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infographics animation in After Effects

Nshuti Paulin, Motion Graphics Artist

infographics animation in After Effects

Nshuti Paulin, Motion Graphics Artist

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28 Lessons (2h 46m)
    • 1. Trailer

    • 2. Setting up project

    • 3. Creating Solid Background

    • 4. Where to Get Free Icons For Infographics

    • 5. Animating Icons

    • 6. Easy Easy animation

    • 7. Adding pop sound on icon animation

    • 8. Adding text on Icons infographics

    • 9. Over shoot animation in after effects

    • 10. Using Speed Graph

    • 11. Time line infographics 1

    • 12. Time line infographics 2

    • 13. Creating background 1

    • 14. Creating background 2

    • 15. Creating background 3

    • 16. Creating background 4

    • 17. Adding infographics on Animated Background

    • 18. Piechart 1

    • 19. Piechart 2

    • 20. World map animation part 1

    • 21. Word map animation part 2

    • 22. Bargraph in illustrator

    • 23. Bargraph infographics in after effects 1

    • 24. Bargraph infographics in after effects 2

    • 25. Rendering in render queue

    • 26. Rendering in adobe media encorder

    • 27. Creating animated gif

    • 28. What next

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About This Class

Hi my name is Nshuti Paulin  I’m Motion graphics Designer and I love To Teach Animation Specialty in Adobe After Effects And this is Infographics Animation in After effects Course

This is Complete beginner Course  you don’t need any previous knowledge in After Effects or any motion graphic experience. We’ll start with the super basics, taking simple icons Animating   them with After Effects .


There are projects for you to complete, so you can practice your skills and use these for your portfolio. Tt and I’ve got exercise files so you can play along. I will also save my files as I go through each video so that you can compare yours to mine - handy if something goes wrong.

Know that I will be around to help - if you get lost you can drop a post on the video 'Questions and Answers' below each video and I'll be sure to get back to you.

What are you waiting for? Enroll Now    

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Nshuti Paulin

Motion Graphics Artist


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1. Trailer: Hi. My name is fully on this infographic and mission. After using infographic information, can Epictetus story for the content on that? In this class, I'm going to teach you how to get a graphic. Miss enough. You're going to learn everything you need to know that Information up to three studies for basic and making icons for your graphics using graphic it waiting time now for graphics projected number contact Icka Creating background and nation also, we learn how to handle your mission. I see in the class. 2. Setting up project: Hi. Everyone will come in the first. Listen off this infographic and mission off the fifth Corps. So when you open after Fichter, you see the to look like this one. But you know, to see this recent project this Listen project. But if your day if you're if you If you know some basic off this a f perfect like creating project enough defect. You can skip this we do and great and continued watching other videos. But if you are new here, you can continue watching the seed you're so we're going to start by creating new Coney Project by clicking on this icon. So every project enough they think it is that by creating new composition, so create a new composition. You can click on this icon or you can go on the composition on click on new composition so you can give the name off the composition you want went toe great like composition one composition run So you can choose the there is unhitch but I'm going toe change it to like 1920 10 80 in this division 1920 then 80 Bhakti, Sir countries they aflame late you want to use so you can choose like 30 from it. But the 25 it's good. So resolution you might put it on four on relation can give the the composition relation you want according to your project are going to create So I'm going to give like 10. So don't don't care about the background because even if you get if you give the background composition background if you lend o t t to to continue to look like black so you can kick . Okay, so no educated the composition. So this is the where you preview everything you create. So this is the timeline Where you be admitting the they there will be admitting everything . So this is the project part of this value u se for the composition and the on day for you have imported in the in the after effects. So you can you can organize this composition and or Feist by creating New Year for the by clicking on this new further. Then you conduct the composition before the So this is the two by. You see, when we kids today the project So this is there. You will find the effect on presets. So if you don't see the the panel here confront on the window. You can come and truce day money on So in the next to juggle toe See how you can critic background off the composition. So I see in the next video. 3. Creating Solid Background: in this video going to sorry, conflicted background for your composition. So going to quit the background day off the composition of created in the last few years. So but there is the section mere we cover or the advanced background education. But in this you're going to see how you can get the basic but learned off your composition . So to create composition, it must click on the missed Quick off your mounts when you conceal the new concrete's solid . So then you can give like background. So then you can change the color of this story so can change the color of the background you want for no lease. A pretty lake, the lake background like this You can continue to customize your color. So on secret the this background, you can look it. I know that too. Don't move so you can see like if you don't look it, you can Okay, so But if you look it, there's no Etem off this part done. So in the last in day and then they there is a section very cover all day at first a how you can create the the nice bug loans by using reagents and admitted admitted background. So have you seen the next video 4. Where to Get Free Icons For Infographics: this year, we're going to see the place taken. Downloads a confirming for graphic for free because technically, it's infographic. Need many icons. Talk is so yeah, the strip state. I find you can download free icon, so the 1st 1 is free Peak this upset. There is many icon you can download for free, so these other paid run. But you can. Let's such I like only want a I tried toe such like social media icon. Then I found these turns off. Show me deck onto them. Not So is the in on this upsetting you can download? Also image for Image a Victor's on at the at the Douglas C. Tauxe agrees. Soon that upset is day flat cone that come so this upset also have many icon to download that is premium icon and free icon, But you can download many, many icon for free, so he felt it downloads the acorn. On this upset, you have tow click on this icon. Condon loads day PNG sfg so you can click on download PNG. Then you can go on the download, so you must attribute that also by using this copies. If you want to use this econ on your website. But if, um clears in the in futile dying for graphic work, there's no need to download it. Copied this so you don't you have toe condone going quick downloads sanity download So the other upset is free icon I want a start. Come So on this upset these so many free I couldn't can see these collection like this on complaints such and foot such on this books they a commune So let's try like house list lake You can meet sometime so there is no I can focus But there is some other icon you can download on this a upside So let's try like social media So if you don't see day the icon on this upset it can go on the front Cano Day Repeat You know your friend on this trip Say if you don't see the icon on one website, you can continue toe to see if you confront on a door. And so now you can see we try social Me that it is this icon phones. This is good. I can you can download for free. So I see in the next two dio 5. Animating Icons : everyone. We come back in this recent organ to and made simple by concert going to step by creating new new beautiful icons Conflict the on this icon. Create your foot me, Blake equal. So I'm going toe add apron Couldn't go on play put. You can put this icon this bicycle refund this thesis Icons in existence fires I I provides the excess fight toe to a quick so click on this icon in imports his phone. So I'm going toe create the composition by taking this icon and put it on this composition . Create a competition like this on. So this will help your toe to come on at an icon you want. We don't going to admit a against. So I want to create a new composition again. We call it like I call and mission a confirmation. You can truce in 1920 10 80 a frame late. It must be 25. The solution for I'm going to use first seconds. Very sick. And then you can creek. Okay, so I'm going to add a new background by left. Click on amounts. Go on. You use a lead. Cool a Beijing by ground. So the color control. Say the car I want I want to Just this little on quick Look here. Make sure it looked this background. So then I can take this bicycle and put it in the Bogdan I consider Icon is on the ground in this composition. So I'm going toe select this bicycle and go on this ship Players Then you can quicken. Cute Find Phillips doing by selecting a shifty control Nice se collected soon. Then you can take this paschal and put it so I'm going to skate Eleni Toothy Sekou These open toe scared this se collect is so makes up you to see if your key frenemies on the center visiting day Delia Comtech Tous two runs Delaine you que from in the center so consider his son is aligned in the center Stick the sun, laying it in the center like this So we're going to see how you can inmate in different way this icon. So I'm going to pre composed this This bicycle and gate stood combined together bisecting ship on basically can make a pre composition by It's Greek and Greek on this pre composition. Then you can type Lake Alcorn become to make sure toe sake this move attribute into the new composition. Then you can kick. Okay, so now you can see all of the players is combined. So I'm going to tow line it in the the center by clicking on this Elaine horizontal onto this A button. My concept is aligned in the center. So if you don't see this Elaine, when you can go on, do Indo. And truth is, Elaine, you see on this side. So if you want to admit this icon can trip, you can click on this icon to drop down on Transform. Considers many tours to use like position scale, rotation opacity or this or this properties. You can used to admit this icon Oh, and, uh, the layers in after effects. So if you want to admit you have to use the disturb porch key frame, you can take the say, Let's see how you can admit by using a position. So don't think this put it on these time, then you can add different by clicking on this stopwatch. Then you're gonna go back on the zero second Daeniken type. Like, didn't come. No. You consider this by shift and put it All right. These three. So now you can t cleated the faced on mission by using positions. So this is the way you can and makes using position enough to think so. Name. See how we can use a It's good. And women can select this. Stop Butch in this case so we can out give frame on this scale but he thinks to approach. I couldn't go on this way on Dwight zero. Then a quantity disappear so I can see we have admitted by using a scare. This is the second rate on making this icon to this man. Wait, You can make even in the advanced way. But this is the first American on made. So we're going toe insect, this scare support. Then you can go on Busty, compete on the stopwatch. Any quint, they play zero, and I can see this is all. You can add capacity. So in the next few days are going to see how you can make this and mission look more nice. So seeing out if you do 6. Easy Easy animation: this week. We're going to look, or you can make this on mission. This one look more nice. So the fifth straight to make this cycle of more nice eastward motion. Brosseau to add motion, bro, you have to click on this. A qu'on motion, brah. Then you can go on. And that this icon in motion Brussels. If you don't see this, this icon here, you can click on the toggle switch. Going to see Lincoln. Add motion. Brussels, Let me the resulting to sleeping So nice. Done before at the motion brush. So if you want to see okay, free me off and make it you can going you on a kibbutz. So then you can sit. It's looking so nice. A Dorito today make this and mission look more nice. Is toe the is by selecting off this iconic on equals if nine. So let's see it Looking is looking more nice. Adding is so there is moderate what is in after effects. So let me go back on this so that though is too sick or this a give him Then you can lift creek on a keyboard on your mounts Gonna go on keep from assistance Consider it is the if nine Oh, it's on the keyboard to make the easy is because that is in let me see can see how it is looking Mr. Difference between ism is m There's no big difference but using this one But can you is if you want because this is the nice to on so other it toe make this que from is is to go on different velocity you can Excellent food went out speeds 25 unidentified Gonna keep Okay. My concern is looking more nice by using Kiffin velocity. It's must beat on this son. So in the next to do I'm going to show you can make this a mission. Look more nice by using this icon simple iconographic editor So seeing other video 7. Adding pop sound on icon animation: if when we come back in, this listener going to sell to add to the sound on this a icon and mission on this infographic created the last few years. So we're going to find it on nine descent on nine to use like a pop sound and does sound so based writers find it online. So you have to go on this website on the Sunday talk to find something to use in your on mission so or distant is free to download. You have to kick off to create the the account on this On this upset toe, people don't know the sun beyond, so you can find the sun by such ing like that, such like pop sound, these medicines on this upset. So this or this is the order sounds download for free made step like let's see the clicks. These men, son, you have to find a Sunday you need. This is a some to download for free, so let's stretch such like your sound. So I have downloaded on the Sunday you're going to use in this video, so make sure the find it on The Exorcist. I have provided off the Sunday if you are going to be using in this course so or the icons , a sound and many things you confront it in the existence for have also provided the templates off the infographic along, abdicating in discourse or make sure toe to use it. So this turbo nas so it's going to know to such this sound. So if you have seen the sound you want to is, so make sure to creek on the South to be able to download. So if you have a created account on this upset and lugging, you said this icon, there are not a condom. You can click on download. So then you can. He started download the equal, so it's going day after efecto toe at the icons who have downloaded these perfect mission. So I won't say this book this pop sound and add it on there. Icahn. So I'm going toe to compose this This sound because because this morning I can not selected and absent they'll on the and the Friendly. Also, I'm going Toe Creek on recompose click. OK, then I convict. Take this composition, put on pop sound. So now you can see Let's go on and see how you can, Elaine Thes. It's a present. These, uh so I can sit this book Meat is looking like this. So you have to find the perfect sound elf downloaded. Notify I I have Because I want to show you have to add the sound union mission. So if you want to make it a sound more nice, you have tow duplicate sounds. It's or you can increase the for him off this. Sons like you can double Creek, click on trip down or deal have toe increase the DB off this sounds with equal and nation. So let it prevent miconia The sound on this icon I'm going to add the other sound. This was fun. It's on the, um and it on this when they earned the text to comes. So this is not the perfect sound we can use because it is not. It is not meeting with the icon we're using, but you can continue to find the Sunday continues admitted this icon. So you have to align with the is the icon we have toe on, mate. So it can come and perfect. So if ncba he but a posted it is no in motion with the sound is a prestige So pastor of the text, you have to use day sound If this that perfect is this son So see another video. I continue to show they help this sound by going in The individuals would be using many, many, many sounds with this and mission So a scene, other video 8. Adding text on Icons infographics: in the letter video. I've added the this toe icons a bicycle plane on a car. So now you can see have made this a on mission look monos by using a overshoot technique to make it a public This. So now we're going to add it takes to make this a and mission a look more finished. So they say, Go out from this tours and click on this T then see it takes. So there you can it. Maids increased this ace off the text, so and he controls the their front. You on two years, it's find a front, a good fund. It's just like it's fun like this one and leg. Let's step world. So we're going to add a a witness that Blake Ah, Icon one restricting this. Oh, I asked thesis on thingies. Limit on the text again. They've taken one. Things shift Econ one. I'm going to duplicate this acorn. So let's increase the scale like this. I'm going to duplicate this Sequim 1 30 dear to duplicate. So three time I'm going toe pick on the restriction tour and take this one and put it here under the fist Aiquile, the garden and put Atiyah the second six discern putting tears So now you can see well ST of ST Text Everyone can met this text in of the two to make it a fitted. This icon So this type this is this a quinto a quinto This one must be Okun. Run Thesis one Nice to be acorn. Sleep can stay so quick on this election tour. So we're going to admit this state this text by using a raising. Ah, let's use a personally So on the 1st 1 it's going on the first run festering must be on the must be under day the top off the icon. The 2nd 1 must be in the top off the car. So OK, let's start a mission. This puts a Quinn here. Ah, this I want to Syria the common mission start Then I can add this This text Yes, I'm going toe pick on T on T for a pastie. So then when the economy's booked like this, the text it to show up So earthy Griffin on this are on this position on to go back on Zillow. It's a pretty antsy I Look, stick this on input. Atiyah it's to preview again so you can see this Econ if its first It's a text you can see night to start to look more nice. So we're going toe, take the other one and make it the same like we did on the stone on the festival. And so then we can add This one took up this different by control copy on a creek on disorder and controls the at the key frames cricket to bring this a the frame and continue to copy on the second. On this, in the last icon, we can control veto copy the icon become you, then sick this icons and this this text and put it right here. So I'm going to say to look on this American cities and mission is start to look more nice by adding the text. Miss Thesis, it's a crazy again. We're gonna and see where to look. So this is how you can add the text A on the icon to make it a more look more nice. My coincidences. The complete infographic icon Infographic, you can add the icon you want on this when they are going to present something. So in the next two juergen toe continue to add the sound. You can add a a sound like pop sound e on this icon to make it more standard, so see another video. 9. Over shoot animation in after effects: Hey, this listener going to certain miss this acorn if scarce casino in the last video of and mated with a position. So now we're going to start and make this economic scale. So I want to start by removing this position so you can click on Stop us to move this key frame so goingto a creek on s on your keyboard to bring skate. So then you can add a gift from on this frame. A different on. Go back on this Fremont Click on this 100% on type zero American. See the There's no icon. It is going to skate down from a 0% to 100% like this. So it's it's pretty on sale to look. It's preview again. It's American cities boring going toe at the East. Make it a more nice so it is. Click on left, click on your mouse and different assistance. Ethical is that's it and prevent said to the So let's make it make this. It's it's preview again and see, so we're going to add overshoot to make it more standard. So add overshoot. You have to select this, going to do in different ways they're going to start by using a graph it. So we're going to say this took a Freeman Quicken. Graphic tests are going to use the value gruffness This speed graph left, click on your mouth. Pick on edit Very graphs. And I conceit is looking like this this very glass so going toe select this handles and make it like this. It's make it like Did you like this? Ray submitted. Prefer gin and see heights is looking Americans. See, this is I can add overshoot By using this a graphic determined it did Avery graphs in the Nick Me going toe and select this toe The Buck Andre tours by kicking on control z undo. So the next three toe make this overshoot is toe. It's a different on this on this Fremont. Make it a like 100. Ah di. They wanna return to selected presence yet look, American City. It is nice to overshoot on this day and mission. So they're going to Addie at the of the many icons to close this one. Since icons that is on my console. I want to add at the icons important that icons quick on this a further and left click on your mouth. I couldn't see going foot on a chicken imports and fortify so at the icons like thesis on on a plane. So click import looked at this fake ones this guy and put it right here and miscarriage down this Take one. These this composition put it, you son at, uh But it's you and me scale it don't toe. So I'm going toe Make this study to make this every composition pre composition, Take lake Good composition we come so make sure toe truth this move or attribute into the new composition. Become this click OK, no, it is ah composition to do the same on the plane we can pre composition plan ProComp Let's continually this name Conde So photo on the print you can see it's in the center and it's it's shit. So consider different and a quick on the ship you can find a a their lips toe hitting on cue trips to So I'm going tojoin the perfect second by using a by kicking on shift So I have Toe Creek on C. Let's see on this thing Greek on zero on Struck. I'm going to add Theis Ellipse TOBA hitting shift like this So you can see of did No, it's cleat again like this. So I want to take this print and put it on the triple It scared with this plan. Explain like this and scared thes ellipse toe. So now you can see the desert is looking. I'm going to go on icon and mission. I'll take this on who titillating Sonae conceal created the other composition off. This this one occurred and do it the same. Okay, click on this. A lip store 18 shift. You can make the perfect cycle like this one. Make sure the land it like this. So I'm going to take this car and put it on the top the ship. Then I can click on this. Care clicked on this so it's going take on a mission. So now you can see or the Icahn's Let's see this one a Teoh 84. So I'm going to do the same. I want on made this. So I'm going to copy these key frames. So control copy on a carpet on the car. Conserve E on the friend toe control of the Greek you today. So I'm going to take the the plane earned. Put it on the top. So let's see of this admission look so I can see it is looking are going toe Elaine it together. So then you can It can start by discern and this son and the son. So I'm going toe See, It's quick on you bisecting with this different click on you, I'm going to lend together thes key frames and take this plan and put it Yeah, Dick Discern and put it like this. The latest preview insert is going to be looking. This is I can make this a mission by using a over short, you can sit, is looking nice. You can add the text on this icons and a You can make this a perfect infographic and mission by using icons by using this technique. So I've seen the next to do by adding the text on and mating that detects soc Another video 10. Using Speed Graph: So in the last video showed you how you can make this a icon and mission look more nice by using a motion, bro. And is in this in this a colon mission. But into this, a video. I'm going to show you how you can make even you can control even emotion by using the this graph. Editors. You can click on this icon to see the graph it so you have to select or this key frames Toby ableto see this disagree. So if you don't see this graph on you, you know, on your computer, you have to left quick and go on the red speed graph. You have to choose this and it's been a graph, not edit photograph or this at the glass. So you have to choose at this speed graph, then deal a speed grafitti show up here so you can see it's looking is no control union mission. It's look simple, But what if you can make even more nice? You can come. It can come through this and mission where you want. So this is why you used this graph it test. So if you want to control this graph, it I have toe select this two hundreds soon and destroyed. I'm going to take this Sunday and put it like this. So now you can see out this under each is looking So it is going toe Come in the in slowly then in to go see it it starts speed up So let it prove unc I to look you can see like her wanted. This is so it is being admitted. So this taken control and mentioned by using this a graphic so you can even make it Come in these coming husband nnt Garcia to start to slowly So let's see how TB look. So say dictates sound Make it like this. So now it's the study of high speed then And to go see it starts. Really? So it's it's pretty issue like we wanted. So this is where you can control your own mission, have to consider and mentioned the where you want. So this is a this gravity. This is a little of this graph. It also you can even I think this under two and make it like this. So my considerable it is coming in slowly. They know into goes here to start toe speed up and slow again. So this is he has to control your speeds by using this. Graph it so ah, I see no other videos. 11. Time line infographics 1: everyone who come. This is the new days, the new infographic and missionary going to create the temperament. A timeline, Infographic. So it will be looking nice. So let's start a vacating new composition. They were going to call this square composition a timeline. Infographic. I'm letting for graphic a glass thick and so always with much be in 1920 18 80 A flame lit 25. A resolution must be in full part. If you like a computer that a slowly computer so you can use the third by train You're going toe Linda, your feet. Do you have to make sure it is in full resolution? So makes it stressful. Position a Galician must be. It's a use like them second, then sick and and kick. Okay, so going toe create Neil Simple background. So leads playschool It's Bijie. So a quick okay for good toe to find the color off this background. Let's use It's just this song pickle case, so make sure to look this program because we knew Move this going Toe Creek alone. You can you know the background by accident. You can see so but if you look it and may undergo But if you look it, there is no it toe remote this background. So is that by a I think the guideline, the great Then you help you to create the let's use they still Anssi on Jews less so well, tough to crystallize, maybe greed. So we're going to draw the line. The timeline to make the you are going to be adding the infographic Icahn's letter, but instead by sending the land. So if you want to descend a they land, you have to click on this. They spent two and make sure the business truck so goingto create Design day the line. But we've this this grades quickly on this on took on quickly on this. Come on, kick on the sun, Click on this song On this or so in most there feel letter this, son this son and click on that. So let's him off this fear. I'll see you. You can increase the stroke like this. So now I can see have designed the perfect ship. So we're going to sink this ship and they sink this ship and remove these guides. And it was so American. So this is the perfect ship of them towards its dictatorship and put it in the center. So, Elaine, like this. So we're going to admit this land by coincidence. Start here and going to go see every at sea if you icons. It was here at icon, but icon, icon and icon. So this sequence city side, the timeline it is created. So let's go on this ship. Make sure quick on this toggle switch on Quicken ads, we're going toe. I'd learned Khanna's to make it Marco so I can see if this Runcorn nasty school So it's increased the loneliness like this. So now you can see a added the Atlantic honest and increased this Cornish Nikon city look more nice. So it's increased the stroke orbits like this. So on this shape, you're going to add the Jim path, so I won't admit it's simple. Now you can see of the added that trump off click on this icon top down you can see of start end and offsets So you concerned your creek on the A and e t go from don't And if you shop there so and it started to study and I don't like this I want to makes try to You come from the top and to go zero after at the icon and to ghost thereafter at At the icon they add Icon and I couldn't sit it down. So let's admit this. They're going to ask the kid from on day on this one, Give him Onda on these. Ah, and I Ciccone off to increase this after zero. Let's make it is just click on OK from assistance. Is it related to preview on searches? Looking? Do you start like this? And is this this that? So let's it's increased. This paid off this nation. It's continued increase of its like this. So in the next video, I'm going to show how to add the icons and make it the perfect A timeline and mission. So see another video 12. Time line infographics 2: So in the last video, I've created this dis temblor in this learning on made it so in this video going at the icons s Tracy icons, you can see the face Trinity be here adore on a, uh, doing here, there. So it's a crit. It stopped this on. Oh, great. In here for the food icons As toe organized, the project by four does. So I went in, put the icons people foot input But for a So let's go on, Dexter up to find a icons they stop a big stick this on. And this one, son Yeah, you can put So I considered icons is imported Facebook linked in a to the YouTube So it's ah at its on the it's ah of this econ before on the composition. So let's a scared down this Americans, they Ah, this so 40 Oh foot Faith. I'm going to do the same on others. Scare. What's faith scare a fight? You? What's faith so you can see how the temblor is going to go? That's studies Facebook. Do you be here? Let's put it like on this side next to be treated to be on this side next it to be. Then 10 has put it on this side. The lesson to be you tube like this. So let's see. So I'm going to add the admission going to admit this icons. Let's start by on Facebook. So I'm going toe scare when to go see Ah Teoh Chris. It's scaring because yesterday it started the key from on scare. You can stop us. That different then and it goes. Thea, it's Ah ah Quicken zero toe PSR. It's it's preview and say hi to look, it's to this thing on a does. So if you don't don't toe continue toe are key frames and make a difference. You can copy or this cake your friends and put it on other icons. So let's copy this icons on sort of cookie on a kibbutz and go on it. Ah, and based it on a visit to you to see on linked in Well, he's linked in here, So control of the on you tube control of the So it's a great you to bring the different the bring out the frames so you can see I can see Facebook I t facility when the nausea. So he has to take this kid from off to turn. Put it rights Here. It's put it here. Let's see. So Lichten must be this saves to get and put it That tear then he achieved must be on this isolated if you want to see how to look So this is Are you gonna get the timeline admission? You can add the at the icons. You want that according to project. So even you can add the pope like the only set out to make it. So let me make this kid from Is that's the over Should go from assistance Is this one came from assistance is you're from assistance is are our confirms after A is so to make its moth it is selected Prefer again and see So at the overshoot on Earth Day icon So you can see now we have selected this toe icons it This took it from on Twitter Click on gloves It's ah and sick This under aren't make it like this. It's it's pretty fancy is keep like this. Okay, so it's too the same Ana does If it's, uh this must be YouTube not dissect. It has put it right. Yeah, Okay, so let's see. It's a list. Ah, on Facebook on golf editor, It's EC discern and make it like this. It's make it like this. Take it on. Maybe the selected presidency. How are this? It's gonna linked in Dick Descend as I could take this deviancy hurt to look so you consumed Facebooked is not looking good, so let's a continue to customize it to make it perfect. Did you again? Okay, so the schools are this and it's prevue again. It's American. See, I've created the perfect timeline and mission. So it's so you conclude this Infographic. So may I seen an excuse? You're goingto vacating the A going to be creating the world mop had made to draw them up. So seeing other video 13. Creating background 1: everyone to come back in this lesson in the face. Listen off. Creating Berglund on the section off politically an iceberg loan. So we're going to start by creating a simple background by using a difficult a vignette. So I'm going to start by quitting usually there so you can get solid, thereby hitting left, click on your mouse and conceived in new your soul it so I'm going toe tape like a BG. Then I can go on the back on discover they can change it, toe the left toe and so like this. So then kick. Okay, Okay. So I can see how to look. So I'm going toe Look it another toe stay in the place. So I'm going to add any adjustment layer new ah, adjustments layer. Then I consist the limit tree. So you have to such in your effect and present telemetry color. So if you don't see this effect on a preset plan, I have to go on day window after going to in tow on such a effect on pres it then it to show up here So they have to such limits color. I'm going to take this a limit. Re color and add it on the adjustments there. So now you can see if I did this Adjust this a lot. Metrical. I have to go down on vignette vignette effect as toe Krista Mount to zero point and 0.7. I think so. Now you can see eye to look so nice its continue upto mine You can see how to start to look more nice these standards So you can see if he if you don't If you want to see how to look Verse if out his lowest details looking before so else to come on this effect I can see you move this effect on effective concert is standard So this is how you can make this a simple cool Berglund by using a lunatic allow and if in it, if it so seen other free deal 14. Creating background 2: in the last video of Grated the school and nice background by using a vignette effect. So in this video, we're going to create a adopt a nice credence background. So I'm going to treat this adjustment layer its effect in it. Then I can on look this we're groaned go to layer assorted sitting So I'm going toe change this into white pic. Okay, so they want Togo on effect on quick on general it on general it and glad interim. So now you can see over the next city like greed In some you can go on a black and choose like lead or they stick disown considered to look to look nice But I have to continue to adjust the sun to make it even look more nice the meals thes thes So now you can see it is looking so cool So this is I can make a a president a lump background by using it this effect credit background You can see you So this is how you can make this a background. So seeing at the video 15. Creating background 3: So in this video I'm going to treat you can make it at the nice background by using a focal ingredient. So we're going toe creating new new lay aside, Leah. You near stlead. I went to tape Lake BG. We're groaned. Okay, so I'm going toe go. Going to stick this background and income effect and click on June 8 Conceive Focal Ugly Dante s so you can see you have generated focal ast's going toe a justice kick this colors So it's go on and start customizing thesis color like this. Quick. Okay, so I'm doing thes this soon thes on the sun to make it look like this. So I'm going to select this point, and but it hurts here that this please, I couldn't make it like this. So this is other. You can make a guidance background, so it's easy to look so nice than before, But so this is the wait make evident Berglund. So in the next video, I'm going to show I can make a admitted background. So seeing other vigil 16. Creating background 4: if when I come back in this Listen are going to get this kindof a admitted background thesis Colorful, didn't it? So we're going to start by creating new your composition, composition, your composition. I'm going to give it a name like admitted background mated. Berglund Gloans This So then it must be in 19 to 1920 18 80. So resolution was being full from mates Tristen five or 30 certain for is good. So relation must be in first chicken and you have to click. OK, so I'm going to draw simple a cycle if you must on fee, have toe click on this icon Disabled the feed off this staple so it can see like to look before so if you want toe people this fear you have to click on this iconic tous So then you have to increase this a stroke up to 46. So I'm going to draw, say collect is and Elaine it in the center. So this this this is aligned to have to use a tip you to make it easier for you. So if you don't see this land to, we have to find it in the window. Elaine and click on our Lainey to show up here. So after creating this a psycho. Yes, sir. Creek on drop done on this acorn and quick people only Peter. So now I can see the cycle is repeated. Three time. So you couldn't go in there. Transform. Ah, but ah, since formally, Peter. So position has toe use zero, then the scale. Yes, the skillet erectus. So I'm going to increase day groupies of the 70 sieve industry save industry. Macon, See off this Gopi so you can increase the off Sit like this. So I'm going to admit going toe. Admit this offset. So you can quick, on this stop pushed O Keefe for him on the first frame to admit this this cycle. Then you have to on the end of the composition and make it like this. Let's see. Okay, so I have to go up to you and make it like this American cities being admitted so you can decrease the speed by That's did kiss, then that this Let's see. Going to give, like me knows. Six. I'm not six. They ended it too, Sir Dick, Discern up two years ago. Let's see how to look looking. He's kit like between us six may not stand. Okay, lets see. My nice day. It's It's pretty again. It's American City Start toe, give some quick and mission. It's nice. So the image tape like certain Make it quick. Please, this soon Take discern and put it on the on the end off the this composition So now you can sit is looking so nice So this is how you can't admit this cycle and this repeated sake Also, this is Lou people background you can see. So I'm going to update a some great Aunt Berglund to make this standard to you tickle us to make its nice So I am going toe creates new It's a lead They may give it like a radiant, radiant present Uh then I can click OK, so I'm going to stick this great into color a solid Then I can go on effect generate donate a radiant clump. So I'm going toe just this until aids this song like blue like this. So let me continue to address this So now you can see out to look so you have to click on this tub usage Take on this numb and kicking off the lay. Yes, to? Well, yes, to I picked this up on click on overlay like this, and I can see how this background it is looking so nice the discover for So this is how you can make this cool background so you can even add the other solid layer to make it even book nice and give it like, block creep. Okay. Okay. So and you have to click on cheap on a keyboard toe. Bring opacity no to well, like like 10 to 1. So so not the stuff. My deck so blinked again. The main. So So now you consider this a background is looking so nice. So in the next to do, we're going to see how you can make a You can add the the infographic on this program to make it to make your infographic look nice If Tisei this nice burger on this admitted background. So, seeing that video 17. Adding infographics on Animated Background: eso interested? You have seen how to get this a kind off a admitted background background. So now we're going to see how you can ask this problem or new infographic admission. So Infographic Commissioner have created in the last section. We're going to add it on this background to see Help you. Can it make it look more nice by using a nice background? So it's important the infographic have created to see how you can. It's scrutiny for the for the iconic for graphic created, there's So I'm going to import there the composition created in the last it's, you know, in the last section. So he's disorder quick imports, so it's going to take some time contaminates on sea. So now it just seems to imported So they're going to go on the cyclone. Oh, like a quit on mission. So now you concede this background or it is looking what is looking? Let me move This sounds I'm going toe to see how it is looking at this background. So now I can see this is the boarding background. It's at the and mated. Bogdan, I want to move this background, become this I toe itis background and today and missed work grounds like the Sun. Let's it privy and see how it is work. Let's wait and see how to be in a casino. This program, it is work better. It's a pleasure again. So now I can see this is this Infographic. It is looking more nice if this background so you can create a nice background. And what this Infographic, Whatever. Ah, infographic we have created You can add it on this program toe. Make it look more nice. So in the upcoming section, I'm going to show you how you can add the the bus done today at the ship's admitted shapes to make it look more nice tasting for graphic, So see in the next few jewel. 18. Piechart 1: if Renee, come on, the new Listen, we're going to create this kind off. That is a position with the death are so you can see how it to look. Is this some and met a text. So we're going to start by getting new for the for this project for the school, it's by chat Racette and quickly. So we're going toe creating your composition from this photo. So it's great a patriot One I checked. Make sure with must be in 1930 18 80. So from nature and five every controls that if you want. So I'm going toe continue to Houston first from late So resolution must be in full addition to second. Then you can click. OK, you're going toe adnani background, you know, so lead. It's good it BG you can change the color you want, so I'm going to keep this one. They're gonna people care. I'm going toe such the vignettes to us on this program to make it look modernize. I can see you have toe type like mama tree can see on this color correction or mystery color and put it on this background so convenient and go a boat a My No. Zero point C seven or eight like this so you can sit is looking good. Let's look this background. I'm going to draw the perfect cycle. 18 Shift on keyboard so you want to increase their stroke about A It's worth 20 or increase it. Russell. I strike the perfect psycho plating shift on cable. Tricked this Soon it's put it on this side, so we're going to increase Destro like this. Then you can scare it. Zone this. So let's take this a complaint and put it on the center. Let's continue to skate Robitaille's That is so once done, you couldn't name it your the ship by Sekou on say Corn. Then you can duplicate this cycle. So that's to placate the SACOB hitting Contra Andi, then on the on the fist on, have to keep it to it on the second. Let's change the color I stick to soon this brewing and Rick. Okay, so you're going toe quickly. Drop down. So let's take this sacred and put on the top. Then he has toe click on this icon. Click on this one. Ad in new trim path on same path can see off start and and offset. So let's go on the offset. You can see how it is looking off. Sit. It's going to zero, and of the kid from on this from you can stop first at different and on the three seconds about 100% you can cross. So it's it's president C. I consider this candle not looking good. Its continue ting three. He's a little bit like this, so it's It's pretty again, so I'm going to fund it's 14. That's the same on day this son funds it. He's thin. No, we're going toe and makes the 2nd 1 second do on. It's quick on this econ and click on add trim path That's on the the second on to give from on the end. Then you can go on this for second increase about 100%. No, like, Ah, 40. That's a good for two full. It's it's prettier and see how to look. Can I so mates and make this restrict its or this different strict these trip on quick you on keyboard toe, bring all this gift from so you can see off the different. I'm going to strict on this. Give him and make it easy is come from assistance is this And then I can take this on. But it's it's, uh, mystic too soon, but it's here, but it privy unsee so nice. We are going toe to add the text on this side. So let's create the este plague going to change the front unless toe type like zero. The change different off this mystic D soon shows a board. So I'm going toe. Admit this zero by using straighter control. But I'm going to create the new near no object. How did this later control confined it in the effect on preset. It's such later control. You can see through the country and ended on the north. Then you can click on this text text on so sticks to have Toe Creek on at on Creek. This is the expression Denny Klein got the Noron Take this under and put it on this later. So American Cities linked. So you're going toe. We won't unmet this strayed that, like to Garcia after a Dicky three months later was they have toe continue, but for four is okay. 45 that it's pretty NC, some may consider is so many crazy Ah, Christine number. So to make it a look good, let's a kick on this expression are going to tape a capital m tow him must dot loaned and conduct this they could earned close. Make sure to cross to open and close here. This brackets like this. So now I can see there's no many numbers. So we're going toe ads at the text. Ah, sent, maybe percent take and put it right here. And a concept of this end. Increase the Saiz. Who do you think this So I'm going to add the other text. I went toe a type like rights. Write some text year, some text here. Then I'm grunting. Decreased this the size of this text and stricter the text. I want to change the creditor toe white and stick to it and click OK In turn, they cut off this one and sick to discern to make it look the same. And soon So I'm going toe. Admit this text. You can see the effect and Presidio off. Many pres it off the text and mission. You can usedto on May 2 texts. So let's see if confront there The text and mission and mission present we want so you can see on this and mission preset after creek on, drop down and go on text and met in Quicken admitting Then you can search the typewriter like this one so you can see there's many text pre city I can use. You have to go on pre vits to fund a Pacifica news in your text and mission. So once you get the Presidio onto, have toe, take it and drag it on the text. Don't admit so now you can see of and the press it I'm going to take the sun and privateer for seconds. Elated presidency to be looking I can see this is the good techs Internationalist Put its rocket ease will say, Uh, yeah, it's continued to put it right here from a country have created the simple A pressure it and mission. If some admitted text on this counter number so you can create this pressure it on at the text joint and they that's all you want. So now you can see this dispatcher Target is going You can even continue toe They'd sick this to second contrary can even continue toe make you toe, admit to control Yuan mission By using a speed graph you have seen thes my clients, you can continue toe contrary a mission by using graphics that make it look my nice. So see another video. 19. Piechart 2: in this video going to get this kindof pritchert this that authorization If this a these thoughts on this, my spark ground to consider is the image background. Let's that by creating new for the for the project Neil Soda. It's good patriot, but it's just don't. So I'm going to creates a new composition, Pritchert. But it's it too. With 1920 18 80 Flameless too much between five resolution full. So I have to truth a this 1st 2nd then you kind of critical. Okay, I'm going to start by quitting you your bugs owned. So I'm going to use the image of the nodded or the image long to be using in this A in this course. So you have to find the image are abusing here in excess. If eyes Let's a no of it. Yeah, and put it on the composition. You can say it is looking. I'm going toe at the Nusa Leads and blacks elite risk Will it block side toe Same US position. Make sure Ah, this so it must be in blood. So you have tow Sit. This is a black solid and quick auntie for bringing the opacity. I'm going toe crease the first step to 70 70 Then they have toe Admit this after miss this this this program But it's a composer All this first six of the for this image and this solid list Click on your months A complete composition If toe check like Bijie Pre composition but ground become click OK maken see off a this by ground at this on a long term mitzpeh ground. So quicken scare on a C on your keyboard to bring scared gift from on scare on the end of the this composition and increase upto 20. Let's see So this is a can admit this image a background Let's start a ending The Patriots so going toe select on the Alex two I couldn't see the stroke with Must be for seven you must truce No fear. I'm going toe sick to shift on Keep it and throw The perfect sake elect is one No Where restricting shift. You have tow Create perfect Sekulic this after laying it in the center going toe the limit like stroke one. So Kwan to pre get this This ship control d yes. To so on the face to on on the fistula and you have to click on Ellipse. You can see on the stroke these the that she's You have two dishes on the stroke on the it's doing. If I did the dust, she's then have toe bring the on the 2nd 1 or tow click on this icon Jumper. I'm Jim perf have to go, but zero so I can see on the face. Tony, Off added. This dashes you can see on can see off. I did. The dishes on stroke can increase the duchess if you want. It's used it. 10. So I'm going toe change the color of this one. So let's change the color white You okay? I'm going to admit the this one for the face. So it's at the chimp off on this. If it's stolen, you can add Jim Puff on Simper has to go on the zero and go about you and click on this stoppers that key frame on this Iframe your toe quick, 100%. So let's see. I can see it for that 100% on the 1st 1 From the fist turn, you're going toe went Girls here have toe at at the Griffin on the fist one on the seconds stroke. On this shape, you have tow click on this top post to give him and come up out here and please a book. 50. So this is on a mission to be looking. We are going to make this this second ship landed. You have to click on a lips on stroke. I want to make it a Don't go. My concern have made the land cup. Ah, come on, I don't cook. So it's they looked at the counter. They number counter to make it even more nice by using the doctor. So I want to add a click on the text quickie ever going to kick on? Zero. Increase the size. It's like this zero and increase the size. We're a bit giving toe adds new in the object. Then you can go in effect. Such for Strader control. Say the concert. If you consider our concern, add it on their no object on texts. Yes, Toe Creek On trip down text A system consisting of Two Creek on at but on a keyboard and quick. I consider this expression so on the object of going to sixties this hand on so sticks and put it on this later. So now the this text is linked on this rather control we're going toe of the key friend goes here And the kid flame Yeah, on straight The Daniel Minty finished the to go about 50 50%. So that's its previous C of your Cindy. In the last video, you have toe tape on this expression off the tape, mouth upto em. But in turn, those loaned but loaned. And so you want to delete this on on the end after close. So now I can see I was Slater is looking good. So let's stick. This is Trader and put it in the center of the text on this under sent off these ships. It's a preview again and see Nice. Heard the percentage e. I like this so I don't dissect it and put it in the center toe. It's it's prove you don't see So this text on this ah have to make you play this three starts when the okay like this. So when I can't, it is looking good. So this is how you can make this picture it by using this really this background on this. A ship you consider make this'll founded cup on this dusty's. So I see in the next two dio. 20. World map animation part 1: if only coming This recent of integrate this kindof a bottom up on mention you can sit is working good with this. A point on this line. And this Aod mark victims have done not did or this a roadmap. On this point, you can see the exercise five days. The displays. So ah, are these maps and this point have downloaded on free pictured. Come. You can see I've searched them up on a fun days. Many would mark to download for free. So I have done what this run You can see it is looking like this. Then once you download this a bottom up you have toe quick on this a continental distorted map. Then you can click on download You don't look this mop on wants it done. I have to go in straight on open it in straighter. And if you if it is not select it is not a group to conceive of uncooked All the things in this map you have to do it. This one this a this a icon off depicted Come. So after delete it and save Save it again. Then you can import it in your aftereffect toe talk So I'm going to start by creating new for the for the project for the next project off a road map. If for the school it's a words I would with much We're going upto on Mission two. Quick. Okay, so I'm going toe, create the new composition from this further. I'm going to call it roadmap on mission. Put him up on Mission Weapon mission to come up on mission to. So we must be 1920 18 80 from a 25 position for, So keep it on 1st 2nd Then you can click. OK, I'm going to import. They have important or day so far, you're going to use the point this point and this would mark is straight up in this victor . So I'm going to take this a map and drug it in the in the composition and then they're going to script skate applique this after late in the center. Then I can't continue to skate like this. So after that, I have toe create number ground. You said bug drones. Let's call it BG. Okay, that I can move it, don't and considered, um, a piece in. So let's look the background and I couldn't see a map. So So you can see if you if you start toe, increase the size off this map, you can city start to lose the resolution. You have to click on this on this point. This acorn, you can cities. This is still the same. So this is touched at the point points that comet this map. So I'm going toe, take this point and put it in the composition to make the compositional this point. You can see it is looking. So if you want to admit this point, you have to take this thesis this single point and put it on the bottom. So this click on this icon eyes take this anchor point bisecting concert to make put it in the and off. This worked, um, like this. So no going toe skillet on made it a by skate. You can see it's coming from bottom up to thesis. I'm going toe with eyes like thes Who's this? Says then I could add the the key for him on this scare. The other key frame on the crest. Let's type Zillow. So let's see how it is looking, renting it to make you click this so you can see how it is looking. You can even add the the expression toe. Make it more my look nice. You can add the overshoot expression. So of this, the expression of a shoot. It's the sure you they expression is seeing the excess if eyes After I did this expression so you have to cope it Concert co p a. Could be, then have to go after effect. So I'm going toe kick on at people on Creek at a press creek, confront this expression, going to let the sun and cope with this expression my cancer of carpet expression. It's hard to looking when I consider to booking. Look, my nice this ever shoot So it's Creek on you to bring the key frames. I'm going toe give this gift from close. Continue to keep it close like this. So now you can see this is how you concrete's this state points So I'm goingto take this modem up to are created and take this pin point of created lunge drug. It's here, so let's see, I'm going toe. Let me scare this point a bit like this to be here, so I'm going toe copy or this copy this point, It's three times by hitting controlled the controlled the Thames. And I can take the one and put it here adorned and put it here. Ah, go on. So, d let me take the forefront and put it Teoh Frequency have for different point. So I'm going to admit this point in the I'm going to add the You can see off this and mission. I'm going to admit it in the line in the next video. So seeing the next video 21. Word map animation part 2: Okay, so let's continue to admit disorder marked by adding the lane and mission. So let's a click on this link a point. They spent two. Then you're going to pick one Valencia. The other point to be at the point. This the other pointed to CBS. And now you can see our four lines this one and this one on this one to study owing to goes that this really is great up. Then enter Garcia Teoh shop on this one. So it's a quicken destruction toe. It won't admit this line. You have to click on this icon tripped on that icon because this adds I can then concrete on this simple. So we're going toe. Admit this This lay is by using trooper I can't see to start looked at the different on this first frame On the end the dont goes here we have to add the course Maybe here after the different by using another percent and I can see this land. It is coming from me after here. So yeah, going toe Take this gift, human. Put it on the two seconds Let's preview again and see So I have to make this line dashes, so you have to quicken ship. It sounds from ship. Maybe more have to quicken struck. So I'm stroke. You have toe kick on this dashes after dashes Creek On this press I can't She's Nikon sea of dashes. You can increase the dishes or decrease so us to make it like decelerated Privy on C like this one. Perfect. So we're going to let a rental in this a This a It ain't pinpoint on this land dashes. So if he starts, if they faced to on Facebook pinpoint. So this is the first trying to go see uh, the other one would be the next. Then put it. Don't eso. Let's see. No, it's just be And beyond this second, it'd preview antsy on this fall on the side A Well, is this point. You have to keep it here. It's a preview again and see then on the last one, This is the last point after and it and this said so let's keep it here. So let's sit privy. Anssi American citizens, they're concrete. This a perfect a bottom up on mission By using this pinpoint on these lines and mention the starts on lines and mission so long to skip. They want to skip down this a point a little bit. So kit on S and Cuba to bring scare skillet like this. It's increasing a bit like this one. Then you can take it and put it well appointed to insulated previous e. I don't want to use that seven scale. That's seven. The other one scare. That's seven underlined fist on scare. So it's seven. So then it caused this to close this. I'm going to take this point and put it on the line like this this point and put it down here and done any footage. Attorney S O, this is I can make this and mission this point on missions related privy unsee. So this is where you can make this a mission disorder come up on mission. If it does on pain points, so are you seeing the next to do 22. Bargraph in illustrator: If I come back in this video, we're going to be creating a bar graph infographic. So we're going to be using is written as defect festival. We're going to be creating in this infographic in a straighter. Then after you put it in, After Effects to admit it. So let's start by choosing this paragraph. And for graphic f created this boat F2 in each. And I want to be using this one. As you can see, this blank. So I'm going to choose this column glove to click on it or choose a click on G on our keyboard. So let's draw something like this. So I'm going to be adding some that I have on this end. So let's choose the DMA is too dense that then this number is to share students, MBA students venue too. So you can add up to for you to practice it. And for graphic illustrator. Then you can put it in after if it. So let's see. Yeah. So after I finished two, this data on this, you have to click Apply. Now you can see how this bug graph for graphic later to be added after effect, but you have to do something to get on the after effect on method. So I'm going to remove this means I'm going to turn group this because as you can see, it is grouped. Cannot choose, you cannot admit it. Think on its own, I'm going to separate it so of two stripped it. Of two gone object. You have to click on UNO group or you have to recoil keyboard Shift plus plus j. Let's group this. So then the, this decision contents a graph of the, the graph is ungroup, will no longer be able to access this cluster. So you cannot change the depth of the group or this glove, you have to click yes. Okay, now you can see here I've ungrouped or this text on its own, the plug on its own. And it takes on its own. So I'm gonna turn group or this group or this. So it's gone layers and see. So as you can see, of all the layers, I am going to be adding on its own layers to be related to input it in after effect. As you can see, all on one layer, you can not admit this glove on one layer, or layers must be on its own. So I'm going to click 1234 layers. And so then you have to start at the, all the layers. So it's that this is that. So you can click on this icon to see what you are doing on its own. As you can see on this graph, is on its own layer. So let me give it name. Well, F1 plus F2 plus G, Glut4. So I'm going to suppose the texts of to do this. It's a five. As a Dhimmi. Be share. You give it an M2 skew share. Thanks. Vk. Then YouTube. Okay, so as you can see, all the text now is on its own layers. So let's check. So I think we don't have to don't have to support all this text, but you can do. So. This is if you can separate the numbers, it adds new layers on me. Then the number of species share. This second number, 123456. So I think you're finished. So it's like lens emulate plans like that. So as you can see a finish to separate the layers. The layers is on its own layer. Now you can admit it in after effects. So I think you have learned a lot in this video. I seen that done. We are going to be admitting this graphene in After Effects, but you have to save it first. Then we put it in after 50 in the next video. So I seen Dawn. 23. Bargraph infographics in after effects 1: Okay, so as you can see, the trends today, color and therefore many of the stroke. So I'm going to save it and admitted in a after-effects will have to save it. So I think of this. Now we are going to input it in after effect. After effect. Danielle, two input. So you have to go on phi put. Then L22 is this bar graph infographics. Then you have to import it. So let's choose a composition and have to click on input. So as you can see, I've inputted graph. Let's give it the new layer of to give it an above-ground, it's call it b j. Then you kind of click OK. You have to take it and take it down. So as you can see of the infographic, it did in Toronto be admitting this one. So let's select this graph for f one. Then you have to create, you have to create decomposition. You have to make sure it is a bit into the new competition. Let's click okay. And they have to double-click on this. So let me give it a new solid or you can edit this on to CO2 is going to be creating. So I'm going to admit this. For growth in Israel. You have to select this with this and It's a this anchor point. And the more which led to the second which is here on this anchor point, discern echo point. You have to take it and remove it right here. So as you can see of this. I'm going to admit all these bays and position. It is easy way to admit this gloss. So it's P for position. Then we have to go on 3 second and keyframe on our position. Then you have to take this anchor point. And then after my vista, if it's done like this. So let's preview to see. I'm going to take this anchor point and closed. This is, took this one and it is. So now I'm going to make it, this is reframe assistance. Is, is, if man is, is also you can edit it on this graph it. Let's make it click this on this. So now I'm going to go on bar graph infographics to see It's, it is one. So as you can see, I can see the for graphics. So I think you have to break it down a little bit to this. And it's done on a bit. This is pretty it again. Now I want to try this and see. So as you can see, this is admitted, this to support it, it like this, then it lead to learn it. I have to get this done like this. So this, so you can underline this graph to make it like this. So let's head it is bg and Kohlberg in infographics to see. So I have to make sure to save what you have created. Then you are going to add, we're going to mask this, this thing like this. I have to make it a subscript like this. So now you can see of a good animation on this info graphics. You can also admit this text if you want, but I wanted to, you can animate this biography of edited the initiator in easily. So I think you have learned a lot, but you can also continue to practice them made toward these things. Let me show you how you can admitted this electric. So you have to frequently section two, I'm going to admit it, this text, F2, click on T on t, and then you have to add keyframe, lights up text. The new Conoco buck on 0. Then you can align it. The same ICF, lend some ICF on land for Burgos. So this sum I can see it is looking so nice. So this is a plan animated, this glove EPA of lambda load, I see an add-on. 24. Bargraph infographics in after effects 2: So in the last few days of omitted this infographic from East theta. So in this video to see how you can animate it, yeah, we can design this a bar graph and a admitted to those using a zeta. So I want to be sending in after thick then admittedly and after effect. So I'm going to close this. Then have to create a new composition. So let's call it a graph. For, let's go into glove, GF and mission. And after effect. After effect. So you have to choose a deletion. If I second eliminates, must choose a 25 terminate or tent for faith with 19281080. Then you have to click Ok. So I'm going to add any solid, so solid bone layer. But to go and necessarily so I'm going to call it BG, background, a grant thinning out to click. Okay. So you have to gone feet. So as you can see of this background, you have to look it. Another totem of sum going to be sending the draft, so you have to pick this N2. Then this truck must be a its it's more like six. Maybe it's because it's a continent is a. Then I have to change the color. So I'm going to change the color of this background because what be zinc white Stroke. Shoes like this on. It is looking good, so is this one. So I'm going to draw for this. Let's use a add nucleotides to draw the perfect line, 1 to another point, c. So as you can see, funny, please. Plus 13 pixels. So let's call it line by line, graph. Line, like this. Then you have to add this anchor point. The baton. This ban. This anchor by restricting contrary can add it here. So now we have created the fist is stroke, this stroke line. I'm going to move this late. Then you have to nine. Then you have to add some type one hundred one hundred. Let's make it small like this then you have to select it. So I'm going to be duplicating this direct control is written right here. Right here. So let's give it 50. So we're going to add a graph, but I'm gonna be using is stroke. So I'm going to duplicate this ln Control D. Lend to the north to click on the position. And you couldn't move it. Then you have to increase this drug says but 62 and F, two leaflets here. I'm going to click on T. So printing your posts it down like that. Then f two. You have to get this. So it's gone line S3 position. Then you have to take it and learn it like this. Landfall position. This. Then line five, a position as to make it like this. Write it like this. So I'm going to close this. Then I have to will it lead to to call it T1, T2 on plus two on M, o plus two, plus 22 plus t three. Then up us default. Before that this. So then you have to duplicate and Zhuan Control D, but just to call it a glove. So I'm going to decompose this bus. Decompose. Let's go its opacity, decomposition, decomposition. Then you have to make sure I moved into the new composition, didn't have to pick up. Ok. So as you can see of this capacity, then on this glove I'm going to click on T to go back 100%. Then you have to pre-cut up to 234, up to four. Then graph two position. Take it and put its position. Then it buffalo position like this. So as you can see, I've drawn the graph. Let's say this. You can see I'll finish to draw this graph. I am going to. I'm going to admit it was first of all, it's this angle points on all graphs. So I'm going to be admitting this by using a expression. So you have to choose a new layer of adjustment layer. Then I'm going to add on, I've just met three, I'm going to go on effect Expression console. Then you have to show the console. So you have to duplicate this trader for time saved on this too. So I'm going to take three dawn on. So we have to take on the graph. Then they have to click on add to one. As you can see. This going to take this, take this point and this, that and added on this trade on. So now we can control the disjoint path by using pseudo control on the grass to chimp at birth. The distributor. And I will take this data and added on this shaded zone. As you can see now you can control the threaded. So by using stretto console. Let's go on the grocery. Then you have to add three in Perth. Of two adjustments here. Let's take this point and added on this raiders three. Then on the last one, it's chimp earth. Then you have to just meant share at this point and added on this, on this radar for. So let's close this one. Didn't have to just mindshare. So as you can see, now, the gloves can be controlled by this pseudo control. But my constant is not aligned to where you have to take this position of the line it for position. So let's see. So I'm going to animate this things. So we have to add, an adder. Is all it is to position, text. Position. Okay, so now we have this for graphic, we can control by using trader. So let's admit the fist on. So I'm going to admit this one. At keyframe on this dots. Then n2 goes here. This c. Then you have to go on this second. So cans on. Admit it. It's a gift from Nicea. Goes here like this. And this one. I'd give him. Then when two goes to this. Let's add Keyframing. Let's see. We have to serve. So now you can see I've created this simple infographics, design it in a after effect and admitted in After Effects. So it is easy. You can see now you can amaze text in the last video. So let's create a new composition to lend this composition. Composition to. Then have to take this to certainly it's ground. Then after this and click this, you can add another text or another things on state. So this is a plan and made this a infographics in simple way by a Senate and aftereffect and admit it. So I hope you'll under load in this video, I seen add-on. 25. Rendering in render queue: even a comeback in this listener toe. Learn how to Linda. Enough defective vision we are to use, indicate and medical there. So we're going to end of this Infographic. You can see the one of you have treated. So if you want to Linda, enough to 50 years toe click on the composition. They have to click on this. After Linda, Keep your toe. You look, you can see in the next video division. BLT is the media encoder adjusted by using clinic. You become this Aaron back you then you countries they output a We have David a TBI going toe. Linda it in the on the dexter you can see. So then you have to click on this loser Lis. You have to make sure that is in kick time. Then they have toe. Make sure if you have had your in your yeah, we do. We must. A truth or the output auto are. Then you have to click on OK, so once you've done this, you have toe become cups. Look, toe. Then you can click on this Elinda. Then your video ity start toe and they can see when it is finished. Yes, you hear the sound. So now I can see this is are you can lender the video in in after effects by using Linda Key. So in the next jungle, show you how to use a it made in court that so seeing connected you. 26. Rendering in adobe media encorder: Okay, so let's see. Hope to use a made in court that toe till end of this video. So you have toe stop this a previa. So you have to click on this composition again and then you can click add toe double made in Kentucky. So then David ity it's a 1,000,000,000 that in a double medicine. Korda, if you click up to Maidan could if you do it to show up in a the midday Could the so have to come in Ah, Dominican and you have to it sometime toe the middle to be added in this midday coda. So let's wait and see so it can take some time. Yes, toe. Wait. So now you can see the is added in the women decor there. So you have to consider these in h two. It is the turn trended 64. So this is the M people function have toe true. So you can even choose the Facebook. A two controls the Facebook Facebook 210 80 and p for each day you can use can continue to see the quality have to render a video. So then, yes, toe kick on this icon to Linda, you can see Do you take some time? Because it is a tonight is going to start. You can see the preview off the you do but boots. So let's see how to off the bed it is going to build it. So the good things to use a out of medical days because you can choose the way you want to end If you do or you can continue to customize the sitting off your video. So now the video is and that you can see So in the next year I'm going to show you have to render the alkalinity gives for website and a social media. So went to finish T to consider uses mistaken. So you see the next video. 27. Creating animated gif: so in the last video showed the up till the end of the video in Abdulhamid Encode and Linda Key. So in D C Jamboree to show you how to use a median producto create animated GIFs are going to be using this a this you dio I'm going to land in medium could and gifts. So let's see have ended in mid encoder can see it's 264. Let's such in this book's research like Give if you sit So now I can see days gift pre city after years in middle to to make gift in the in the video. So I'm going to trust this and made it give much source. This don't have to choose. So I'm going to take this, press it and put it on this. It's a Nikon CF and made. It gives so you have to click on this icon. Stood didn't have to wait and see Realistic. It can take some time, so this is how you can use a. They include a toe make admitted by used for website on social media Onda website toe These minutes eight. You have to use a gifts or second years gives improper point If you want to present in this a butchered So let's see the image created. Give have created Nikon. The city's going to finish to Linda. Okay, so not to have to mean if it's so. It's a day image this during our village in the This is a video Have landed then this is the image I'm going to show you these image this See my fancy. This is the image of created The gift can use it on social media on the website to make it a small Saiz by using video on a website it is to take a stick men space by using gift. It is good with toe the scandal Infographic on the website. So this is not to make the gift. 28. What next: So we at the end of the course, I need you to create the cross project and post it on social media and ski share and also of the other course You have to check if you want to learn more like logo and mission after effect can also go to my state days. Many that scores that to help you teach. Departed from is dis apps Side we consider is many articles that can help you improve your video production on motion graphics. So please make sure to live dated box. I can prove my teaching. I see you in the next one.