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iPad illustration : 3-D Dot art using Procreate

teacher avatar Srihari Muralidhar, Creative Entrepreneur

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (27m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Prerequisites for the Class

    • 3. Creating Shadow and Highlights for a Basic Shape

    • 4. Creating a Basic template

    • 5. Creating the artwork

    • 6. Exploring Color palettes and Finalizing

    • 7. Recap and Skillshare Project

    • 8. Bonus Lesson

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About This Class

A basic for beginners to about digital dot art mandala designs on iPad.

I believe everybody can make their own unique and beautiful Dot art mandala on their ipad starting with basic templates and few lighting techniques


In this , we will walk you through the structure of creating a beautiful dot art mandala step by step.

At the end of the , all of you can submit a project that will show your final Dot artwork.

Meet Your Teacher

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Srihari Muralidhar

Creative Entrepreneur


Hello, I'm Srihari.

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1. Introduction: Hi. My name is Harry, and I ve accrued up for this class on how to create daughter on the Metro is in program. We're taking this class. You'll be able to design daughter mandalas like these. So scared for this class on, I don't be doing the class section below. 2. Prerequisites for the Class: medical in this video. We're talking about the prerequisite for this class. First, I bet on stylist prefer being apple pencil. You've been in appropriate app on your 15 minutes of valuable and creative time. Onda, who can take this class? It's completely designed keeping beginners in mine. So all the techniques will be in bite sized videos, so we don't have to take any other class to understand topics which will be dark in this class. 3. Creating Shadow and Highlights for a Basic Shape: welcome. Everybody in this lesson will be learning how to create shadows and highlights for a basic shape. After this, listen, you will be converting a flat illustration like this one to a three d one, with highlights and shadows as given in the picture. Okay, for first, create a new canvas, preferably a square one. It was black color for the brush and on drawing a circle. This is a basic shape we're choosing for this lesson. Hurry. Name that layer as basically a based for this listen, especially in a leering and its naming. A very important because maybe it will be really hard to identify the shadows in the highlights kind of duplicate those layers and create multiple layers with names off shadow . Highlight and stencil order in the late layer is very important in ah set. First that would be highlight and shadow Second said would be Stenson and the last it will be short shadow and now will be changing the colors for each and every layer for for easy identification. For basically, I will be choosing the purple color. It was Alfa Lock and then she was filled layer for each and every layer for stencil will be choosing and yellowish orange again. Alfa lock on da Filia for highlights, choose white and for shadow, choose dark purple or dark green. It is nearly as black or degree, and for short shadow, let it would be as black color. And for Baghran changes toe great for easier identification off their top players. And now, in this part will be learning how to create the highlight. What you do is choose the What you do is choose the stencil layer. It was the stencil layer that more option and move it towards support them left and Gardner , and then has elected on goto hi late layer and Tapatio, so you'll have a hot chick strip off white color highlight on that base layer. Do the same process for shadow about in the opposite direction, which is cooperate and Gardner. Select and move the stencils top right and Gardner and then goto layer options. Select and then go to sidle Option and you 100 distance. In long, you'll have a thick layer off shadow, the words bottom left and Gardner. So let the highlights layer goto adjustments and increase the Gagosian blood. Do the same process for shadow in the stable baby actually getting the three d effect for the basic Shape 100 user. Increase the capacity based on ah, the effectively, let's and for short shadow Hamouda sharp shatter towards bottom left hand corner again. Juice the Gagosian blood and adjustments. Make sure it's in their layer. Medical lighted. Tweak the Gagosian blow settings for the base layer so that all the different layers will blend. 4. Creating a Basic template: welcome everybody. In this lesson, we're gonna create a basic template for our design, first creating new canvas and then goto actions and choose symmetry and radial for the drawing guide and no drug concentrate circles. You can. You can brainstorm ideas from Pinterest or Web. You don't have to measure the distances between the each and every circle. It's just by infusion and and then reduce the opacity. This will be your framework for the whole design. I know you grease the brush size, my inducing Happy's all the her dot regularly with equal distances between. I'm just beating up the video. It's just the same process, but this is the first set off the design guys. There's the out a set. You have to divide the whole design into multiple parts so that at the end of the design, you can play with the different color palettes. It's just trial and error matter. You have a UTI placing the dots. Make sure you don't leave much open or empty spaces in between. So Philip they're designed with different shapes. Now is the most important thing. The next 30 attitude in a new layer on our drawing assistant to it. There's a second signal now for the third search. Again, create a new layer Onda play drawing assistant in the layer. Stab you can and darts off minor variations wherever you want to order. Wherever you feel that there's an empty space and for the central designed, make sure you on the rotational symmetry in ah for drying gate. That's because it is the final template for your design. 5. Creating the artwork: welcome. Guys in this video will be creating the artwork as you can see every single set isn't it separately, er so there it will be useful to change the color or play with a different color. Pilots no for every set, mix six copies, as it was told in the third video to create three D Effect Dude for all the other sex. Now open one set on hurry. Name all the layers within that set, as it was in the third video like highlight stencil and then shadow stencil base layer on again it last short shadow after completing. This would do the same process for all the rest of the sects, since you're done on those things now to go to individual set and contains the colors. For example, a white color for highlights and dark brown or black color for shadows. Onda different colors for base layers, that is, for the stent ill and and change the color for base. Layer off all of this theme process for all the sex in this would, um, I'm a fast forwarding the video, the whole process, - no African baiting, the process for all these shirts to his one set on DA created three D effect for the whole process, as it was shown in the how to create three D effect for a basic shape video. First, you'll be creating the highlights trip on her, deleted the stencil, and after that you will be creating foreshadow No, since you got the strips for both highlights and shadow, choose individual layers and, in adjustment, stabbed Goto Goshen Blow. Make sure it's in between 15 to 20 for 10 to 15. Follow the same process for our shadows. Now we get the really effect for the whole law. Set one and and change the player settings toe overly for both highlights and shadows. Nomura Short shadows earlier towards the left and bottom corner. - Follow the same process for all the other sex. 6. Exploring Color palettes and Finalizing: 7. Recap and Skillshare Project: it quickly get forest. Really understood how the shadow highlights work for the three D effect. And second, yeah. Yeah, actually created a framework on which you can design on the third step you have designed in order Mandela food you have You have brighter with multiple color balance on and 50. You're here. No, I'm so excited, guys, that your completed this. Let this whole class I'll be so happy if you oppose the project down below and really happy to share with you my comments on my suggestions on your projects. Make sure my own with various color ballots. Onda Brainstorming how multiple ideas on your design. Thank you so much. 8. Bonus Lesson: Welcome, everybody. This is a bonus lesson in this lesson. You'll be learning how to create appropriate brush for that first, create a new document the size off 7500 pixels by Central environment vixens. Okay, now in brushes. Who was the model and pressure in calligraphy section? No drawing a circle as who Just possible. Make sure it's in this Endo. Feel the philosophical with the color. Make sure make sure covers the whole law. So office Yeah, export this image as a bong. See? Yeah. Now open a new document. New canvas Hospital acquired canvas 204 rate by zero for vixens. Go to Precious. They said I can't. God bless. Icon called first. Dad, insert for door Now. Now, inside the portal which you created, that last the circular. She here for the green source Slap from pro library. So it's for blank. Yeah. Yeah, Blank. You're in Richard. Inward shape. That's a case here. You can actually eat it. You're brush name Piper. Dark art brush? No, he would size, Which is required for the daughter design. Yeah,