iPad Lettering in Procreate, the very basics to get you started. | Han'made Designs | Skillshare

iPad Lettering in Procreate, the very basics to get you started.

Han'made Designs, Lettering & Business

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8 Lessons (22m)
    • 1. Intro Han’made Designs

    • 2. Equipment & software

    • 3. Upstrokes and downstrokes

    • 4. Muscle memory

    • 5. Forming letters

    • 6. Joining letters

    • 7. Words

    • 8. Next steps

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About This Class

Welcome to my class, my name is Hannah. I am a hand lettering artist and all around creative at Han'made Designs. 

Together in this class, we will be going through drills and exercises to help make you comfortable with using Procreate for iPad lettering. By the end of the class, you will have successfully be able to write any given name, word or phrase, in beautiful digital modern calligraphy. 

This course is aimed at beginners, wishing to try their hand at digital hand lettering. With practice you will soon be on your lettering journey!

We will be exploring the importance of a letter's weight, and how to change the thickness of a letter's upstroke and downstroke. Which will ultimately lead you to building your own style of iPad Lettering. (I will include guides as we go along, to help you become familiar). 

Your lettering journey will be supported and encouraged through my Instagram channel (@hanmade_designs) or by using the #letterwithhan. I can't wait to see your progress!! 


For this class it is recommended that you use a Procreate brush that allows for thickness variation. For example the script and brush pen in the calligraphy section.

However for this video I have used my own procreate brushes, that can be found here.