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iPad שימוש במוקאפים באמצעות ה

teacher avatar Viki Kloper-Weidenfeld, Teaching creativity using iPad

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (22m)
    • 1. מבוא

    • 2. איפה ניתן להשיג מוקאפים

    • 3. איך מעצב גראפי משתשמש בפוטושופ

    • 4. הדגמה איך להשתמש במוקאפ באמצעות האייפד

    • 5. הפרוייקט

    • 6. סיכום

    • 7. בונוס

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About This Class

בהדרכה זו תלמדו איך אפשר להשתמש במוקאפ (תבנית למוצר שלכם) באמצעות הטבלט שלכם.. 

 לפעמים יש לנו צורך לייצור תמונה איכותית של המוצר לנו, אבל אין לנו תקציב לצלם מקצועי ואין לנו מצלמה מקצועית ותאורה מקצועית. 

ומה אנחנו עושים בדרך כלל ? פונים למעצב הגראפי.


אני רוצה להראות לכם שזה ממש פשוט להשתמש במוקאפ על ידי האייפד שלכם. 

בשביל זה אינכם זקוקים לתוכנות גרפיות מתקדמות כמו פוטושופ במחשב. ואינכם צריכים לפנות למעצב גרפי ולהוציא תקציבים. כל מה שאתם צריכים זה להוציא את האייפד שלכם או של בני משפחתכם ולהתקין אפליקציה.

מה אתם צריכים להכין בשביל לבצע את המשימות:

  • אייפד עם מערכת הפעלה עדכנית. 
  • עט סטילוס (אופציונלי)
  • אפליקציה שנקראת Procreate  (24₪)


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Viki Kloper-Weidenfeld

Teaching creativity using iPad


I am a self taught artist and designer. The world of color and shape inspires me as I continue to grow and gain more knowledge and skills.

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Graph yourself Coverage commission Basket of need The morally ODB Anonymous Partial what you called Hotmail. Where or be actually Amber Cabinet. Holly Holly. Finding a Country in the World My mission for magician After what seemed toughness that was not exactly let's make to save decor. Nero Talent slam autumn atomic so it could take the Russia The pursuit. Lovely flat at home. Mona's actually participate Corbett mon Actually a school marshall seem the better measurements of Graph yourself from Is hot alum as much on yourselves. A little football file place in bed. Verney My letter. Monash, Elin, Move on and van in question barley v UMA schema Save the car from become blame beds in my mock up. And so it shall. How, Curtis? Because actually, the demographic same A photo shop We left at Monash time with social circle as M. I. L. A grandfather shop. I think Hollywood didn't deliver and ah well, Eleanor Photoshopped, the premium therapist, thought Bashar Assad very makayla memes tablets. She has left, oh, a lot of damage, but the family let them investor from tablet matched. Lola said William can divide lots of talk 4. הדגמה איך להשתמש במוקאפ באמצעות האייפד: Mr Tanaka San Eurotel Arata Tom Schaar is to measure by eye. She must but of North Korea will assume a time for my official Hamed, as much turns A simple assault. Call them call. They're Laredo. Should you create procreate The icon Sheila eulogized Bush money man, We shall call Agora when you're finished. A mesh, Slava Bomb Special Autumn Top Cat I love your lie Vigil Ahamed Definite causal, Canas, In the same applicants that or not, is the holy. My lateness is a she Monash and the definite cause out in any Yes, but for him um, alcoholism, the fresh or other time hit a top. Licata shouldn't procreate on this much. And that's Sam March them to feel what I thought. Zealot Hot spot Close. Very little import The national home. Chamara Love. Public assertion got procreate. Okay, that Mona bike on the same Naharin Sha ha na's take Shabaka Rhino ship before the shop called the Barca's area more fraud The okay Islamabad Thomas actually was Mashaba I pen any better Holan again? Any rosada? Nice at her massage Any over the thing with music of the cat music, actually much understand your separate screen much hosting Prince killed looked in Bozeman it after a boy work after our goal upon as I matured with separate screen. But it's Alinta called Masa. Um, shall I paint vision? But together more homes? Are they applicable to procreate? That would seem like on Is there insert Kanye Spore s spoken Nelissen. Fabulous. Anything said import image. The Ottoman Manami. That's hard, Mona. Much better. My heart's aflame. The actual Lima kamata um, alive with Delano. Okay, as much Monaco Better. More simple In form. Yes, for Miss Partners the hearts women Certainly national Tommy McMinn in formats Echelon, Alamosa The variation on the roads are he's got a shot. Valid Makame Elashi, Bachelor iPod. Four of them the father shop The mission Benet are covert shall live. Have need before the shop. But some grandma know the harker for the shop. Live on them. Okamoto Perspective LaMotta perspective are Jenna I Petula, um not for better road team camp or a lame attempt at Manabe perspective a condition issue monetary air and admitted as the public arts as artificial because that out for me from a simple but icon Azam ah, canvas Which unit converse vegetable If she wrote Perspective Guide. Okay. VANOC Aloha Team Edit Perspective Guide Bottomley McCann With a perspective on the whole of Tim from a hotel a Monash Alana Mesopotamia Coda. But tomorrow am share confidential perspective on the says room in conditions or exam room . She spoke of shape. Perspective of a martial I last sat is about It's, um lemma Kim um provincial Icka Hashemi Your mug blame lack of insular iPod Can it? As any pressure, it may miss a target him, huh? Make commercial. And you could aza from membership card as a the day. But in self, especially secular Tom Bona says in the with them reams She s four day at the man for education. No sovereign What exactly? My camel. Let me correct that. Okay? They day mark a Bill Marshall holding yourself, um, only credential perspective looking bone, her shiny. Can you see him? Ah, what seem coffee mug. Blame luck even has a pen. But the move from the problem is that they react. Come on. A delicate balance matchmaker on the whole team. Well, I'm shift Love. The secretary's man. Okay. Yes. Hello, Paul. Perspective of mush Sam. Applicants took me of Charlotte. I am a camel. A fair perspective. The room, she said. Um, a better mechanic. Scallop Licata, Kit Mona. Can my beloved national courts a famosa? And as is the Watcher like Adele's Lima camera, Tom thought Masalha iPad. As Bonner said, the Crimson cemented Mona. 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