iOS 10 Applications : No more Storyboards! | Samarth Paboowal | Skillshare

iOS 10 Applications : No more Storyboards!

Samarth Paboowal, iOS Developer

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17 Videos (2h 41m)
    • No Storyboard - UILabel in iOS 10

    • No Storyboard - UITextField in iOS 10

    • No Storyboard - UIButton in iOS 10

    • No Storyboard - UIPickerView in iOS 10

    • No Storyboard - UIImageView in iOS 10

    • No Storyboard - UITableView 1 in iOS 10

    • No Storyboard - UITableView 2 in iOS 10

    • No Storyboard - UICollectionView 1 in iOS 10

    • No Storyboard - UICollectionView 2 in iOS 10

    • No Storyboard - UICollectionView 3 in iOS 10

    • Creating View for our Text Editor - Part 1

    • Creating View for our Text Editor - Part 2

    • Creating View for our Text Editor - Part 3

    • Creating View for our Text Editor - Part 4

    • Adding Line Number tracking to our Text Editor

    • Implementing Font Size Functionality to our Text Editor

    • Implementing Font Color Functionality to our Text Editor


About This Class

Each and Every course on iOS Development will teach you to build applications using Storyboards! But the fact is that more than 70% of the successful and big applications have been made without using Storyboards. Let's come together and learn iOS Development at a newer and higher level to make yourself ready for building complex applications.

iOS 10 Applications : No more Storyboards! has just one GOAL - to make you the best iOS Developer so that you can get you DREAM Job or become a Freelance iOS Developer.

Do You Want To Create Your Own iPhone and iPad iOS 10 Apps but are not sure where to start or even begin? Are you ready to jump right into the exciting world of mobile development but have little or no programming experience? Then this is the perfect course for you!

This course will teach you each and every aspect of iOS development both for iPhones and iPads.

  • Variables and Constants
  • Conditionals, Functions, Loops
  • Arrays and Dictionaries
  • Optionals, Classes and Objects
  • Autolayout
  • Table Views
  • Collection Views and many more!





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Samarth Paboowal

iOS Developer

CODING is my Passion first, hobby second and job third!

I am Full Stack Developer from last two years and I love building scalable web applications and modern websites with new technologies.I started with my web development with PHP and then I moved on to FULL Stack JavaScript which basically includes MEAN STACK.

MEAN => MongoDB as a database, ExpressJs as server framework, AngularJs as front-end framework and NodeJs for backend work.

My aim is to teach each and everyone ...

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