iPhone Videography: Shoot and Edit Video Using Your iPhone | Cielo De la Paz | Skillshare

iPhone Videography: Shoot and Edit Video Using Your iPhone

Cielo De la Paz, Photographer, Videographer, Visual Storyteller

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10 Lessons (35m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Decide On Your Story

    • 3. Tools and Apps to Use

    • 4. 3 Types of Shots to Film

    • 5. Organizing and Selecting Your Video Clips

    • 6. Importing and Editing Your Video Using an App

    • 7. Adding Transitions and Filters: Refining Your Video

    • 8. Adding Music to Your Video Montage

    • 9. Saving Your Video Montage and Uploading to Instagram

    • 10. Conclusion

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About This Class

If you've ever needed to create a promo video for your business, or a demo for your class, or just put together moments you recorded from a vacation, and only have your iPhone, this class is for you!

The iPhone has become such a powerful tool that it now enables anyone to capture high-quality footage with ease. 

In this class, I show you how to elevate your iPhone footage by teaching you how to capture footage, and what types of footage to capture. And rather than have that awesome footage sit inside your phone without an audience, I teach you how to stitch it together beautifully and turn it into something you can't wait to share!

What you will learn in this class:

  • Apps to use to film
  • What types of shots to capture
  • Tips and tricks to remember when shooting your footage
  • What tools to use to extend and enhance the capability of your iPhone 
  • How to use a video editing app (Adobe Clip) to combine and edit your footage to create a video montage 
  • How to apply filters, transitions and music to your montage
  • How to share it out to Instagram

This class is great for all levels. It's definitely great for beginners. All you need is an iPhone 5s and up.

What you'll need: just your iPhone! 

Download my free beginner resource guide: http://thestoryographist.com/freeguide/





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Cielo De la Paz

Photographer, Videographer, Visual Storyteller

Instagram: @cielodlp

Video is now the primary way we all consume our content. I want to help people get on board by showing them how easy it is to create videos. I know how overwhelming it can be with so much content out there on how to do it. I take a step-by-step approach, that if you follow it, you'll finally get over the tech hurdle, and create videos consistently for your blog or business.

Who am I? I'm a photographer and filmmaker based in San Francisco. My photos and ...

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