iPad Art: This Season Say It With A GIF

Cova Sandes (Pintik Studio), Creative entrepreneur

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16 Lessons (39m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Class Project

    • 3. Tools and Apps

    • 4. Finding Inspiration

    • 5. First Steps

    • 6. Sketching

    • 7. Animation: Plan it out

    • 8. Animation: The Base

    • 9. Animation: The Eyes

    • 10. Animation: The Arms

    • 11. Animation: The Lights

    • 12. Animation: Falling Snow

    • 13. Animation: The Text

    • 14. Exporting from Procreate

    • 15. Create The GIF

    • 16. Final Thoughts


About This Class

Are you an iPad user? Do you use Procreate? Get ready to make your illustrations come to life!

In this class we will use Procreate and ImgPlay to turn your illustrations into GIFs so you can post on your social media and send them out to your family and friends.

As Christmas season is upon us, we will be creating a GIF inspired on the season. However the skills you learn in this class can be used to create any GIF you want.

In this class you’ll learn the following:

  • Ideas for your illustration: find the concept and sketch it!
  • Plan out the movement and think about the elements of your sketch you would like to animate
  • Create a simple illustration from your sketch in Procreate
  • Prepare elements of the illustration to animate
  • Export the individual files
  • Introducing the files to ImgPlay
  • Export and creating the GIF

If you want to animate your illustrations and turn them into a GIF this class is for you! We will go through every step together. You will need to have an iPad with Procreate and ImgPlay apps, a stylus will also be handy, I will be using the iPad pencil.

If you are new to the apps, don’t worry, we will create very simple illustrations so you can follow the class. I can’t wait to show you how easy it is! Join the class and lets get drawing!!!