juggling: a party trick to impress your friends

Selby Shlosberg, juggling teacher extraordinaire

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8 Lessons (12m)
    • 1. introduction

    • 2. project description

    • 3. one ball

    • 4. two balls

    • 5. three balls

    • 6. four and five balls

    • 7. three ball tricks

    • 8. conclusion


Project Description

fifteen second video demonstrating your new juggling knowledge

you just finished the class and have learned how to juggle three objects. you go to a party with your friends and you tell them about this class. they want to see what you've learned. you grab three objects (most likely you're not carrying around three balls with you everywhere you go) and in fifteen seconds show them what you have learned.

film a fifteen second clip using objects you would find at a party or bar demonstrating your three object juggling abilities and tricks. upload the 15 second movie to instagram and post the link on the class page. you can also use the hashtag #skillsharejuggling

Student Projects