attracted more than 10,000 music student followers.

Come and Visit Rosa's Music Online School

Rosa's Music Online School

Many people at church have asked Rosa to teach them to play piano. As a result of her passion in playing piano, she started developing piano courses initially for church pianists online since 2008. The piano courses are very unique because she was finally willing to share her Unique Piano Method: Color Chord Improvisation Method known as CCI. The CCI method works for all types of music: Gospel, Pop and Standards.

This Piano Method is easy, fun and creative that you learn to play piano not only from music score sheets, but to play chords from fake books and eventually to play by ear. Students all over the world have requested for courses to teach them play standards and popular songs. As a result she developed 3 Great Reharmonization Method courses for them to play from fake books and play by ear. The Dreamy Piano Techniques courses, especially the one on Autumn Leaves is her students favorite. She has a piano website at Learn Piano With Rosa where she continues to offer new courses to her students. She also holds piano workshops for her local students and train church pianists.

With her education and expertise in teaching, her students love her music courses and found her piano lessons extremely easy and fun to play piano. They are highly motivated to play piano and playing piano had never been more fun and satisfying for them. You can read their testimonies on her website.

Come and visit my website - Learn Piano With Rosa!