learn how to create Excel Dashboards - Part 5 - Example & practice | Abdelrahman Abdou | Skillshare

learn how to create Excel Dashboards - Part 5 - Example & practice

Abdelrahman Abdou, Data Analyst & Excel Lover!

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4 Videos (17m)
    • AdventureWorks Dashboards Part 1 - Overview

    • AdventureWorks Dashboard Part 2-Analysis

    • AdventureWorks Dashboard Part 3 Hiding the ribbon (Events)

    • Exercise Dashboard Airline Sales


About This Class

Link for the other 3 classes in the series:

Class 1

Class 2

Class 3

Class 4

In This class, we are going to walkthrough a sample dashboard that is completely built.

This class will show students how to put together all the skills learned in the previous 4 classes to put together a complete dashboard.

A dashboard assignment project is included as well.





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Abdelrahman Abdou

Data Analyst & Excel Lover!

Hi, I'm Abdelrahman and I'm and Excel Lover :)

I'm also the founder of ExcelBonanza.com, a website dedicated to making you better at Microsoft Excel!

I have a Bachelor's Degree in Chemical Engineering.

I Work as MIS and Reporting Analyst in Vodafone International Services In Egypt.

I have more than 5 Years of Experience in Excel including building Dashboards and VBA.

I have created numerous dashboards in my company and automated tens of report...

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