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9 Videos (47m)
    • $1700 in one day Doing What You Love - Trevor Emdon On Getting Life Changing Results

    • Part 1 Introduction Ready Fire Aim

    • The Tip Of Your Nose Strategy

    • Sticktoitiveness

    • Throw a Party

    • Part 2 - Eliminating Failure - Numbers

    • New Definition

    • It's All About The Squad

    • It's All About The Squad Part 2


About This Class


What if you could eliminate failure completely?

From business

From Relationships

From Health

From anything you ever set your mind to...

Making success inevitable for every goal you set out to achieve?


During this class you will learn my secrets to how I have helped many other students like yourself go from brand new to a 6 figure earner in less than 90 days, massively improved health and overall goal-buster

The only problem you will have is wishing you had learned this 6 months ago... and now remembering to set much MUCH bigger goals... Because everything is possible

Those secrets revealed include:

  • Seeing past the tip of your nose technique - not what you think
  • How to have explosive Hangouts that make you money - This has nothing to do with Google Hangouts.. and it's 100x's more powerful
  • The ONLY "unbreakable must" that is required to succeed online. You likely are totally ignoring this one
  • and much more!







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P James Holland

Coach Comeback

P. James Holland, also known as Coach Comeback or the "Life ReInvention Specialist" is married to his high school sweetheart and can be found giving away the only method where you can INVEST in REAL ESTATE without ever investing (READ: zero risk) a single red cent or using any banks, loans or credit at...

Random musings and humor at the blog

He also has a quirky, strange and often misunderstood sense of humor. You either love him or want to smack him in the face - Usually both.