iPad Art: Get to Know Graphic - Learn Vector Basics & Make a Greetings Card | Nic Squirrell | Skillshare

iPad Art: Get to Know Graphic - Learn Vector Basics & Make a Greetings Card

Nic Squirrell, Artist and illustrator

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15 Videos (1h 24m)
    • Introduction

    • Introducing Graphic

    • Setting up the card template

    • Setting up the card image

    • A bit of info before we start drawing

    • Using the Shape Tools

    • Using the Pencil Tool

    • Using the Brush Tool

    • Using the Pen Tool

    • Building the Image

    • Adding More Flowers

    • Final Flowers and Details

    • Adding Lettering

    • Putting the Image into the Template

    • Ta da!


About This Class


Graphic is a fully fledged powerful and versatile vector app for the iPad, which I use every day for my design work.  This class will introduce you to the Graphic app and we will use a range of the tools to produce a greetings card which can be printed on your home printer. You’ll learn to set up your reusable card template, use text, import images, use the shape tools, the pencil tool and the pen tool.  I’ll share some handy tips along the way too.  This class is suitable for beginners and no previous experience is needed.

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For this class you'll need an iPad, and the Graphic app:

Click for the Graphic App in the App Store

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Thank you! I learned so much!
This was an excellent class and I learned quite a bit. At first I thought the illustrations were very simple. But I was wrong! It took me quite a bit of work to do these "so-called simple" designs. I learned so much and in a very enjoyable way. Great teacher! Great class!
I love all of Nic's classes! Highly recommended! Thank you Nic!! xox





Nic Squirrell

Artist and illustrator

Nic is an artist and illustrator living in Kent, England.

She studied Creative Visual Art & 3D Design at the University of Greenwich and loved every minute of it.

Her illustrations are on many products from prints to suitcases and everything in between.

She loves drawing on her iPad as well as using traditional media, particularly watercolour.

If anything stays still long enough, Nic will draw on it.

Nic Squirrell's website

Nic Squirr...

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