iPad Art: Make Fun GIFs in Procreate | Nic Squirrell | Skillshare

iPad Art: Make Fun GIFs in Procreate

Nic Squirrell, Artist and illustrator

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10 Lessons (36m)
    • 1. About this Class

    • 2. Movement

    • 3. Animating Existing Art

    • 4. Redraw

    • 5. Selective Movement

    • 6. Liquify

    • 7. Flipbook Style

    • 8. Mix it Up

    • 9. Uploading to IG

    • 10. Project & Final Thoughts


About This Class


Animated GIFs are really popular, and are now easy and lots of fun to make in Procreate on your iPad.  

In this class we will be looking at different ways of creating GIFs which are very effective whether you’re drawing something new or animating your existing art.  

We will also be using some of the other new features in Procreate, including resizing the canvas, liquify, text and isolation mode.

If you are brand new to Procreate, you might like to take my class : iPad Art: Create a Monster - An Introduction to Procreate first.

I have put the Gifs I made in this class on Giphy, so you can use them as free stickers in your Instagram Stories by typing nicsquirrell in the search bar. Yay! 


Procreate by Savage Interactive Pty Ltd

GifVid - GIF to Video Converter by Christopher Collins

Music: Love Dizzy by Jeris (c) copyright 2011 Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license. http://dig.ccmixter.org/files/VJ_Memes/31654 Ft: musetta

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