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iPhone Photography: Take Amazing Pictures with your Phone

Sergey Kasimov, Creative Online Entrepreneur

iPhone Photography: Take Amazing Pictures with your Phone

Sergey Kasimov, Creative Online Entrepreneur

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23 Lessons (1h 49m)
    • 1. About this Class

    • 2. Welcome to iPhone Photography

    • 3. iPhone vs DSLR

    • 4. Evolution of Photography

    • 5. Focus on your Image

    • 6. How to be Amazing

    • 7. iPhone Functions [Older iPhone]

    • 8. Set up iPhone [Newest iPhone]

    • 9. iPhone Functions [Newest iPhone]

    • 10. Essential Settings Setup

    • 11. Photo Taking Tips

    • 12. Taking Basic Pictures I

    • 13. Taking Basic Pictures II

    • 14. Using Beanie Bag

    • 15. Working with Lighting

    • 16. Combine Flash & Lighting

    • 17. Close up Photos & Distortions

    • 18. Macro Photography

    • 19. Picture Taking Tips

    • 20. Picture taking Critique

    • 21. stock Photo Photography

    • 22. Editing in Phone

    • 23. Editing in iPhoto

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About This Class

iPhone Photography: Take Amazing Pictures with your Phone

Take your photography to the next level and beyond with a simple smart phone this class would focus on using the iPhone but any smart phone with camera could work just as well. Anyone can become a great photographer and do not let your lack of gear or budget set you back from taking amazing pictures just about anything you desire.

I focus on actual application hands-on learning watch me in action! no boring concepts, slides shows or just talking heads talking I show you how it is done by watching me actually doing it this is not dry textbook learning! Learn how to use lighting to get amazing close up macro pictures with extensive hands on tutorials, this and much more is included in this course.

This online photography course will teach you everything you need to know to become a professional digital photographer with nothing more than an iPhone or similar smartphone. It is designed to keep you engaged and hone your skills for taking your pictures to the next level.

This course is for:

-If you are newbie to photography and want to start taking better images

-Want to take better images for social media, product photography or just because

-Learn how to take better images with just using your smartphone

This class will start with the basic and move to the next level and beyond to teach you years of my knowledge

Here's some of what you will learn:

-How to take beautiful photos by focusing on snapping the picture

-Taking amazing product photography photos like a true professional

-Using props and external light sources to take your pictures to next level

-How to take product photography and get those amazing shots

-Learn how to make money with your phone with stockphoto

-Learn how professional do it and you can as well

-Edit pictures with iPhoto get get best results

About the instructor:

I have been a photographer since age 7, but I got seriously into digitally photography around 2005 and started my first business which was doing Event Photography. Over time I evolved into started to teach online and also taught one of one students how to get the most of your digital Camera.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Sergey Kasimov

Creative Online Entrepreneur


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1. About this Class: who would welcome everyone to the smartphone photography class. I'm sure every one of you has a smartphone that you can use to take amazing pictures with it. So in the scores will be exploring how to use your smartphone and to take amazing images. Weapons. You're going to be a genius. You need to be a photographer. You don't need to be a master or photography to take amazing pictures. So stay tuned. And in an axle, actually, you would discover how to use your smartphone to the fullest, take amazing pictures and get all those images that you always wanted to take using a simple device called your smartphone. So it's question a camera and get ready to make amazing pictures. 2. Welcome to iPhone Photography: what we want to welcome to my iPhone photography class. My name is so gay and I'm a photographer. No, this was the force business that actually started online. It was taking pictures with my camera. He was a professional camera that I usually used to take pictures with. But for this class, I'm gonna be retiring my professional camera and actually using the iPhone to take amazing pictures for purpose. Off this class is to teach you how to take amazing pictures using a simple form. The one that I'm gonna be speaking about is the iPhone five s. It is one that actually been retired. So you don't need a fancy iPhone to take amazing pictures. It's not the latest, and it's not the greatest one that they have. In fact, this is a few use old I fought. And yes, you can take amazing pictures with your iPhone. He doesn't need to be the latest and the best one. And in this class, I'm gonna be sure you how you can take amazing pictures using a simple camera that is available on the front. So what is your excuse? There is no excuse that you have not to take amazing pictures into these walk with a smartphone and with your iPhone 3. iPhone vs DSLR: So let's talk about iPhone voices, ideas about which is better and did this advantages and advantages off both of them. But suppose get started with different itself. The phone is great because it is possible Compact size, very small fits in your pocket. Also, it is okay. It's not as Dobel is a year, so row. But if you drop it and you have a special case to it, it's gonna protect it. In fact, some of the new iPhones are so great that almost indestructible. A few other things about the phone is that because it is a very compact size, you can also take it to police is you can't take a guess about before, and people are not being as much attention when you're taking pictures with them. With the born Bos is an actual camera. Another thing about the iPhone itself is that some of it could be what a book, and you can do freely pictures for them. But this has to be Model seven and up this one. If you wanted to make it, what about you have to have an external case that is water resistant and waterproof. A few other things that makes the actual phone so much better is that you have this on you at all times, so you have no excuse not to take great pictures. But can you do actual wedding photography with your phone? No, you can't fall a few simple reasons with years ago. You can do things that you can do with the point. Rapid pictures, by pointing on this button, will take you multiple shots with sports, an action figure, photography and anything that is moving bound life nature. This is so much more better. A few other things about this is that you can have into changeable lenses so you can put the events that is half 1.4 stop and let you do amazing Woolite photography. And you can't do this with the point. Also, with this specific camera, you can do a few hours of things as well here, and you can go ahead and change the memory. By changing memory, you have potentially unlimited memory capability. Also, this is built just for one thing, photography and does it well. On the other hand, iPhone itself is jack over tweets and a master of none. So this is not will you eat photography too? It is really a point. And anything else is just a bonus in between. So can you take wedding pictures with a phone itself? You could try, but you never have the capacity and the capabilities all an actual DSLR camera. In fact, if you want professional sucks, you would need an external flash right on this camera because it's gonna be able to take pictures in every kind of light and by putting a world white wins with it as well. You can do pictures in any kind, off condition and with a knife one itself, you can't do death. So the phone itself is good as a photography to. But if you want to go pro and professional, you need the we'll take. But in most cases, the phone itself is something you can get started taking amazing pictures. You don't need ideas off camera to take everyday pictures, portraits and a lot of things. So the point itself recommend for you to get started with photography. And then once you get really good at this, it's time for you to graduate and move on to this 4. Evolution of Photography: Let's talk about the evolution off photography specifically how it went well, something that is a DS allow film camera. This is what we call an ancient film camera. And it was composed over a few things that you had to buy in order to take pictures. One of them was actually filmed. You had the film itself that when in hell it also had a very hard to actually get into. And there was a badly right inside toe. How it up? Solve the lily old ancient cameras. I don't even have batteries. You could just snap pictures. This specific one used an actual film. And unless you developed actual film, you wouldn't know if the picture came out. Well, well, not. Plus, you have to pay for every single film that you developed and this became a very super expensive hobby. This is a very simple focused and take a picture camera. There is no any controls over here. This specific want was more about just take the picture. There was a few controls that you can set on this specific camera, but there was not as much as actually existed in some other kind of chemists looking what different cameras They came out with something like a snap camera. This is a snap kind of a camera, Also a film camera. You put the film in here because it up you put the battery in Del and you start to take pictures. This was a little bit more smarter than that, as a camera showed you because it did. All the work for you or you have to do is just zoom in, zoom out and take a picture. But this is not the ideas about camera. This is just a Kemel ident gets you. The picture was done because of the computer in hell. It took really good pictures for what it waas was very sophisticated for the time when this camera came out. When does a hand? The Kemalist, such as it is, took even better pictures because you can remove the winds and you can put anyone's you actually want in this camera. And this is well, the creative photography comes along by having and when DSLR cameras Oh, much more better. Taking better images such as this one here while we do some of cameras is that they have a miller inside of them. Because of this, Miller does super heavy. And also because of that, it restricts with the focus and everything else in between. But this was in the age before digital camera. In fact, my force really good. And I'm talking about really good de eso was this simple rebel camera right here in the kingdom. This is also a 35 millimeter camera. Yes, but it had a much more sophisticated engine to this one. So when they took pictures of this one, I got so much better pictures, but only healed. They have a lot more control. What more then any other camera gave at that specific time and yet it had the same exact support. It wasn't digital with digital cameras. Everything really changed Digital cameras. Everything changed. And now the world is in your hands. Not on. You can see a meeting with this selfie screen right here. You can also see what you're taking picture. And now you can take thousands of the images and you don't have to pay for them. You have to pay for shot. And now you know what to do. So this used to be an excuse to hold a lot of people back. It used to be an expensive hobby no longer on. This is the case. Those chemical bodies are now super cheap. You can find a use camera body, not the latest one. And it really doesn't matter which kind of camera body that you actually buy. The biggest focus now is on the actual lens. But this is no ago, even the quiet to take pictures. In fact, oh, you really need is this is the iPod because it can take almost as sophisticated come on as an actual yes, alot. But it was differences between the two and why this house still is the king here. This one could take more edible high frequency pictures at the same exact time. You can switch wins us over here, and you can't switch on this over with that iPhone. I was so this better at motion photography and flash photography as well. Photo The iPhone camera can take amazing pictures. It is still doesn't replace a DSLR camera. But we got to us camels, a camel. And when you take a picture, doesn't matter what kind of camera you actually have. As long as you have a camera and you take the picture off What you see with your eyes 5. Focus on your Image: Let's talk about focusing on the image, and the most important thing about taking pictures with of Born is the following. 100% of your focus is what you see with your own eyes. It is not about taking pictures. What I like about the form itself is that it is one of the simplest things that you can use to take a picture. Where before that, before the for. But I love to use is a sophisticated camera, but this is holding back on. People form taking pictures. The problem with a camera stitches this. There was so many different settings. There was the zoom in and out, all those different functions. A lot of times your focus more on taking the picture and focus more on taking the poor fish picture. There was no such thing forced about his apartment picture, and this is something that's holding back. A lot of people, instead of taking the picture there, are focused on everything that has to do with the manual aspect or getting all the settings and everything else corrected. So by pulling aside, you actually your camera, you have to freedom now off taking just pictures and not killing one is the results. This is the fourth step for you to set yourself weak. Well, actually, being able to get judged by the pictures that you take, I don't think that you have to take the most amazing picture. It doesn't matter what kind of image that you're gonna be taking and the more images you take, the better you get and taking pictures. A long time ago, there was the 35 millimeter camera when you took pictures with a total of five millimeter camera. You have to pay for every single picture that you take and you couldn't see what you're taking as well. So everything was about getting controlled ginning department image. But today's ward with digital photography the wood is your freedom. You can take its menu pictures as you want. And with the iPhone, there was so much storage space over here. You can take thousands off pictures as well, so there's no excuse for you anymore. Just hold down to the phone, aim at what you want to take a picture. Bless on take a picture and that's it about focusing and getting the perfect image. There was a lot less emphasis now on that the most emphasis right now is getting usedto, taking pictures and taking any picture that you can. The more pictures you take, the better you get and the more comfortable you get it taking pictures and having the foreign with you at all times. Now you have no excuse. You should always be busy snapping images. 6. How to be Amazing: how to be a great, amazing photographer, and you no longer need ideas of how to be one. Well, we have something that has been invented. It is called a smartphone. All in this case, this is the iPhone. You don't need an iPhone to take amazing pictures. You just need any kind off camera. And a smart one just makes it so much more easier for you to take pictures. So do you need to go to school to become an amazing photographer? Paul, do you need some formal education to be one? Neither one is the case. In fact, I'm a second generation photographer. Well, my grandpa was a photographer, and I myself is a photographer as well, But I wasn't. It has nothing to do with knowing somebody who was a photographer. In fact, my grandpa was just too young to pass the out to meet everything that I won't about. Photography happened when he just gave me and yes, allow camera. And then I just started shooting the true cases. The only thing you really need to take amazing pictures is toe have something that is otherwise known as a camera. But having a camera on you at all times. Now you can take amazing pictures at any given time, but just placing the camera button, a lot of it has to do with being in the right place at the right time. It is also has to do with knowing the equipment and be able to take a picture. Web. This there was not much you need to new to do in order for you to know the equipment. Now when you think you have to do is came and take a picture with the iPhone, it makes it so much more simple. In fact, you have no excuse. All you need to do is just shoot a lot off pictures and some of the greatest photographers out there. What is their secret? Well, I can tell you, because I'm one of them. It is the fouls. You just need to go ahead and shoot thousands off images. The more you shoot, the better you get at the art photography. It is really a numbers game, but the better you do it, the more you do it with practice comes perfection, and this is very important because instead of having 10 great images out of 100 you're gonna have 50 70 80 maybe 90 great pictures out of the 100 pictures that you take. So am a chose the ones that makes the big difference between amateurs and professionals. Amateurs take a few pictures. They go ahead and try to take the poetic picture and they press on it. And that's it. They think they can the perfect image. And then when they don't, they just get super forced. Waited Well, you don't wanna be in my amateur. You want to be a professional. To be a poor personal, you have to suit as many pictures as you want. And you don't have to be afraid of failure, the biggest value and stopping you from becoming a great photographer. Paul is you. Because if you are not snapping images and not looking at the pictures and warning from your mistakes, you are not progressing to the next level off photography taking pictures and don't kill about the results. Don't listen to all those special rules off photography. Those those are going to restrict you. They're gonna be making what I have to do this in a certain way. Have to make sure this framed Ruoff told all those with the rules and things. It's all keeping your way from achieving greatness in photography. Olders woos you can want wait on. You don't have to apply them. The biggest thing about this is warning your own out ruining how you can take amazing pictures experimenting with what you're doing. Once you get so much good at a specific style, you both make the style better and better and better once you get great results in amazing pictures, you understand that all your effort paid off, but this actually just happened because you decided to start focusing on becoming a great photographer. 7. iPhone Functions [Older iPhone]: So let's get started with iPhone photography. The first thing you need to do is to drag your camera with a way to the bottom. Just hold it until you see those access over here and just move the camera or the way to the bottom menu. Now you have this shortcut you can always use. It doesn't matter where you are in the different kind off windows that you have. The camel eats up. Always going to stay here and absent for you is to move all the way here, your hand and move it like this. Like that. You have this come out to it here and in this menu, all you have to do is just a personal camera and what you have the camera shortcut right here. Let's get started running your basics about iPhone photography. Posting you want to do is the flash person to flash itself just once. And you have this more menu it here that pops up and it gives you on and off option. You should always have this on and you see the flash went hell. So now when you take a picture, the flash it's going to automatically be turned on for the picture. Next thing is H D O. Right now it's off. You should also have this HBO on. Let's take a picture and see what happens of the HD on and they just took a picture. And now you can see it on and it takes multiple pictures for you, but the kind of a little bit off, a different light to them. This is good because it takes two pictures for you with a different kind of waiting to them . This one is kind of dark. This one is kind of light, and you have your option of deciding which one is the best one for you. Next thing is this right here. This is a live image. If you turn it off, it actually will make the picture much faster. As your president, it's gonna take the picture. If you turn it on, it's actually gonna take the picture before you pass on the photo, which actually means a It uses more battery power be it actually makes a live image. So for animals or pats, live photo makes your pictures come to life. I don't suggest this in most cases because it does drain your memory power because you have more pictures now that you had before in fact to take more pictures and it takes more memory for you. But it does make some pictures very interesting. So they move a little bit. So they're like wife like they're like mini videos like this feature, actually. Next one of you is the time. All right, Now it's off, but you can tone it toe three seconds or 10 seconds. Now you can see the greed as well. The good itself helps you actually focus what I would think that you are focusing on. So the good is very useful to person. The core forced skin heal, and it gives you multiple amount of skins that you can use for what you're taking a picture off. So before you take a picture, you can select the skin you want to use and take the image, and it does it for you and another one, which is kind of cool as well. Is this one right here? When you press on it, it whips it. What website? Between this actual picture and you yourself. So you can see me right here, and you can take Selfies with that as well, but we missed. The most important and interesting one is here on the side of the screen, so we have different kind of choices for us to use one is that time lapse. Another one is so emotion. We have video, we have photo, we have squelch. And we have the panoramic mode, which is one of the most awesome. Missed once, when used a panoramic or you have to do is to take a picture and just move it continuous suite in this line, but the ones that will be primarily walking on it's gonna be just to take photos using your iPhone. 8. Set up iPhone [Newest iPhone]: So you already got the iPhone by the few things that are central forward. A phone itself is a way for you to protect this investment. So how do you do it? Well, it is very simple. A lot of people don't actually protect it. And they, by the extent warranty, which is a way for you, of course, keep this safe. But the cheapest weight is not waking in the fourth place. No. One way for you is just to get some kind of Kerry case you to put this beautiful fun into to protect it from any damage. But this doesn't do much protection for you. So one thing I do suggest is some kind of a case that you can put this in, which is different here. And this one is pretty cheap. So this on you cost me $10 for this form, depending on your model in the frozen off the phone you're getting it might cost a little more or with the West. And if you get it for your body, not from apple, it's not gonna be this expensive at all. What you're doing is putting this on, and now we have ultimate protection from this from breaking in that secretary. If it is a good company, it should keep it safe. One a half hell is the ultimate survival edition you can even see. Might avoid. Careful logo. Now, a few other things you want to do when you're just getting started is to go for the camera itself with you. And you want to get those lines in actual fraud To do this, what you have to actually do it needs to go right for into the preferences inside this setting. You're gonna go all the way down until you see the camera option for you here, present a camera and here are the different options for us to pick for, so they want you want on is the great and you want to tone the sun's gonna give you all those lines you also want on this small it h d oh, to be on a swell. So that's gonna give you the extra that you need in order to get some of the best pictures . What's going to the camera and see some other things that you can do you when you're tweaking things. So if you like the image, which is this like you. But you want to edit this more. What you can actually do is to put it like this. Take a snapshot and you have to place on the apple. But tonight, here and on this side, it takes the snaps up here. And then what you're gonna be doing next, you're gonna be watching the instant ground, which is the cheapest way for you to get pictures at it in the highest kind off quality. And over here, what you're and want to actually do next is the person. Plus, Hugh is the picture next. And now what we're gonna be doing is editing the skin tone off. This image here are different. Don't say that we have no the actual photos that do change the skin tone the image. Make sure you pick the one that works the best. I think this will get you next person that way, and then you're basically done and your personal post and is gonna appear right on your instagram. How cool is that? So that's one of the best way for you to edit images. Ex possibility for you. It's just go full the actual image itself and use the apple to go ahead and edit this. So this is gonna be in the for the section person headed. It's gonna ward up the picture and we have the automotive. You we can change. How dark. All right, this is like this one here. I think this works the best. And then person 1001 which is the exposure. And here we go. That's what I want that one in the background to get more white. Oh, brilliance like this. Hi. Weights shadows. You want to tweak This way, though? You don't want to tweak it too much. Too much tweaking is not gonna make it good. He used some brightness to some of it is not even acquired to tweak too much at all in some of it, you shouldn't even used to twixt is this one here Situation is one of my favorites, ending a bit of spice to the image. Now we have some warm, which is very similar to situation a tent I'm not touching. This one is going to change the way the actual picture looks like Sharpness is that needed ? It's already pretty good definition. You don't need much of that, you know is the docks and I wouldn't touch it at all joint that 9. iPhone Functions [Newest iPhone]: So you probably got your iPhone and now you wanna know how to take pictures with this. And there was a lot off the toys out there, but I wanted to make a very good one to show you how you can use the best features off your phone and how to do it. So the first thing you want to actually do is to know where your camera is at now. People have this problem because they are like, where is the camera and how do I use it so pretty much You go skip for this until you find it and hear this. This is not the correct way. What you want to do is move it old waiting here. So to do this, it's pretty simple for you to do. Oh, you or you have to do is to present a camera and then when you press on it, you know, you just keep holding it. Oh, if you hold it, you wanna wait until it says hold to screen. So let's do it again. You hold it in your present edit screen. Oh, you just just keep on holding it and gets down. Next thing you'll have to do. Just drag it around. You can drag it in every location, but primarily wanted. Drag it right in here. Now you have your camera right down. It's much more easy for you to use and press the button to let this go. Another location where you have the camera is if you drag it from the bottom, moving like this screen on the bottom and they have the camera right in here. Let's go. Rex is to come on and in the camera. We have a bunch of different features for us to actually use here. So the 1st 1 is it gives us the video future. Yes, I have a different options here. Such a slow motion time lapse video for though portrait in panel Amick Mr. Toyoda who? Just couple the photo in the portrait. So in a follow it have anyone have something to take pictures off? And what I do suggest for you to have is interesting working background that this could be included fit as well. Do you feel you have the background and now we have the item here. Once you look at this, you want to make sure it's not bully in the picture. I also want to use your finger Plus on this So not only it lights up this area more. It also focuses on what you want to take a picture off. And sometimes if you get too close, it gets to blowing. So you're gonna take it away And then one thing that you want to make sure you don't accidentally you're sick. You just a bit. You want to be a steady as you can't when you take the picture tow, Avoid camel asik. So it's coercion. Take the picture. Now don't go ahead and just take one picture, especially if it's something you really want to capture memory off. Take multiple pictures off the same image, especially if you were like the image, because sometimes one of them doesn't come out as well as it should. So it's going in and take multiple pictures. Different angles is well in different ways to because you just never know which one comes the best. Now, in terms of perspective, if you're really far away Oh, very cross. It changes the perspective of the nose. But there was another way for you to do this in practical zoom out like this, just zooming out, putting it farther away and zoom in using two fingers. Were you actually zooming into the image itself and then take a picture? What it does, it changes the perspective off the actual product makes it look so much different. So keep this else in mind. Also on the top. Here, you see, Right now, this is where the camera is that don't accidentally just put your finger over part of it because you're gonna mess up the picture relative for you is right here. We have this button here. What it does, it's a view. So you press on this. It is a review it now. So what it actually does is it actually takes a capture off the image before you take the picture, which means every few seconds it's actually taking a picture off the image all the time that only it drains your battery, it's close it down. One of the good things about this it will capture the moment before it actually happens. So when you press on it, guess what If you seconds of it was already captured before you even pressed this button? This is good for my family, steam parks, adventures in sports photography in most situations. I would actually suggest for you to turn this off, especially if you're sending it to a friend. Uh, and they don't have a phone. Another option for you is this button right here. So flashes on. Now it would take it, but the flash doesn't always activate or toy is on. It doesn't mean it's gonna work. It's all right now, but it doesn't own on. Why is that? Because it sees there is no reason for it to be on. There was no reason. This is just something that this iPhone doesn't dough. It doesn't force the France to tone on when, in fact, you should keep this in mind. Just because you're thrown on the finance doesn't mean it's gonna go on. President is bottom like hell. You get a bunch of different options for you to use one. Q is the flash right now. It was set toe or toe right down, but auto mode wouldn't actually walk. You will have all mould instead. So now it is on mode. Now, when you're president, it actually Woakes, and now it has a whitening. But tonight here. Which means it's always on next one. Right here is the live you. Right now it is off. You can put it on order so it actually their tax and decides when it should be on, and it should be off. This is actually a smart choice for you to use. And then when you take it, it decides to do I view automotive combined. This is the best of both worlds. Oh, it once now we have different square west use over here for free and 16 to 9 for the free is the most common one. Yes, I have the time of Hue, which actually goes between 3 to 10 seconds and the time off This button like you, is the different built those aboriginal, vivid, different kind of filters wants to use and we just pick the one be like and snap the image . And there we go. So those are all the basic cool things that is available for years. You can see I have the great that's are so turned on so you can do that as well here. And we have another option. You force this button down, which actually gives us the different core codes and is available. This is all the options that gets you from the bottom. Oh, here. Now there's another mold. Hugh Force. It's the portrait mold in a portrait mode. It actually detects if there was a Paulison. Also, it gives you the natural light and you can go school food this and change the kind of white you actually like. How cool is that? Now there's also the Facebook option. He'll well, you can show it to your friends based on this button down, and we can actually make this dunk. Oh, Oh, boy does as well you is the white epically Modi. Oops. Now, if you want to get into the advance fee just off this camera, what you have to do next, he's go old away to the settings school food is and move until you get to the camera section. There were days breast, one came on and now we have other options for us to use, such as activating the clip. Good resolve settings came in a mode. My photo, you know, as a kind of cool features for us to actually you. Thank you so much for watching this Hope you want something you manipulate priests ascribe . See you in another video off the kickback. So 10. Essential Settings Setup: by some settings, and now you have to scroll all the way down with this camera. So as we was going down, you're moving. Well, it says the camera function press on camera, and now we're going to be turning on a few features for us to use. The most important is the grid, and that's gonna be set on on. Then the pose offsetting. We have a camera mode that we're going to be toning on, and that's gonna plays off the S setting that we actually used. I also don't know your wife photo on filter on. And if you don't have the HD out on, keep normal photo on as well, and this actually finishes all the settings that you have to tone on. 11. Photo Taking Tips: the most important thing about the self one is the protection device forward. What I like to use is this particle case that I put my smartphone into it. You gotta protect your smartphone, because if it goes down Oh, if it gets wet, it breaks and you can't go use it and you have to pay a lot of money to replace it. Next thing is the case itself. As you can see, I use a special protection case. You can actually drop this on the pavement, and it is just not gonna break. In fact, I dropped at more than once on the pavement itself and nothing happened. This is very important for you to protect your investment because the smartphone is very expensive and and I fault could cost you around 300 bucks together, brand new one. And when you're taking a picture, it's really important for you to actually protect your device. This is the number one thing and my suggestion for you. So the first thing you need to do when you're taking a picture is to make sure that the ones in the back, of course, are clean. Some people don't pay attention to it. But after you use a phone, what the winds itself could get a little bit, daughter. So what you have to do is just clean it up and make sure it doesn't get donor. This is the number one thing that makes your images from a good image toe a bad one. So make sure you do this the next thing. And this is the biggest mistake people make When they do smartphone photography, they accidentally put off being go Oh, a hand and they close their sensor. So what's gonna happen is the image is just gonna come out pretty bad, especially if you do that a little bit on the side. You might not even notice it right here that much. And when you take the image, it's gonna have ah, really old a piece right here off your hand. I mean, your hand is not only, but let's put it this way. It's not gonna work good in the image itself. So that's the main advice that I have for you when it comes to a smartphone photography. And I don't think that I do, which is a little different than most people. I even have a screen protector for the camera itself, so keep this in mind when you're taking images. Another thing that you can do and to take amazing pictures with your smartphone is to go to the APP store, find some photo applications and try them out. Some of them have a lot of advanced features you can use, and there was post processing. You can even do after you take the image itself, and you can play around with it now. I don't really suggest for you to do much point around with the image once you do take it, because you can always do this after. But take the image right now is more important because what you see right now might not be rock radio on, and you have to take our more images after that. Now, another thing with the smartphone camera and this is a little bit different than most of you know about is, of course, if you take the videos themselves, which probably look pretty cool, it's definitely gonna eat up a humongous amount of your memory, which means that you might not be able to capture this much, and second about it might drain your battery too fast. So what's more important for you to take amazing images or to take maybe one or two videos and then then yourself, the battery itself, and not be able to take any more pictures? That's why a lot of times I like to use my own handy spell camera instead of the smart one . But since this course is all about smartphone photography, I highly suggest either having a mobile charger that you can use in your vehicle itself, although a USB charger that you can probably try to charge in a confess up or anyone else that you go but most likely joined up to use their movie feature because it's going to train your battery too fast. 12. Taking Basic Pictures I: So as you can see what he'll be have a humongous tree and we want taken image off This. What this is actually is if you can zoom in and look at it. Is that the whitening when it stalk it actually hit this part and what it actually happened was that it born part off the tree off, which is kind of cool in a real sense of way. So if you want to take an image off this particular item and it is quite big, you wanna zoom out by zooming out, you want to move the camera away from the area itself and then take a picture once you do find that it works pretty good. Now you want to take all kinds of images here. You want to go zoom in by moving the camera as close as you can tow what you're gonna be taking the image off and you want to zoom out as well. So you want to take all kinds of images here because possible you have a lot of storage space. And second of all, you don't know which image is gonna work the most amazing here, So you gotta experiment with it. And as you can see, the sun came out. So now we are taking another image off this particular location. 13. Taking Basic Pictures II: when it comes for you to take pictures with wildlife and nature photography, you want to know what's in the image itself and what makes it amazing. So as you can see, there was a lot here that we can take an image form. But our focus will be macro, which is just this particular spot right here. So if this is what we want to take a picture, all you want to make sure that the distance itself is close enough to get the image, but not far enough that it's too far. Sometimes if you close and make it way to close, the camera cannot actually focus on the image itself. It might works like it is focusing on it right now. But when you take the picture and you're gonna be comparing, the image might not be focused at all. So they keep for you. To make a great image is to make sure you zoom a little bit out, and then the focus itself should automatically adjust to it. So there we go. We did it and he took the image itself. The next thing that you want to do and what zoom in a little more, and I want to show you how it refuses to actually focus on something that's way too close. But if you zoom a little bit more out, you see it gets back to focus, make sure you press on it to make sure it actually focus on the image itself, and then you take the picture. Now, when you take a picture, don't just take one image off everything that you get. Make sure you take a few of them because this way, if you do mess up once, if you take a few of them, you're making so you don't mess up again. And with a lot of images, it's just likely that you will mess up on the image that you're taking. 14. Using Beanie Bag: so let's go ahead and use a being for iPhone photography. So once you line up and you want to take a picture of your actual subject, you can use to different kind of beanies, one of which I suggest for your doctor used is the most natural, and this is actually to remove humidity from the air. It can also be used as a being to put your camera on the reason why you want to do something like this. It is to stabilize your camera and to take pictures, and it also doubles as a dehumidifier. A lot of photographers like to use an actual being instead. But this one is very handy, too. Let's go ahead and put an actual beating disobedient I bought before the being itself is a little bit better for this use. Once you stabilize and you put it exactly how you want to take the picture, it actually works. Kind of like a tripod I don't think you can actually do is used an actual selfie stick, but with this one, or you need to stop by some pressure to it. Make sure your lens is not occupied by the side of divinity itself. So you want to make sure that during itself is pointing up, not actually pointing down like this Wakely that you're gonna get some B inside the picture . But you set up the image how it's supposed to actually were quick. It actually works in two ways. One, it's stabilized the image to it prevents camera shake on how surfaces as well. So then there you go. Book was in the image good image in the way that you wanted to put and snap the picture. 15. Working with Lighting : So let's talk about taking pictures and snapping images and using different kind of life sources for it. So, as you can see here, it's a bit too dark on top. And because of that, we're gonna be using something known as using an external light to brighten up this image. So we have an external light source here gonna be turning it on. As you can see, if I'm turning it on from the top, they said totally varies depending. Why put it in If I put it from this side, this is how it works, right? But there was a little bit too dark on this side of the screen instead, if I move it all the way to the top from moving with a bit in the back doesn't look is good , But being a little bit on the top and two thing, it it makes the image look amazing. And now I moved it a little bit to the side as well. Now the picture look even better because we have a white on white here off one million figure. You have to be super careful with the white not being overexposed for this image. There is, of course, another choice. For us to do it is to put the white source all the way on the bottom and then put the media figures right on top of the white source. And that does give it an amazing walking effect. Really amazing. You can see it right here. No. As we gonna zoom in when we activate this, it's also gonna activate the flash. So forcible. Make sure you're lining up exactly how you want to take a picture off. Impressed on snap the image. Make sure this is always on, and sometimes it will turn itself off, so make sure you turn it on before you do this. Take a picture. Now, what's preview and see how it actually went. Make sure with complicated pictures such as this, you always preview and check the results. See were filed. The flash you think come out is good with the flash, it came out so much better. Now let's keep goal came. And as you snap through it and look at the different images with the live image, you can see a with a bit of a preview how the image actually looked like, So I do like having the live image in now that will power on was just stolen on. The reason for that is that all those rights and take pictures, it does stain on your battery, especially when you're using derived for the mode. So a power bank charger is gonna be very helpful for you. You can also see some of my images on how their rights actually change when I use a different kind of external white from different directions as well. Now, if this image is not coming out white because the mini figures themselves one thing you have to understand that for one of them is really white and because one of them is super white, depending where you put the right so sent, it's actually washing itself out. And because of that, one of the things you can actually do here is to use a different background in this specific key. We're going for all black background. It doesn't work to black right now because I have so much right sourcing training right into it. First, we're gonna be doing as you're gonna be taken picture of this, make sure you arrange them in a way that you actually want toe arrangement has a lot to do with how the picture is actually going to come out. So after you put them in the way you want now it's time for you to go ahead and put the right source in a way that's going to make them look more amazing. As you can see, if you have too much rights, it's not gonna work, right. So one thing you want to do, just to make sure as you're running up your camera, we're going to be using different kind of directions to take in the magazine picture. So one thing we're going to be doing is just making sure you're gonna be moving our camera in different kind of directions. Instead of moving the right source around, you're actually going to be moving the camera around until we find a very good angle over the item and then snap a picture of it. And then when you take a picture of it and it looks pretty good, that's how it's gonna look like. Unfortunately, I did capture a little bit off the background on this side here. Because of that, we have two more many figures with a bit closer around. So the background right here is not gonna actually be seen in the picture. Let's snap another image right here, move it a little bit higher. So it took so much better and take a picture. Let's go ahead. Take a look at the shot and it came out pretty well, but not polls like what went along here. Well, the picture came out the way it's supposed to be, except a little bit of refraction on the top off this minutes ago. In fact, is I'm adjusting right now the actual brightness, but my camera I can see that this image came out pretty well. The only problem is here on the side here, and this could be easily fixed. Using I photo, everything else pretty much came out well. Except this white here. And as we keep zooming in, you're going ahead and examining for fixated damage to the image. And sometimes you have those spots like here as well. So any small spot that is imperfection who also have to be removed using a photo 16. Combine Flash & Lighting: in this video, we're going to go into how to use fresh photography to get great. Not great, but actually amazing pictures. So posting is forced. You wanna make sure focusing on Dr Image and now you're going to go all the way. But it says H g o we're gonna be turning it to actually on. You have to do this every single time because every time we start the camera, it actually sets all the functions that's pushing the flash. And we wanted to be actually on. Now we're gonna be aiming in the picture and the next everyone to be doing espresso with photo is gonna take the picture. You just did it because you press on it can examine it. As you can see here, it's a little bit dark on this side. Fix this problem. I'm going to be using an actual flashlight to sign extra weight into this image. And now the actually don't need the actual flash. So let's go ahead and don't this off and take a picture and let's go and turn it on and take a picture with it on a swell. And now let's go ahead and see the difference. The problem is that on one side it's a little bit dog. Then on the other, specifically here. So what we're gonna be doing is making sure we wind this up different wheat in a different direction. And now we're gonna be taking the picture. And here it is. It comes out much better working. We can add the plants to it as well in the flesh. Place it on. And now let's take a picture, focuses and takes into flash photography. It's also dark over hell. But you can tell that to flash itself. Made a lot off the scene itself. Wait a bit more, Boyd. Oh, then it waas. But it also highlighted some features. Now, having extra light in the image sometimes is not actually a good idea. As you can see, flash photography. It wasn't necessary at this point because I have an external source of white here. I'm using this never right to wait it up. Now, if you have something else that you're taking a picture with such a disk image itself becomes a lot more complicated to take a picture of the white form. Upstairs is infected weight on this. So to fix this issue, We're gonna be using canopy to actually prevent the big source of light to sign in here. As you can see, he was the right source that you're trying to avoid. But to prevent the specific source of white form warning your image those two ways for you to do this one is to use for this up to go ahead and patch it up. The second solution photos is to turn on external right and see if that's gonna make it go away from shining it in different directions. Sometimes it works in this specific case. This is not working, so we have to use the total solution is to use a canopy. So Hugh is a piece of canopy that I'm using from the top. And you just have to wait until you find the perfect location right over it. So it doesn't mess up the image, but at the same exact time, it actually contributes to damage itself. Next thing you can actually do is to fix the highlight of your screen and to make it much more bridal by making it more bridal. The image itself is gonna come out so much more better. So once you went up the canopy in a perfect position and now it is no longer Oh, reflecting on the surface, all the day's vessel object. It is now time for you to snap a picture. The most important thing when you're snapping the picture is to make sure that the camera itself doesn't become powered over the actual object. Right now, you can actually see elected on this side off the actual object itself because the subject is so effective, have to be super careful to make sure that they were. Fractions are all to a minimum. So when you're going to be taking the picture, you have to do it not close by because it's going to be part of the image. You have to do it one father away and to use your zoom skills instead. In this specific case, what we have to do is to zoom into the actual picture. But the most important thing you have to do, Mr moved a actual camera away as far as you can form their subject. And next thing we have to do is to put the canopy right over it. So now the camera itself doesn't reflect everything. Before we go about and snapped this picture, we're gonna be pressing on the time of and doing it for 10 seconds. Now we're gonna be pressing on for those. So we have 10 seconds to go. We're gonna be covering this up, and now we're waiting. Here we go. Let's go ahead and take a look. The object itself came out really well, but came out a bit Dunkel than it should have on this sites. And a little bit too much reflection over here. Which means we have to do this or will again. Now, this is not going to be an easy process because the subject is so highly reflective. It actually means that you have to do it multiple amount of times until we finally get this image correct. After you take multiple pictures off the same exact object eventually, one of the pictures is going to come out so much better than the rest of them. This one still has a little bit of reflection. And to fix this, you have to go back toe. I photo and edit the imperfections out. This sums up what you have to do to get amazing pictures using your iPhone 17. Close up Photos & Distortions : and I want a couple how to take course of pictures with your phone. The best thing about taking course of pictures is forcible. To line up your phone exactly how you want to take the picture off, Then you're gonna be taking your finger and pressing on the area that you want to actually focus on, just pressed on it just like this. And it's gonna make it much brighter in the location that you're pressing on. So actually, you can make a different kind of brightness in the picture itself. I do suggest for you to usually focus symbol in the middle because it's gonna give you the best possible image once you're ready to take the shot or you have to do is to press on the shadow button. But as you press on it, be super careful because if you personally too hard, this thing might actually move just a little bit. But and that is more than enough to mess up the image. There was two different things you have to understand when you take pictures with the form one you can put it ought more farther away, and then you can just drag this in and zoom into the image. The next option for you is just to move your phone, to zoom into the image itself instead, and commas courses you can to it. This is the other option for your Let's take a picture because you're doing it in those two different ways. It's gonna give it some distortion, and you wanted to be as real life. It's possible. And because of that, if you're not using the zoom feature, you're preventing most distortions and picks eating from actually happening. So I mostly suggest for you not to use the digital zoom, and instead, just use your camera to zoom into whatever you want to take a picture on, and then just person take a photo. 18. Macro Photography: and now we're going to be starting with basic iPhone photography. So we have the great over here, And if you keep impressing with both your fingers, you can actually zoom into the image. If you're too close that on you, you will see more camera chic. The picture itself can also come out bully as well, so you don't actually supposed toe go and get too close to the image. There's two ways for you to actually zoom. One way is to use your both fingers and zoom in and then points on the image itself. This is for macro photography. Another way is to just move your phone very close to the item taking picture off. This item is a little bit too small, and I suggest for you to use something with a bit much roger to take a picture off. So this one is with a bit of audio and you can zoom into it, notice the good itself helps you focus the image and make it so much better. So when you're focusing, make sure that item is in focus bus on the item itself. So you're getting the focus toe actually go ahead and focus into the area that you want to focus in. Once the Lego mini figure is actually in focus, sports on and take a picture after you take a picture west on the picture itself and take a look at what you actually did that you want to zoom in and see if it is pixelated or not. And if everything is in focus, if it comes out pretty well, you should keep the image. In this specific case. One image came out pretty good. There's one came out sweetie blowing. And since I'm a perfectionist, I want on you the best possible images, so this one is going to actually go ahead and get the mood. 19. Picture Taking Tips: So it's start with pet photography. Specifically, when you take pictures off bats, it is always staged. And you have to be, though in the white time, in the right place to take a picture. So here is Max the park, working at something outside and then to discover what he was looking at. And they found out it was actually a beautiful fog. So I took one picture and I decided to get him and close. So took another snapshot. Of course, there is another way to get closer where the phone is just to zoom in into the picture. And that's exactly what they did as I took a picture horizontally with the phone. You can also take a picture radically as well, and they did just that. The protocol picture came out so much better than the horizontal one. So you should always experiment and see which is the best way to take a picture or whatever Animal is overdone, and this one came out to be so much better. You can see the more I zoomed then and the more I use different angles, the better. The picture actually came out and it took so much more natural and more beautiful with fogs or other kind of animals. You only have a few seconds to take the picture before the animal goes away and continues within his joining. He was Mex. He is waiting for the fog to keep on coursing the world. The next thing that I started taking pictures off and since your radio in the mood for taking pictures is Max the park. I took multiple images of him. Here's some selfies off him and me, and the focus was actually the dog himself. Here he is smiling. We're trying to smile working in the camera. He was already in the mood for pictures. This will come out, Wait a swell. This one came out. Not so good A big boy. That's the week that one Sometimes and even professionals don't take the best kind of images. You took multiple pictures of him just looking at something Dell, and they did work kind of great. After I took a lot of different pictures of Max, I decided, Let's go ahead and take Max and stage him and take pictures of him inside the studio ready Max to go and get your picture taking it seems to be a super ready. Here he is. I bought him inside studio. You can see the whole white background lie down and Superboy right here he is working right at the camera itself, and it is a little bit boring. So this is not perfect. You have to do with that image. This one came out pretty good. You can see the picture itself has a lot of very nice white and the down, So the details of it are just stunning. One thing you have to remember when you take pictures of the phone itself is just to press your finger so and starts to focus on area that you want to focus on. Including the right itself is gonna become so much more bridal if you just press in the white location, suppressing on the bottom sometimes Well, make everything so much more bio. And it did in the specific states picture he was another one. And this one I use different kind of photo to make it look a lot better. I'm not a big boy. Evil in post editing the pictures. I'm pretty much into capturing the exact moment and wait on you always have time to go ahead and added the image itself. But my feeling is you should always take beautiful pictures. As you see them. Walls has just taking pictures and trying to make them much better after you edit them up. As you can see right here, it is a little bit a lot more later than it should be. But at the same time, it came out just amazing because off the way he looks at exactly on this side, and it just seems to looks so much more natural and good in the specific one. It's a little bit too dark, but it still came out very wrong because of this stage. Dwight and everything that could have used this picture, and they took the same exact one with the white shining right at him on his face that could have walked as well. But I don't want to actually do that. Instead, I just kept on focusing and using my camera as the main object and move that being said by using your camera as the main object and just focusing on taking multiple beautiful pictures. This picture sequence came out very well and he came out looking great in almost every single image. Here's another one that you just edited just a bit. So the things that you have to won't about And when you're doing pictures off an animal, especially a dog or a park, keep him occupied, give you may be a treat, pet him and then just put him why down? And my dog would not mind. He doesn't care if we just sit there and wait until I'm done taking a picture of him. He is very photogenic and he enjoys having his picture actually taken. So let this be a lesson for you and still image pet photographer. 20. Picture taking Critique: Let's go ahead and examine some pictures that I took previously, and those have been taken with HD our help. So as you can see, there was multiple images off the same and then acquitting it was a white multiple. Images are so great is that sometimes when you take a picture, one image comes out much more brighter than the other. And those are so slight affiliations in it as well. Because there was so many straight affiliations in the picture and because you snapped the picture a second wait'll you might actually take a different picture within a few seconds. This is why it's so important for you to keep snapping pictures. And if you find something that it works amazing, take more than one image at the same exact time. What's the goal? Kill at what happened? One of the images is much Dunckel than the other, and I think they're bright. One just gives it a different kind of an effect. Where else if you look at the dark one, it gives it a sweetie mode Dunkel feeling to it as well. So actually, both of those pictures came out pretty good, but they give it a sweaty, different current were feeling. When you look at it now, as you zoom in, you can see this one is a little bit slighty more fixated. And then, if you will get the second images, you can see this one. Sweetie was fixated, and now next thing, let's take a look at our talks on the big screen. So by clicking with your finger a few times, you can see the whole image on the iPhone, and then you want to zoom in as much as you can to take a look. If it got pixie that on that now there is a white. This image is a bit more fixated. The most images that I take is that that already zoomed. Then when I took the picture as you're zooming in your using digital zoom because you're using digital zoom, the picture becomes a lot more fixated. On the other hand, this picture right here I didn't zoom in. I took it as it was over. Therefore, in itself, as we keep on zooming into the actual image, you can see it's not as fixated as the previous image, and it came out so much better and here are two different pictures taking at the same exact time because we're using HD 01 of them came out much brighter, then the other one which came out much Darko and there is actually a toad image. It looks almost identical. He was another one off the actual power station that I took before. This one is slightly zoomed in as well. And it does suggest for you to take multiple images off the same exact either or whatever personally that you have. As you take multiple images, one of them is gonna come out better than the other. It's always better to take multiple images off the same exact thing because you just never know which one is going to come out to be amazing in this specific case, he'll, as I was taking the image, you can see a vehicle is zooming in and it's coming right toward with me. As I was so busy taking pictures, I didn't really notice the car coming in. You gotta be super careful when you take pictures because of this specific case. And he was another picture just like it. And you can tell the big difference with friends a few seconds. There was no vehicle, and another one There was a vehicle just coming right for it. As you keep on working, you can see a few hours straight. Relations and differences in the the building itself is a lot more bridal in this image. And this one it is sweetie mode. Dunckel. The crowds make a big difference. And within every few seconds the crowds make either the picture book more dark or bright and therefore of the iPhone. This makes it really interesting phenomena. When you take a picture by taking multiple images, I ensure that one of them is gonna come out just perfect. Here, you can see a beautiful crowd and then this one, I zoomed in all the way to it. So the emphasis of the crowd is right in the image itself. It will be healed. You can see a school building at the top of it. A lot of grounds. As I was driving by, I saw this. What would be a magnificent kind of an image, and I have decided to stop by and start taking a few pictures off the scenery. It is very important for you once you find a very beautiful silly. You have to keep coming to it multiple amount of times. You just never know when they're similar itself is going to change so dramatically. Specifically, their crowds themselves is what makes this image so much more beautiful. And therefore the crowds are 100%. What makes this image in a very beautiful Oh, just point where Go picture. Right here. You can see a small image. L What is it? Well, I put my finger right on the camera, and it's very easy to do this with the iPhone. So I do suggest for you to be simple, extreme care for when you are taking picture, not to accidentally put something in front of the ones, because it's really how to see it. We have the phone itself, and he was another image that I made a mistake in. So it even happens with professionals as I'm so busy focusing so much on the actual picture . Sometimes you get lost in it and you forget some basic things such as that Here you can see the first image that I saw as I was driving right for the field, and I have decided It's not for me to stop by and take a picture of it. Nothing I do suggest for you to do is not to just take a picture from one specific location is to go for this area and see if you can take pictures for multiple different places going around the same exact building, because this is how I was able to get some of those amazing pictures and they were just taking with a simple iPhone. 21. stock Photo Photography: I would welcome everyone and I'm so you're very excited about this brain, your opportunity for you to get started as a I photo photographer ankle tribute toe. And the first thing you have to understand is that for you to get started with stock photography, you gotta pry and become a stuck for dog before for you to become a stock photography. For you got to join the stock photography company and one of which is getting images. It's one of the first ones that was ever created, and it emerged with Istock photo creating one of the Rogers market places in the world for stock photography. The fourth step for us is to score all the way to the bottom of the screen when you go to get the images that come impressed. Well, it says CO you so keep on scoring all the way down. Do you wanna see the opportunity for us, which is right here all the way in the bottom, become a contributor and pussy. What says what it takes? And now it actually says here that you can be an existing contributor and you can become a stock photography for for this location and you can actually choose the career you actually want. So woke of us being a contributor, you can apply it here. You can become award winning photographer filmmaker so anything you want and to apply and to become a contributor, they need information form. You have to be a priest 18 news old and then upload content pictures, which actually is just your name email. And then, of course, add a few images after have at least free gigabyte science file, and that's about it. You have to wait 30 days, and then if they like what they get, Dave, or approve off you to become a contributor to them, self take off food and do this step, the next thing you want to do is to figure out what kind of images that they're working for . And, of course, what kind of images used to be posting. And to do that, we're going to go had and explore some of the images that I have created myself and I've been contributing to the Istat photography community, so he was two of my boats off. I stock photography that wants that actually got accepted, which is and involves upstate New York and wildlife photography. Those are the ones that they actually a pull out of thousands off images that I have greeted and other, which a lot of them have been rejected. Keep that in mind. They only want the past possible images, and they have so many other people who you're competing against. So you have to be at your best top a game in order for you to get accepted. What's the coke at one of the boards? Like hell, This is the upstate New York for taco people. And in this boat, I have a few images for you to show you and I will go into details why every single one of those is just amazing. So the 1st 1 is this specific image with you, and this one is, of course, owned by I stock. As you can see right here, I start by Getty images and all the trademark and everything else about This is right over it, so nobody can go ahead and, of course, still this image and use it for their own purposes. Unless, of course, you, by all rights or exclusive rides to the specific image. So what makes this image so great here, one of which is the person who is standing on top off this wake right down. And, of course, this whole entire place is totally break. There was no other humans around, and it gives it a dimensional feeling. And the only way you get a dimensional feeling is if you have a human represented somewhat in the picture. So always when you do this when you take a picture and you don't need, the mother will ease for posting you can't actually recognize as well. And this comes of the standard Dyson So always work at competitor images, just in case you want to quit competition images instead and contribute. Tow this stock photography collection. So this is just one. I don't many different pictures that I took what's explore other pictures and find out what makes them so great. Next one, is there snow one right here. So this is a classic inside off the middle, off the actual window. What makes it so great is just the perspective over here and the way it is actually taking . You can see those two different worlds on do difference eyes, and you can see one is going, that's why end another one going there as a way. And then, of course, you can see the trees and it gives you their perspective off how actual snow looks like, and it gives you a lot of background as well. And yet there is no vehicles on the world. So that's another very great picture. And they definitely accepted this one toe. Here's another one. This is actually a picture off downtown Albany from upstate New York Observation deck. Rich actually comes form a huge mountain. So you go all the way on top of the mountain, which is on Techo Park, and from the top of the mountain you can see opening New York woman distance, and here it is, the whole entire skyscrapers. And that's actually the only skyscrapers we have in the small town. And from the top of it, you can see how small it is compared to everything else, because those mountains and the way this image actually makes it so great is that the whole entire downtown is far away from a distance, and yet you can see very nice mountains on the side as well, so it gives it that huge believe awesome perspective. And they definitely accepted this image to be one of those. They always look for the past possible best in class and best stop images, and you can see more of them right here. So this might. Here we have the bridge, and the bridge itself is going from one area of New York to another one. And what makes this picture so great is just the details off the bridge itself, plus the back out in it. Anybody can take a picture off the bridge. But I found a unique ocasion to take this picture of form actually drove around to a place that almost nobody actually drives, too. And it took this picture of form that specific location. So there was a lot of pictures off a bridge and a boy drank it, but there was only want overly few pictures off a bridge. Just works like this from this perspective. So if you have a different kind of perspective that you can get an image quality form, definitely take a look for that. He was one. Or here that you actually walk, Of course, a very small bridge. And it takes a perspective of that. Over here there was an abandoned factory at Pebbles Island. Almost nobody ever visits this specific location. And the image itself speaks volumes, and it took a very nice image off that boy's so he was a few more interesting wide angle pictures. And what makes this picture so great is just I pretty much zoom in into this haystack and you can see very small a bunch of haze all around and all the way in the back over there. And he was the big stack of hay. And that makes it a really nice image just because I focus so much on one thing inside image. But then in the background you can see a bunch of different haystacks all rolled into one. Now, this is very unusual picture because you can't actually see this every single day. The next picture I like and I really enjoyed in a forces up here and they like it as well is of a partially born tweet. So this tree was actually set on fire by a specific born. They actually said those woods on fire almost every single year to control the bone and to make sure that the specific pine bush is always get result and the only way to get resolved is by fires. So they set them on fire. And the street was half set on fire a while back. And I took a picture of it, of course, after it was set on fire, that is, who knows how long, maybe a few months after the fire itself. Passport. But this looks like a very unusual and a beautiful picture of a tree by entry. The next one over here and this one is also interesting is also Tatchell Park. But this one is a view from a different kind of location. And you can see the perspective over here, off the park itself. And plus you can see Oh, the very nice background and grass just going right in the back here to which gives it a prospective to the image. And we think the time you want to take a picture, you will have perspective to it. It gives it more over to you ability to find out how the image is actually made and pass. It gives it more of a background feeling to the image itself, such as over here won't be. Have situation back off Natural park when you can see the observatory right here that you can use toe woke up things in the distance. And the funny thing about this is that the actually pay them a little bit of money and then you can use and work food is and see everything super magnified at the same time. It gives it a prospective offsides and you can see the walks away. He'll and then you can see the background without, and now you can see how far away the actual capital city is all the way in the back. So I don't use Zoom for this picture, and I wanted to stand as is in this specific picture at you. You can see what I did here. It is pretty simple, but at the same time, you would actually need a wide angle, went off a super wide angle lens. I was able to take a picture off the flag itself, flying over here, and there was thousands of liver wags over the place. But this one gives it a very unique picture off their flag, flying in front of a bunch of different crowds and that makes this picture and the world winning for them. And they liked it enough for them to go ahead and use it. A stock image photography in this specific 1 may have a tree going on top of a quip, and it's almost about as if it's gonna actually drop down it because of that. And because of how unique this actually looks like, they definitely decided to include it in the stock photography library. No picture that I do suggest for you to check out all the trying to take a picture is of something abandoned. Here is an abandoned building in the middle of normal next toe in airport. Now, I don't know why they specifically never decided to get rid of this building. But this one is Super Bowl. It's probably from the 18 hundreds. It is a very old building that has been super abandoned and it looks kind of really interesting. So I decided to take a picture of it, and I contributed to the Istock portion. I've got the images here We have the boat and a deck of a boat, and here is the whole island and the bridge. He we have just winter picture off upstate New York. He was one boy kind of changing leaves and Grafton Park. You have a natural still case at the prime boost resolved. What makes this image so great in itself is just the perspective. You can see that you can walk up those pads and you can walk up on it, and it just looks like if we dimensional image, and because of that, I decide to take this picture and the easily took it as a stock image photography. One thing you want to keep in mind when you're taking pictures for stock image photographer or you want to make sure the images are unique and different. Even if there's so many different other images made off the same exact image, you can still take another one, but make sure if there was something different spin toe. This, such as this one, does what images taken off the capital region and of those store buildings. But that was probably not one of them that actually had those different Voight's in it. This one has, as you can see, all the way the top very bright and all the way in the bottom very dark. This is very unusual kind of picture having such a free and show between white and black all in one image because it works so much unusual, indifferent, they decided to accept it to the stock photography lately. Another thing that you can do is wow. Dr Photography, while they're photography is justice. Good. But over here, you want to see and get scenes that you usually don't really see. What animals. So a few things when you're taking pictures off actual animals, you want to use simple zoom, Have you suppose, um, you'll be able to take a picture such as this? Well, I have a squall as if it's looking right at me. The only way I can get a picture of this close is if I have a super zoom warrants, which I dough. So I was able to get a very coarse picture off some animals you would never, ever be able to get close to them cost enough to get those pictures. The other one is a most full as ooh, this one is off wild board, and this one is also pretty much very interesting. And it is super close as well, so they don't have an image discourse of an animal. That's what they did, decide it, that they're going to use mine. He was one of the African king in Maui, Hawaii. This one here is off the pine bush, in their natural, is over. Hold the white, but off, while which is very, very hard for you to find this specific want is Alaska, See, goes and in Hue is moved them, including this word here, which is more seagulls. And here is a power over G's. So any picture of animal that you can get and you can get super close to it used a zoom camera. It is highly suggested. And for your own safety, of course. So all those images right here are some of my best, an interesting book that I have decided I should be contributing to stark image photography . This specific one was not really accepted, not because it's not a good image just because the image quality was not up to standard. So one thing you want to dough before you go ahead and use the image that you want and give it to them. Make sure you super zoom in and see if it is speak so ated or not. And in this one, you can see a lot off really bad picks. Also it here. So that quality of this image is just not good enough. When you have something like this, it means that you can contribute this one. This specific one is also one of my best images. But at the same exact time the quality is not there is just too dark. Do you have a picture that is to doubt? You can either try to Brighton it using edit scene And if this doesn't work for you and you can't brighten it up, you won't be able to go ahead and give it to them. Next is this picture of hell also. This is very nice work, but it's also been fixated. And you can see right here when you suppose women here he was not a one off the somewhere. Always like this one too. The same problem of hell is as well. It is also support fixated So we can't use that one another Super picks a that picture. But it is a classical one. He was one Are we like this image Unfortunately, because of the effect, this picture is not gonna actually go ahead and they're gonna accept it. Also, you can see in the background there is bull emotion in here because it's Bowie over here and over there, they're not gonna accept this image. Here's another very nice picture right here, but it's a little bit over blonde and you can see the haze in the background. Now, if this picture was a little bit better, it would have actually worked. But it's not. So we have to skip that one as well, This one also suffering from the same exact point, which is the whites. It's not bright enough. So every single time you look for an image, you want to make sure that the image itself is perfect. It doesn't need to be okay. It has to be top notch the best picture that can be and any specific problem with the image itself. Such is rights not bright enough to dark. It's gonna get this qualified right away. This one is great picture toe. But there was a lot of bully things in the street, so this tree is a little bit too. Boy, they're not gonna like this and they won't accept it. This one is also having very similar issues over here, where it gets a little too dark and Bowie to this specific want. I like this image, but there was too much dark and there was too much noise in this backup right here. This is totally unnecessary. All this stuff with heel. And of course, if this was taking at a better time of the year, this picture would have been amazing. This one, they did accept this one. They should have actor accepted. And I do like this specific image. It can be a just a just a little bit. And if it is adjusted and made so much better, they were definitely accept this image. So we have to work for brought us up and trying to get this picture to be a little bit better. This specific wanted here is very nice image, by the way. And I do like it and this one right here you can see that this one is nearly perfect. There's nothing almost along with a specific image. So definitely this is a picture that I should be contributing to them. There's not much that is going on in this specific picture and the what off the bad background in the back that gives it super black darkness. This would he'll be having issue with this mountain Now, the biggest power with this image is that, though, is too much dark. And there was a little bit of brightness with and of course, it just the way this picture, if you went about it, could have been so much better. And since it didn't, it's not gonna work for us. This one is a little bit better and a zoom in more into the image, showing the different contrast between dark and white, especially when it comes with the sun auto. This is an interesting image, and I think this one they were actually accept because it is just such unusual and interesting picture. This one, on the other hand, is just stood dark and they probably won't be able tow edit everything in here. So I try it out, and when you try toe edit this unfortunate what happens? It takes away from the quality off the image itself. And when you go inside, we can see how fixated this image actually gets so they would have a new ejected. So you have to make sure the image itself is almost perfect and then used to go ahead and try to submit those images because on a perfect images are going to get accepted. With I stock photography. They want the best and only the best. Therefore, if you think the picture has a issues whatsoever, you should definitely not use that image. You should be checked out right away. This one here is one of my best pictures to date. I wake it. I like the background. I like the way it actually works. And in this specific case, that black background makes this picture actually looks amazing. So there we have it all kinds of different images off how you can go ahead and make sure which is the images you should go and contribute. Toe the stock image photography collection 22. Editing in Phone: So let's get started with simple editing off your image on your camera. So once I go ahead and took a picture and you can see I took multiple pictures to see which one is the best one. So one of them was no flash. Another one was with a flash itself. And you can see the live image. It actually moved. Next one is also were just live, and it just came out to dark. So I used an external white Venturi and I got the best possible image. Now, this time for us to go ahead and add it, the image person headed like you. And now we can change the different styles. So you can see just by pressing on the different styles, you can figure out which one you want to do. Listen, this one. And now we're gonna be choosing the specific call for this image from the teams. Dramatic to make the call. Dramatic cool morning. Which is actually black and white photography. I don't suggest people take black and white pictures to begin with. You can always come vote a colorful picture toe a black and white. You can never come boat a picture you take black and white to become core awful. This is why it's always better for you to use photos to convert any picture to be a black and white image. Vcenter automatic cool seems to be probably the best start you accept The vivid core, I think looks so much more better. Next thing I was like you. And now let's go ahead and see how much off the image needs to be flamed. So you want a flame almost the entire image. See what? You Those are the white space that you don't need, and we still need some of it on this side. Next thing we're gonna be doing his personal induct. Next thing they have this do it here. What's on it? It's gonna enhance this specific image. And then when you're done complacent, Done. Let's go back. Listen, edit here, President cans once again. And now you have all those great traces for you Person White. I mean, we can go ahead and change. Oh, those were the things in the pictures. You can see there's much more bright of you. I don wasn't headed once again. It wasn't you. You can change the gold scheme you mentioned. Question done. Once again, I was at it. We have black and white, you have colorful and we have the white. It's question, right? Let's. And if shadows remember, you have to go all the way to the extremes. Proceed what happens to the image and then just go little bit to choose the one. You actually want to go back to it. Listen done. And now we're going back into the image itself. Which one is best? Watts. Listen, white again. It has to be very bright done because I edit once again go to the court for one go to situation saturated coral make it really pretty, actually, always plays done, so it saves it. Now it becomes super yellow on the side. Here, you have to get rid of it. So over here, prison Wait, does it is much more weight on now. Unpleasant done. You see, it becomes now almost the same call as the screen itself. And that is very important when you're doing images present at it once again. And over here, when you push this button, I doubt there is more options for you to use. So let's go ahead and use this scuba toe. And now, Now you're gonna be choosing the do you want to use person? This one, for example. And here is how dark the image is gonna be. I don't. Then you have to do this person this screen, and now you're scribbling right on it. You can go ahead, get very close to it. Those most quibbles calling in the actual image. So that's how you're gonna be adding some special effects to the image directory that now, if you don't make it express on hell, you're gonna be deleting them all. There we go. And this one, too. Nothing you can do here, this person plus and it's gonna give you the option of doing a few things. One is add some text. One is head and used magnifying. He's like this. If you want to make it small, you can actually do that as well. Do you go? And we can actually pretend this guy is talking here. That's gonna be coming out right out of his mouth, which is kind of cool. Another thing you can do is person plus present signature. You're gonna be removing my one to eat and adding a new signature. Make wonder debt. Yes, I'm done. Now we have an actual signature. So if you want to copulate your images, every single one that you create, you add this signature. Put it on the side, and then what you have to do is person done. So pretty much does all the basic things that you can do. Toe added your picture on the phone for extra processing you need to use for them. 23. Editing in iPhoto: So let's go ahead and modify the I foils that I actually took. And over here there's a little bit of damage to them now. One thing I don't like about using life follow is that it's specifically makes live images . Not this easy to modify your person edit right here. You can't actually added them using my photo. So those kind of images are like many movies there. Okay, when you just view them, they're interesting to view, but the total use was for photography. So if they Amick image processing, one image becomes a lot more Delko, while another one is much more bridal and using kind of different kind off shade of white. So this is great, by the way, and you can see there was two images here as well. Another is ways to make any image look a lot better. Now, if you want to learn more what you have to take a look at my four quests about I photo editing. So here we're going to be doing some quick adjustments. Do this was anyone to do is to present quick fixes personally touch. No, we want to brand in the top of the screen with the bottom just like this. And using this retouch door, we just passed on it. Now I thought we got rid off all this mess on the top. Now you want to use as small as you can. Not as big as you can, because otherwise, if use it too big, have a little smudge sometimes. Now, in this specific case with his background, it's not really necessary. And you can use it in many different locations and the size shouldn't make that much of a difference. But you can a little bit tell that it got smudged over here. So if you don't want to get it to smudged, I suggest for you to move it to the smallest size possible. Then once you go over, who would the area that you want to take and fix? You want to use this on the side, drag it all the way to the area that you want a fix, and then you want to make sure that this tour is a small as possible just to take out off the issue itself, and that makes the image so much more professional. Next thing we're gonna be doing is getting rid of this much on the top of the head of those media figures, so make it as small as you can move it into the occasion that needs to be fixed. Make sure the tool is right the same size as the thing that you have to fix in just who go over it and then go over a little bit on this side of it, too. So it blends right into it. Now we're gonna examine this man if Eagle has also with a bit off right smudged into it. No, I'm gonna be moving it like this now. We fixed it and made it. Oh, in one. But hear this works. Okay, This one has it too. And we are doing quick fixes and the removal. Let me have it. It he was well, so let's go ahead Global it and fix it to the helmet also has it as well. Hell, but I think this one is gonna be very, very carefully fixed because if you do it long, it's actually going to make it look much more walls and give it a lot more damage. You have to understand that sometimes it's much better not to touch. You have to be a little bit careful when you do something like this. In certain locations, something's fixing them. It's not the best choice, and as us, you just have to be a little bit careful when you do it. So here we go. We fixed it. We made it a little bit better, and the ones that are going to close to this might not be the best to fix them over here. Now let's go ahead. Zoom out and we can see a little bit more Mr as well. It's moved here and fix it toe. So now that to be fixed, the basics in this photo let's go ahead poison just and move the levels and change it around. So now we're going to make it a little bit. Dhakal personally touch this a few hours. I think we missed your toe. It's called with them in just present each and every one of them. Instead, personal effects and see if the core want makes it better. But isn't it just and check out the exposed? Remember, if you move it all the way to decide, and sometimes you would get very good image Some things you don't with a bit more contrast to it. This a little bit around. And now I had some situation to it as well. Just a little bit and change the temperature just a bit around, too. And now the finishing touch person club with a little bit cool. So just too high, right? What is the focus over the image and person down? So now it looks so much more better than before. It's not perfect. And the reason for that the picture itself in the beginning was not perfect as well. But you're trying to make the picture as good as you possibly can with using the tools on hand. Now, if you poison enhance, you can see how it actually looked like previously. Sometimes and hands makes it look so much more battle. And as a times it actually makes the picture of so much Ross. And it's all about balance. Now, if you want to go ahead and make even more professional edits used to go and do it with for the shop, this is just good to get some basic and it's in