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iPhone Photography | How to Take Professional Photos On Your iPhone

Dale McManus

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18 Videos (45m)
    • Introduction: What You Will Learn

    • Photographer's Definition of Photography

    • Setup: Turn OFF Live Photo

    • Setup: Turn ON HDR and The Grid

    • Focus Tapping, Exposure Control, etc

    • Shot Composition: Introduction

    • Shot Composition: Perspective

    • Shot Composition: Vantage Point

    • Shot Composition: Rule of Thirds

    • Shot Composition: Deadspace

    • Shot Composition: Creating Depth

    • Surrounding Light and Filling the Frame

    • Shooting Macro on the iPhone

    • Storytelling in Photography

    • Editing in Lightroom

    • How to Make a Portrait Pop (Lightroom Tutorial)

    • Final Words: Be Adventurous

    • Final Words: Memorize the Rules and Break Them

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About This Class

This online photography course will teach you everything you need to be a professional digital photographer with nothing more than an iPhone or similar smartphone. You'll learn all the basics of professional iPhone photography in this course as well as plenty of tips and tricks that you can use during every day shooting to make your photos stand out from the rest.

This course is designed for:

-Beginners that have little to no experience and want to become a skilled photographer without spending thousands of dollars on expensive camera equipment.

-Anyone that wants to develop a more impressive portfolio or social media account (i.e. Instagram).

-Anyone that wants to turn digital photography into a career. 

Here's some of what you will learn:

-How to take stunning photos by utilizing shot composition.

-How to optimize your iPhone camera settings for taking the best photos.

-How to create depth in your photography

-How/Why the best photographers tell stories in their photos.

-How to utilize surrounding light to properly light your subjects

-How to professionally edit photos in Lightroom (free) on your iPhone.

-Tips, tricks, and much more!

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Really nice class if you want to upgrade your photography game. All the basics covered and well explained! 10/10
Really good and inspiring lesson.
this class was SUPER HELPFUL. I've learnt so much in 45 mins about iphone photography, and honestly photography in general. i can't wait to put the different points to practice.





Hey! I'm Dale. I'm a Professional Photographer/Videographer, Award Winning Youtuber, and Co-Creator of WANDR travel film company. I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Film and 7 years experience in the field of photography/film. I've traveled to different parts of the world as a professional photographer/videographer and utilized my iPhone as my best tool. Now I share my knowledge with those looking to become better photographers and filmmakers.

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