iPhone Camera Photography. TIPS to take AWESOME PHOTOS | Viru Badwal | Skillshare

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iPhone Camera Photography. TIPS to take AWESOME PHOTOS

teacher avatar Viru Badwal, YOGA TEACHER

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (22m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Tools you Need

    • 3. Camera App

    • 4. Taking Photos 1

    • 5. Taking Photos 2

    • 6. Editing 1

    • 7. Editing 2

    • 8. Thank you

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About This Class

I have been doing photography with my iPhone for years now. It is the one camera that is always with me, in this course I have put together a few tips and techniques to help your photography with your smartphone and Apple watch.

I am showing you 3 apps which I use for almost all my 99% photos for editing.

I Hope you will find this course Valuable. 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Viru Badwal



My name is Viru. I am a Yoga Teacher and I have been teaching yoga since 2006.

I love to practice yoga and love to share my skills with others. Just found Skillshare and I like this, I think it’s a good place to meet people who want to improve their yoga skills.

I love all kinds of yoga styles but my favorite is INVERSIONS balancing pose, arm balance, and handstand.

I love to meet people and share knowledge so please give your comments and let me know if you have any request about yoga I will do my Best.

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1. Intro: Hello, everyone. My name is video and as you can see it right now in my yoga studio by profession, I'm your teacher. But I love to take photos and videos for my online content. So in this course, I'm going to show you how I use my iPhone 10 and Apple watch to take awesome photos in videos. This court is the wanting to part photos and videos. So in the first part, I'm going to show you how I use my phone and apple watch to take awesome photos. Can we go? 2. Tools you Need : hi. Before you're going to sort photos, we need two things. This one is iPhone tribal found, and this is a tripod. It's very easy to use. It's simple, and that's a set up. Okay, so this kind of piper is I will highly recommend because you can use anywhere, any surface he won. It's very important to take a picture in a different angle, so this kind of piper is awesome. As you can see, I can fix it here. So as you can see this kind of tripe or this quite versatile, you can use anywhere in any situation. And it's going to take photos and video in a different angle, as you can see is there, and I can control this one with my apple watch. 3. Camera App: Okay. So as a pair, you are iPhone and I watch so you can see this is easy to operate. So go to the apple. Watch on and look at the camera, Aiken, as you can see here, so as a click, your iPhone is open. But some here he cannot change anything. If you want to go like a portrait, you cannot do from here. So you have to go through your nobody. So if you want a square shape, you can see this choir is good for the instant gram. But I usually go for four Dobson. Okay, so from here. So if you go to the video, you can see there is a red button. If you press, it will start. You press it will stop so you can choose any one option here. So as you can see in the camera app in the upper part, this one is a timer. Said the three second and 10 seconds. Even you just 10 seconds. But in the phone is still is a three second, and I don't know why. Why? We cannot select the 10 seconds so you have enough time to take pictures. Okay? So suddenly, you have only three seconds if you operate from the iPhone. So you have wanted three second to take the clothes. Okay. However, I use sometimes this one. But most of the time I used the app is called Pro Camera. You this app because it has so many features inside. So open it in the iPhone and go to the watch. So as you can see here, So there is a obsolete How many pictures you want to pick. So Mexico, you can take temperature. So right now, going to take on Lee? Maybe five pictures together. Okay. And the seconds so maximum. My mother is a five seconds. Okay, As you can see from here, maximum, you have five seconds. Okay. And here is a small I can if you press this one so you can see the life. You okay? So you can see yourself in the frame and and simply click So as you can see No, it's going to start taking five pictures together. And this is a raw images. Quite big and good quality made This so from here, you can see all Give me this 4. Taking Photos 1: So before you take the picture, you always watch one thing in the photo. What you don't like inside. So, for example, here you can see there is a fan you can send. It is immense. So if I take a picture with days, it's not. Looks good. Okay. Now see the same thing. If I remove thes Max and the fan, no, see the difference. It's like sucking. So if I take it, you're here is much better, you know, need toe any editing After that, you need to remove anything from the picture. So that's the first thing you look at in your camera. If you take a picture here, so what? I don't want in the friend. So that's the first lesson. Okay, so now take some picture. First you go to the broken that app. So as you can see because there is a window, a lot of light is behind. So this kind of situation, if you take picture, you will find yourself quite dark in the picture. However, what you can do, you can change the exposure value from here. So if I June exposer I see myself, it's looks quite good, But the problem is, the background is just right. We just not looks good in the picture. So you have a new option. Either you put here, decide a lot off light so you can see yourself better, and the background will be a little dark. Okay? So you can see the background and you need extra light from this site. Then picture will be good, but if you don't have lights, so what you gonna do? You simply change the background. So instead of taking picture from here, you take a picture. Decide, as you can see. Okay, So we're going to change a set up so fast. Picture we will take with this cab background. The second, the same setting. You take this'll one background and see the difference. Okay, so now here we go. So I can see myself here. I said five second timer and the maximum six pictures and a high definition. So here we go. Let's start. So my polls is anistan, so it's almost 10 seconds, so I will come down. So as you can see here, there are the six pictures. Okay? No. In the same setting. We are going to just change the setting. So So now lighting is coming from here. And my phone My camera is there. You will see the difference. How light effects the picture are doing. Jeanene setting in my camera. So now let's street again. So first Agassi myself in the frame. Okay, so three, two and one. So almost 10 seconds I'm coming down and see the difference. So now you can see the picture is to clean. So later I'm going to show you two pictures which is in the same settings we take from the same camera. So before light waas behind and in the front there was no light or last light. So picture looks quite dark when we change the settings little here Instead of taking pictures from this side, we take pictures from that side. So light is coming from the side which is looks beautiful 5. Taking Photos 2: Now let's talk about camera angles. So here is a one more secret off the good picture. So, for example, when I was doing my Henderson pan, how people see this hander Stan, normally, either they're sitting like this. This is the understand from this height. Okay. And I there somebody of this standing and watching the same under Stan from this height. So this height and this height, So normally, people the take picture from this to heights like this on like this, right? So pictures looks quite common. So what you gonna do? You just change the angle. So even instead, off taking picture from here, you put the camera a little down. Okay, So I'm going to demonstrate some of the pictures again. The same photos from this angle before we took from this angle. Okay, so now we're going to take a picture from this angle and just see the difference. So now I set my camera is my level, and we're going to suit the same photo. So I just see you tick. If you pick just no different angles. Little down from two down from If you're sitting from the eye level and from the high and see washing on the similar. But because off the angle off, the way we take the picture, it makes a difference. Now look at all pictures together, and then we'll go through some of editing process. 6. Editing 1: So now this is a editing part. So go to the photo. I save all the pictures in teaching for so look at the few pictures. The 1st 1 is a Hannis tan. American C is quite dark because all the light is behind the window. 2nd 1 between the direction you start off front off the window We just moved to the side So distant picture is already quite right Then next one, the sun Between the camera angle we take pictures from up to down this the pictures So let's do some editing. So first picture which is quite dark. So look at how I do my editing. I use mainly three eps First is retouch second called festoon and third is SK our committee So where I found my picture is quite dark like this I choose My second app is called question If I want to start my picture on the light I choose this app So go to the festoon Go to the camera Open the photo And Jews afford a lawyer digit in the first picture So it will give you the option you want to use in the maximum size Go for the maximum. Okay, So as you can see, pictures quite dark. So just look at the below. There is, um, obsolete. So choose one off this call filters. Okay, So go to the filter. Then you will find there is, um, absence Paper lighting textures go for the lighting. Lighting. There is, um, off the option. You can make darker or lighter your image. So go for the 1st 1 C is not light, so I'm going to go a little more. So it's called Expose. So this one light is already very good. If I want to go a little more deeper, brighter is too much. So I go back to the Expos. Okay, So this bitterness already good. So save it. So once a save it if you want a little more light. So Gorgon filled a robson lighting and expose. Now you can see this picture is already quite good, so I'm going to save it. Saved the camera. Okay, so now wants to save your camera roll. Go to the four Dobson. Okay. On, Uh, look at this picture. So, as you can see behind the windows, windows is hot line. So that's why the spiritualist looks not too attractive. So what I'm gonna do how to align this lines. So I chose the app hard one escape our ability. So once I open the app so on the picture. Okay, so open the picture and import. So once important, you can see there is some corners left side, right side, lower left side and the right side. So I'm going to change these windows lines. So I start from the left side, top and down a little, then right site. And now this looks quite It's straight lines. Yeah, so I don't want to go too much. So from here, I'm going to save this image to the gallery. Okay. Now go to the four Dobson and look a before and after. So after you can see behind the nose is quite a straight line. So here you can crop your picture, Goto added, And the former you like I go for the Squire. So from here, I'm going to crop my picture. Yes, and done. So as you can see before this like this, where the lines is not its right now Second with Linus train and these pictures looks quite attractive. So before and after. So as you can see the picture before, it was like this dotted and after and it looks beautiful. 7. Editing 2: So now look at the next picture that you took from up to down. So in this picture, I can see the watch. I don't want this watch in this picture, and I want to change little competition. So what? I'm gonna do the first remove the watch, so go to the four tops in APS and choose retouch. Okay, So go to the album and, uh, teaching. And she looked the picture. Okay, so once you here, so look at the down. Second option is a quick repair. Okay, So now here, Pinch and June and draw the line on life, Jack. But you want to remove and it will go. This works. So it's quite easy to remove Object from the picture. Okay. And I want to remove also this met. See house works, test it And Kerry line. I want this one also. So we almost done so from here, saving Mitch soon as a copy. And Dan go back. So back to the photos. Now you can see this picture only looks good because there is no other object. So now from here, if you want to change the light, you can go to the face gym and opened the picture Mexican spice. And she was a filter lighting. So this time I don't want too much light. Are you? Want exposure? If you feel it's too much for you, just toe drag right left side. Citing not much. Right. So this one is okay for you. Okay. For me. So this was driving. So this much brightness is OK for me. So I just like the safe. So sit to the camera. So from here, gold back to the photo. So, as you can see, this one is quite stood dot and this was lighter. And I'm going to crop this picture scholarship and OK, so still I can see in the corners. I don't want this. So what I'm gonna do, I go back, do the retouch on and open the image and just quick repair and, you know, and save it. Okay, so let's go back. So this is a picture. So as you can see these images before house looks like and after. So this three x is very good toe improbable lightning and, uh, align the picture. And if you want to remove any object so retouch up, it's very good and look at this picture is quite dark. So even if you have some or pictures, which is quite dark, so you can reuse those pictures by using these APs. So after this, you can convert your picture by this too sharp and color is very beautiful. 8. Thank you: So for me, this is a just way how to take a picture from iPhone using the I watch and three eps which is amazing for the editing. So I hope you will find this course is valuable If you like me. If you don't have enough people around you who will take a picture so it's easy, you can take your own pictures. If you have any questions, please give me a comment below and thank you for watching. We'll see you soon.