jQuery for Beginner to Advanced: Website Animation & Project -Part 1 (Selectors)

Kunal Asudani, Website developer and instructor.

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About This Class

jQuery-"Write less do more" , let's use this concept to animate our web pages and to make our website more attractive and user friendly using jQuery.

Are you dreaming to be a professional website designer?? or

You want to develop an awesomely attractive websites which included high level animation??or

You want to be a freelancer website designer and earn $$$$???

If your answer to any of these questions is yes , then why not to choose jQuery?.

jQuery , a very small name , which can be   used to create mobile apps ,  user interfaces and the main thing to animate websites which you are going to learn in this course.

It is proved that jQuery is said to be the easiest programming language if your dream to create website animations easily..

This jQuery  course is just for you and your search for a complete jQuery course ends here.

Benifits / Advantages of this course:

1). No matter you are a beginner or an expert , this course is designed from scratch.

2). Every programming example will start from a blank page and will ends up with a desired output.

3). A line to line description of every single code is provided in a descriptive manner.

4). This course will work as a "ZERO to HERO" , so at the end you will be an expert in designing interfaces and using javascript libraries effectively.






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Kunal Asudani

Website developer and instructor.

Hello friends!! I am kunal asudani , a website developer with an experience of 8 years in web development and an instructor.

Having a keen interest to spread my knowledge and skills , i started teaching the students who love programming , i have an expertise in programming languages such as HTML , JSON ,javascript , jquerry , css , Bootstrap , Angular JS , Foundation, C , C++, PHP and DSA.

Now , my students are there in 93 countries , started with the single class room , i am sharing my programming skills to my students worldwide.

My way of teaching:

Before creating any course , or any topic , i always create it in the way that my students have zero knowledge of it , because i always aim to start from the scratch.

If you are enrolling in any of my course , you will find everything from the basic , you don't need to google anything.

My aim for students:

I have decided to provide you with all my skills , experience and ideas and bring you up with a great programmer and a website developer.

i will create the every basic course , from scratch which will be in use , as far a person with zero experience can become a hero.

All the best my students...!!

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