jQuery Essentials Part 4: AJAX with jQuery

Peter Sommerhoff, Learn coding without the fluff!

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5 Lessons (50m)
    • 1. Introducing AJAX

    • 2. The load() Function

    • 3. Fetching Images from Flickr with jQuery AJAX

    • 4. Code Along: Creating a Pokédex (Accessing the PokéAPI)

    • 5. Code Along: Improving the Pokédex


About This Class

Part 4 teaches you how to use AJAX in jQuery to retrieve content from remote sites and APIs. As an example, you'll fetch images from Flickr and Pokémon data from the PokéAPI. After finishing Part 4, you'll know... what AJAX is and how to use it in jQuery how to fetch images from an open Flickr API how to fetch data from APIs how to transform and work with data retrieved from APIs Make sure to watch Parts 1-3 before diving into Part 4.