iOS App Development - Beginner to Published in 2018 ✅

Grant Klimaytys, Former Google Engineer

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43 Lessons (4h 54m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. How to Install Xcode and iOS Simulators

    • 3. Setting up and running our first project (yes, really that soon!)

    • 4. Why do you need to create a beautiful app on iOS?

    • 5. What exactly is a beautiful iOS app?

    • 6. Looking at Apples handy app guidelines

    • 7. Defining a User eXperience (UX) and creating our own

    • 8. Experimenting with Xcode 7 and Storyboards

    • 9. Designing the main screen (View Controller)

    • 10. Adding colour to the main screen of an iOS app

    • 11. How to add images to navigation bar button items on iOS

    • 12. Creating the Add RSS Feed screen in Storyboards

    • 13. Creating the Edit RSS Feeds screen in Storyboards

    • 14. Creating the View RSS Feed item screen in Storyboards

    • 15. How to connect Storyboard objects to a Swift code base using outlets

    • 16. What is a data model?

    • 17. Understanding RSS feeds before creating the models

    • 18. Creating the Feed and FeedItem models

    • 19. What options are there for data storage on iOS

    • 20. Installing an SQLite database framework in Xcode 7 from GitHub

    • 21. Creating the FeedDataHelper class

    • 22. Testing the SQLite database connection in Xcode 7

    • 23. Adding a feed via the 'Add Feed' view controller

    • 24. Explaining the table view and it's table source (UItableView and UITableSource)

    • 25. How to create a UITableViewCell for a UITableView

    • 26. Populating the feeds table with our cells

    • 27. Deleting an item from a table view row. AKA - slide to Delete in a table view

    • 28. Disabling app transport security (and introduction to Info.plist)

    • 29. Getting our RSS Feed Items

    • 30. Creating the cell for our RSS Feed Items table view

    • 31. Populating the RSS Feed Items list view

    • 32. Handling a click on the Feed Items list

    • 33. Why we need to debug iOS apps

    • 34. App monetizaton strategies for iOS apps

    • 35. How to implement Google Ads in an iOS app

    • 36. How to create an app icon for iOS apps

    • 37. How to create a launch screen for an iOS app

    • 38. How to sign up for an Apple developer account

    • 39. How to set up an app within your Apple Developer account

    • 40. How to prepare an iTunes Connect app store listing - Basics

    • 41. How to prepare an iTunes Connect app store listing - Images

    • 42. How to compile, sign and submit an app to the App store

    • 43. Final lecture with 1 final task

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Project Description

Post your own app screenshot!

I will take you from beginner to COMPLETELY published on the App Store. NO OTHER COURSE takes you all the way through the process.

-----------Review of this course--------------

I am a beginner in iOS development with very little programing experience and I thought this course was awesome because it is easy to follow and actually goes through the whole process. The app demo built in this course is actually a real app you can download on the App Store.


Stop buying 'How to code 100 iOS apps in 10 days' courses...

There is so much more to iOS app development than just code after code tutorial!

That's why I created this iOS app development course! No other Xcode or Swift app development course takes you from beginner (with no experience) to published. They only show you 'How to develop an iOS app', wth no reference to all the other parts such as:

  • Signing an iOS app
  • Becoming an Apple developer
  • Installing Apple development certificates
  • Submitting an app to Apple for review
  • Marketing your iOS app through the app listing

Join this course and you will learn all of the above and more!

This course is for you if you want to: 

  • Learn the Apple iOS development process - from complete beginner to App Store publishing (no-one else does this, they only show 'how to code' app tutorials)
  • Get paid $100 - $150 per hour to make apps for paying clients
  • Create your own wildly popular apps
  • See the whole iOS development process as it really is.
  • Have a real iOS app you can release on the App Store under your own account


This course is not for you if:

  • You are an expert or intermediate iOS programmer


What makes this course different?

It reveals the true nature of app development - an involved process with many design and usability iterations. Top clients (those with money) will expect a certain level of professionalism and do not mind large bills to match if you bring them value.

That's why you should take this course, it gives you far more than just iOS app coding skills. It makes you competent in other areas such as:

  • iOS app graphical design
  • iOS app user experience
  • Ability to estimate how much time you'll spend making an app

What of you need the above?

Clients will pay far more money if you can show you're a complete package!

For example, my last invoice amounted to £18,000 for a simple, unpublished version 1 iOS app written in Swift. It was paid off immediately with the App project manager commenting 'great value and cheaper than large studios'. He loved it because we had gone through several design stages beforehand, allowing him to get exactly what he envisioned.

If I had simply presented my 'app coding abilities' I would have only been able to charge one third of that amount.

The reality is that making beautiful apps allows you to charge far more and produce fantastic looking work.

That work becomes your calling card, with clients seeking you out instead of the other way around.

The extras you get when taking this course:

  • I break down some industry guidelines you should follow when creating an app (hint: we borrow from other creative industries).
  • You learn to think outside the box, giving you an advantage over all your competitors
  • A good basic grounding in iOS Xcode app development (and the Swift language)
  • An app you can actually publish yourself!


Follow the course and post a screenshot of your finished project!

Feel free to experiment with colors and show off your finished product here!

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