iOS Design III: Prototyping & Testing | Kara Hodecker | Skillshare

iOS Design III: Prototyping & Testing

Kara Hodecker, Product Design Leader

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7 Lessons (37m)
    • 1. Intro & Class Project

    • 2. Prep for Prototyping

    • 3. Write a User Testing Script

    • 4. Build a Prototype

    • 5. Recruit Users & Run Tests

    • 6. Review & Evaluate Results

    • 7. Iterate & Final Thoughts


About This Class

Welcome to the final lesson in this three part series of iOS design classes. Throughout this series we’ve covered the basics of user experience design, interaction and visual design, all as they pertain to designing for mobile. Now that you’ve gained the knowledge and tools to create a beautiful and intuitive app, you’ll put your designs to the test with real users. At the end of the series, you should feel confident in your iOS design skills with the tools and techniques you’ve learned.

This class is great for designers of any skill level. In this class, you’ll learn how to use InVision for prototyping, so no prior experience is necessary.

What You’ll Learn

In the third and final class of the series, I’ll walk you through how to use InVision to create a click-through prototype of the app you’ve designed in the previous two classes. Topics we will cover include:  

  • How to prepare for your prototype. You’ll create an InVision account and save out the screens you’ll use to create the prototype.
  • Writing a user testing script. You’ll set the stage for your testers and determine what flows you’d like to test.
  • Building a prototype. You’ll get step-by-step instructions on how to easily put together a click-through prototype.
  • Recruiting users and running tests. Let’s see how your hard work has paid off! You’ll learn how to conduct testing and who your users should be.
  • Evaluating your results. Learn guidelines for evaluation, key takeaways, and your next steps for the success of your app.

What You’ll Make

This project for the entire series will be to create your own travel app or rethink an existing one. For this third class, your deliverable will be a click-through prototype of your iPhone app. You’ll also write a script to guide your user testers through your prototype.

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Kara Hodecker

Product Design Leader

I'm currently designing at Panorama Education in Boston, MA. Previously, I spent five and half years at Evernote, where I led a team of product designers who were responsible for the core app experiences for both mobile and desktop. Prior to that, I had the opportunity to work with some incredibly talented designers at Yahoo!, Odopod, and Hunt & Gather.

Outside of work, my time is spent balancing between being with my two daughters and my patient husband, and pushing myself in Cro...

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