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iPad Artistry: Create Textures in Procreate

Genevieve Crabe, Artist and Teacher

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13 Videos (42m)
    • Introduction

    • Class resources

    • Textures with brushes 1

    • Textures with brushes 2

    • Textures with brushes 3

    • Textures with brushes 4

    • Textures with brushes 5

    • Textures with brushes 6

    • Textures with brushes 7

    • Blending modes 1

    • Blending modes 2

    • Adjustments

    • Project


About This Class

Create Textures in Procreate by Geneviève Crabe



Greetings and welcome!

Why textures?

Texture brings a lot of character to digital artwork. In this class, I will walk you through my process for creating colourful textures using the iPad app Procreate. Although I use other artistic apps, Procreate is where I start and finish every digital paintings.

You will learn how to create some specific textures, but more importantly, you will learn techniques you can use to create your own.

What can be done with the textures?

Textures can be used in many ways in both digital and traditional art.

  • If you’re a digital artist or illustrator, use them as backgrounds or layers in digital paintings or illustrations.
  • If you’re a mixed-media artist, you can print them out and use them as backgrounds, or cut them up and use them as collage material.
  • If you’re a Zentangle® artist, or if you like to draw or doodle, you can use them as backgrounds for digital drawings, or print them out and use them as background for your pen drawings.
  • If you are a paper crafter or scrapbooker, you can use them digitally, or print them out.

Materials: iPad (must support iOS 11) and Procreate app.

Note: I used Procreate version 4 to create the videos in the class.
The current version is 4.1, which includes some changes, but none that will affect the lessons.


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Genevieve Crabe

Artist and Teacher

Hello, I'm Genevieve and I live in St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada. I am retired from a 30-year career in high-tech, and I am now a full-time artist. My interests include digital art, mixed media, and bead embroidery.

I am the author of How to Make 100 Bead Embroidery Motifs, and several colouring books including Genevieve's Mandalas and Magical Mosaics Flora and Fauna, as well as designer of a mandala creation tool, Geneviève's Mandala Stencils. My books and products can be...

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