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learn to paint harmonious colors with this hand and flower

teacher avatar Marleen Kleiberg, paint the right color on the right place

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (23m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. part 1 The supplies

    • 3. part2 The transfer

    • 4. part 3 The hand

    • 5. part 4 The background

    • 6. part 5 The dandelion

    • 7. part 6 Final things

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About This Class

Do you struggle with mixing the right colors?

Do you find yourself overwhelmed trying to paint the right skintone in the figure paintings you have made. And is it hard for you to paint the harmony in your paintings?

In this course, I will teach you my process of mixing the right colors.

I believe a painting is good when your colors are right and harmonious. That’s more important than the form.

I will be demonstrating an entire painting with acrylic paint, but these concepts can be applied to any other medium.

If you'd like to paint along with me, I have included my original sketch in the course, you can print it and transfer it on your own paper or canvas.

If you have any questions, need clarification, or encounter an issue in your painting that you're unsure how to address -- post to the discussion! I am very responsive and I'm here to help!

I hope you enjoy this course!


This course is for you if:

  • You want to learn more about how to use color.
  • You want to learn to paint the right color in your paintings.
  • You want to learn some simple rules for color mixing.
  • You've tried to paint and haven't been happy with the results, so you are looking for some new techniques to try.


You will learn:

  • How to see color in your subject.
  • How to mix the right color.
  • How to use a limited palette.



Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Marleen Kleiberg

paint the right color on the right place


Hello, I'm Marleen Kleiberg

I'm a painter from The Netherlands specializing in acrylic and oil paintings. Best known for my loose brushwork and my use of color. I am a fulltime artist and paint every day. I try to paint outdoors once a week to train color mixing.
I love to paint in natural shades and colors.
I hope to teach how to use color in your paintings. I think that color is more important than the form of your subject. .

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1. Introduction: Hello. I'm a link labor. I'm from the Netherlands and I'm a painter. I sell my art on etc. And in this class I will show you how to paint his hands with a deadly enemies. I painted it with a limited palettes, and I want to teach you how to mix your tones and shades with only four colors. This class is for everyone who want to learn to mix colors for everyone want to bring more harmony in their paintings. And I hope this is a good exercise for you to explore the world. Of course. So excuses for my bad English. I hope the video lessons speak for itself. 2. part 1 The supplies: my paints are critics and its failure Green. It's yellow ocher and the red system kept you more. It lights My black is ivory black, and my wife is titanium. Right? You need some, uh, brushes, palette, knife. Just what you have in your studio end for, um, the transfer off the drawing. I used carbon transfer paper, but you can also draw to it pencil and the paper. I used its logical of paper, but you can also use a canvas or, uh, aboard to start you like 3. part2 The transfer: okay. Before I start to transfer the drawing I make with a marker on the watercolor paper. I you some tape. Oh, my watercolor paper around the edges. About half an inch. A single on Shanti meter. I like a white border around my paintings. When you start with the transfer off the growing, make sure your hands in the middle and, uh, try not to move, uh, paper anymore. So I also, um, controlled, uh, small signs where the shadow start or the darker parts woods, Just what you were Nike. And also you can draw. It's on the paper. Look, this is it's so let's start with the painting itself. 4. part 3 The hand: Okay, we start wits applying some pains on my pellets. Yes, my yellow Oakar and give me a Redd's and my ivory Black And I used these three as my primary color. So black is my blue cadmium red. It's my magenta and yellow ocher ISS, my primary yellow and I had some Boyd's and some Faridi in green for Green Day details. Because yellow joker and black together makes a sort of green, but not so bright as the Floridian does. I start with a mix off an orange yellow orange, and I'm except with some black, to make a very day sets rated scholar The Reds and I paint over the lines, and, um, I do that because a t the end of the painting. I don't want to see any white spots on bond. I was paint very impressionistic, so I don't I want to paint call us precisely against another color. So now I have, um, some space to, um to paint. Not every part. Very precisely. I also painted the darkest parts off the hands. You can see the lightest form, the left, and here on the right side I paint is brown rids and This is just the first layer and but you can know, see already of forming hands. Okay, No, we go to the middle color and make you can kind of orange be some more yellow spreads. It's a dark part, and I pains middle off the hands. I also add a little bit off on the green in it, and you can also use Black Bacall's I Don't wanted to brides, and the more I get to live more warts. And unless green or black heads on, this is painting or skits, you campaigned this very quickly, and by doing this exercises, you learn to mixed colors very decorates, the more you do it better, you know, being this I see and make, um, some bars, parts of bit more purple and purple, pink or purple. Um, you can make that with only runs on the black. In the beginning, I said, black is a kind of blue and, um, reds and blue. It's purple. It's very cool color, but still oh, skin toe in the color purple and yellow are opposite is in paintings. It's beautiful when you not only make colors darker or Leiser, but also warmer and cooler. So here you see a very yellow is orange and it's nice thing about critic pain. Sheikhoun easily paint over it within minutes, then it's dry already. 5. part 4 The background: So now we are going to paint the background, take a lot of black with some wides, goes only black. I don't like that. So because this just a black home I know when you make it great. And it's also some green in its because green history opposites off reds and a hand is read mostly. And, um, that makes a contrast do in the hands and background. But it's also, um, make a connection with the hand and background because in the hands I also at some green in the shadow. And, um, because I used that green again in the background. Um, it's become harmonious when you, um, use color. Um, and you repeat it on other parts. It becomes a unity A painting. You don't have to do that. So, um, that you can see it in the first way. But, um, it gives some, uh, harmony in the colors to use. Okay, it's paint IDs, and I also try not to have some white sports anymore. You see them then Lian Jim's out after paper. No, I, um, take some war to its touch off the yellow and on the highlights off the hands I painted it there because I used that yellow goes in the shadow parts. I used it reds with blackham. As I said before, that's a sort of purple hoping purple, and that is the opposite. Off yellow in the color view ends when I, um, paint yellow and purple carrot. It makes a contrast, is so not only de dark and lives are. Contras is also the color, and it's very, um, softly you in the in the first way. You don't say it's yellow and purple, but when you look any longer, you can see it's and that gives, I think, very, uh, natural. Look. So you also see I don't pain so precisely boots because the colors are rights. It looks like hands. And it's what I like in paintings that, uh, it's only color. You can make any form you wish, but that costs a lot off practice. Teoh mix the colors, but I think that you see you am I pallets that this purple again in the mid sounds are make a little bit more purple. So not a black shared our spirits. Give her the cover that looks great, and that's the beauty off acrylic So when you, uh, don't like color, so paint over its with another colorants kids better for some last details on the hands and in the next, less I will paint then Lena. 6. part 5 The dandelion: So now I started to paint, incidentally, in take a lot of white a touch off the Freedy and green Freedy INTs very bright Cholera ends. I take, uh, the words with a little bit of queen because I want to make again a contrast in the flower . Very um Sepp Tile bits. It is there. I don't want it. A black and white boots green and red. So in the largest part, I paint some queen. You can hardly see it on the video, but it is green. So now I take some arrests and you see it. It's a very small piece and some green. When you mix those together, you get a sort of great but not grey with only black and worried. Yeah, I kind off purple great and see it in under a on the right side off the flower I painted that great and again you can hardly see it's but it is there. And in a later stadium, I If it's an older color into shadow, you see it this big, darker. So I want to panes the seats for the middle. Uh, you see some brownish green with the yellow in the black and a little bit of freight, and you get a sort of brown for the middle off the then the name from I wanted it. That flower is very soft, and I do that with color because the whole flowers just a wide circle, happened the highlight of the stem with a bit of the green and yellow. And here again, I make a contrast with yellow and green with red through its and then painter right side off. Stem the shadow shirts. Yeah, you see it. It's are the same goal. Ercis. I paint it the hand wits, but just with another. What is it? Recipe. And you have a very different color. But because the same ingredients the same ghoulish, are in, it's just all participates quits its older. And even if you do this, you know this painting or in a landscape or in a stay alive, try to repeat your colors and don't have a very large scale collars because you don't know what's in its and now you can easily manipulate the its own and a shade a few colors here, in order, layer in the shadow part of the flower, and again it is it's the green threats and some words. Okay, some lost highlights. And I like the flower. That's really a very soft I think I've painted it soft enough now. 7. part 6 Final things: So this is the lost part off this class? Um, here, I removed the tape. It's always very nice door. I think I used the wrong tape. I thorne a little bit off the paper, but it loss what I say earlier, just a sketch and, uh, no problem. So here's the end result, and I like it here. You can see good how softly the deadly in is and how impressionistic the handy's, um, if you want to learn more about the spell, it it is named the Zorn Pellets, and you can find a lot about this painter on YouTube or the Internet and see how others use dispel. It's for their paintings, so I hope you've learned a lots and see you later.