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iMovie for iPhone - Video editing at home

teacher avatar Brian Garcia, Wedding, commercial & real estate films

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

13 Lessons (44m)
    • 1. Welcome

    • 2. Step 1 Photo App

    • 3. Step 2 iMovie Overview

    • 4. Step 3 Import Clips

    • 5. Step 4 Trim Button

    • 6. Step 5 Speed Button

    • 7. Step 6 Transitions

    • 8. Step 7 Sound Button

    • 9. Step 8 Text Button

    • 10. Step 9 Filters

    • 11. Step 10 Ken Burns

    • 12. Step 11 Trailer

    • 13. Conclusion & Project

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About This Class

Learn how to edit on your phone using the iMovie app.

If you're a small business owner and need to consistently keep pushing video content for social media sites, this course will help you make simple videos and edit them just using your phone. I'll walk you through these simple steps from basic trimming and splitting clips, then we can do tricks with adjusting speed and adding effects. Follow my course and my skillshare profile so I can keep you updated with all the next courses here in skillshare.

Some of these lessons have course projects you can download to help you follow along. Download any of these files to help you get through them.

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Step 4 - Trim Button

Step 5 - Speed Button

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Brian Garcia

Wedding, commercial & real estate films


Connect with me:

YouTube: Brian Garcia

Instagram: @briangarciaproductions

I've been making films since 2008 and now I'm a high school video production teacher. I've done numerous productions, won several awards and I still want to keep learning. I'm originally from the Northern California, but now I'm in Southern California where I work and hope to continue making films in the Inland Empire. I'm well rounded when it comes to film production but I'm very knowledgable with cinematography and editing with Final Cut Pro X.

When I first got into film school, I looked up to film directors like Christopher Nolan, Martin Scorsese, James Cameron, and Spike Lee. While I was attending San Diego State University, studying in Television, Film & New Media: P... See full profile

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1. Welcome: you want to start editing movies from home, all you need is I movie and a good idea What's going on. My name's Brian Gersi. I'm a wedding filmmaker, also high school video production teacher, and we are following the stay at home order, which means I am documenting a lot of important memories from home and creating beautiful highlights. I'll show you how to edit and polish professional videos while you're documenting some of the most important moments from home. And if you're a small business owner, you need to keep pushing content out on your social media consistently but can't hire a professional filmmaker. You can get the skills over here to produce a short highlight. Now go ahead and download the I movie up on your phone and start thinking about the day to day activities you're doing at home that you can start reporting. And I'll be honest with you. This is not going to be a two or three hour course that's gonna get too technical. This is just gonna be enough for beginners to get comfortable with my movie on your phone. This is not a super lengthy course. I'm going to get straight to the point at the end of this video, I will show you a highlight that I create on my movie and all the steps I took to get there . I also do have some project files over here that you can download, and I will show you how you can transfer this to your phone. This is optional, and you are able to use your own footage if you'd like. So whenever you're ready and rolling my course and follow my profile after your toe with the course of start creating your one minute video from home, I'm gonna show you an example What I did as I'm following the stay at home order. I filmed this with my iPhone. I edited this on the high movie. So after you're done watching this video, let's get started with the course here. 2. Step 1 Photo App: If you have any video clips in your heart, you have arrested card. I'll show you had a chance for those files to your iPhone, and the first edit will make us from your photo app. So let's go over here right to my computer. The's air, the raw clips for center and Jerry already finished the highlight for them, but I know some of you guys want to share some bloopers to friends and family. Let's say I am the client and I wanna pick this clip over here. Let me hit Space Bar to preview it. No, no, no, todo It's cool. So I'm going to transfer this to my iPhone. But I did notice the beginning, and the end is a little shaky, so we'll edit that on the iPhone photo. Uh, let's right click, Go to share. Go to airdrop. Once you find your phone, let's remind gonna pop up. I have my phone open for it to come up, so I click on it and on my phone, I am going to accept it and give it a couple of seconds to copy it over. All right, so now let's go to my phone. If you don't have an apple computer. That's okay. You still use a PC? Just transfer your files to Google Drive and from your apple iPhone Used download, Google Drive app. And from there you can dello videophiles. So right now I'm using my photo up. I can tap on it to see my options Over here. I can click the sound bar and play the video. No, no, no. Tell her something telling thing. That's been maker one of kids. You're telling me that the maker wanna kiss you Go ahead. A mom, all the baggage, that baggage. Okay. So I could drag the bottom part. I can see it's a little bit shaky, so I'm going to replay that part. It's for a few seconds. No, no, not removed out. Partners. Shaky someone on this end of but over here, make sure this camera here is selective. You're having the same view as me. And in the bottom of, like, drag this air a little bit to the left. I'm trimming the beginning a little bit. Tell her something talking to make her wanna kiss. You talk a little bit of the added a little bit from right there. all right, Now, if I am done, I played done over here. I need to save it as a new cliff, and you'll still keep your original tip on your phone, but I don't need it. So I'm just going to say the video as it is and that now I can play it. So I'm gonna go ahead and play, and then I'll tap on the screen just so I could see it on the full screen teller. Something to make her. Wanna kiss you telling me you want to kiss You, um, are holding a bag of chips, baby, I'm on that bag of chips. Cool. So that's real simple. I just tripped. And I can always upload this on social media if I want. Now in the next video, we're going straight into my movies, so let's get right into it. 3. Step 2 iMovie Overview: Here's a brief overview of the eye movie workspace. If you look here on the question, work on the top right, this will open up told tips around the screen to help provide information for each bite. Click on any of those tool tips, and the papa will provide more information about that tip. All precedent Together. Now we'll create a new project by pressing this plus button. You have the option to create a movie from scratch or a trailer that has a template ready for you. I personally like to create from scribes, so we'll click on the movie button. You'll be directed to your photo app. Just click on the photos you want to import his leg so I'll just pick a few, like maybe three or four. I'm looking for the ones with this camera labeled on the corner. The other ones with the circle were filmed in slow motion. If you accidentally clicked on a video that you don't want, you can easily click on it again to de select. I'll show you an example over here when you have all your clip selected a click great movie here in the bottom to import these selected clips. This is the timeline where you edit your movie. You can quickly navigate to the beginning by pressing and dragon towards the left side. So the play it is in the beginning of your project to preview what you have so far. Click this play button. All right, go, go, go, go. Okay, I'll go ahead and pause that tap. Any cliff to reveal the control handles. Drug either side of the yellow handle to trim a clip. I'll go ahead and trim the beginning of this clip and on the previous clip, trim the end of that one. It's all cut it a little bit shorter. You can also rearrange the clips. I'll tap and drag this clip towards the beginning so it starts from here. Now, once you feel like you're done arranging and trimming your clips, go ahead and click on this done. But over here you'll be directed to this new screen over here, And if you click on my movie, you can reading May. I'll call this bike ride fund in the bottom. You have three options. You can click this play button to view your video. Full screen screen presses expert in to close it in the middle. You have the arrow icon to export the video. You can share the movie directly to your social media accounts or done here if you put the same video, but in this will save it directly to your photos app. You'll have different export options, but it's always best to get the highest quality. Unless you're trying to save memory space, I'll just fast for wellness exporting once it shows them with us exports. Your photo library. Just click OK before I get out of here. Just want to show you the trash bin. This will delete the entire project. Now let's click on this Project tab so you can see your saving projects. Here are the projects in my browser overview. Now go home and click on the photos out. I'll go ahead and click on the video. I'll play it and I'll get the audio. So this was a quick overview. How to edit your own videos from home using a movie on your iPhone, And at least you get to document some moments with your family and friends, especially at a time like now. 4. Step 3 Import Clips: Now I'll show you an alternative way to import clips. Let's start over again their projects Page and click the plus button to start new project All select movie to start my draft from scratch. I don't want to select the entire flip anymore. So on the top, right of the screen, click the media, but you have options over here. Had to navigate through your phone, but I'm gonna go ahead and click on video. Each clip expands across the screen with thumbnails in between. I want to find some B roll saw scrolled through until I find something that catches my attention. I know I have some flowers somewhere down here so I can get struck over here. Okay, so once you find a good that you want, go ahead and select it. You'll see two options over here, either the play button or the select button and avoid and click the Playboy interview it. I shot this one in slow motion, and I like the B roll of flowers, so use this club all selected again to stop playing. You'll notice when I have this clip selected. The trim handles are displayed on the edges. You can start trimming some other clubs before you imported by dragging the trim handles. I just want to trim the beginning at the end of this clip because it's more smooth in the middle of it. If I want this portion of the clip present, check mark Button to select it. Now I can still keep looking for other clips to select. I like this one with the Easter eggs all the way to select that a pop up will appear and I'll play it to review the clip. As you can see that clips with a circle here on the bottom left corner means this is in slow motion. Also, like the clip again to stop playing, I'll trim a little bit of the beginning of the end, so grab these trim handles and bring it in once again. If you find a clip that you like, go ahead, impress the check mark to select it. Hopefully, you come a couple of shots that you like and you'll notice on your phone that lawyer selected clips have an orange bar. I'll show you one more example, since I like this shot with the flowers gin when you have your clip selected ago Heading to create movie to start your project, Here's my three selected clips in my timeline. If you want to add any more clips, go ahead and click the plus button. You have more options to add audio more footage from your camera or you can add voiceover. Look on audio so I can show you these options. I movie has a good library of sound effects you can always use over here on my music. You'll have music from your own phone that he already saved. I'll show you the soundtrack, so click here. All of this music is world to free music that comes with my movie. If you never clicked on any of these soundtracks, you'll need to press here to download the music first, that you can click the thumbnail to preview it things like this one over here because I kind of have that eighties beat to it and the oppressive plus. But it's important. Once you imported your music, go ahead and press the play button to review it. I actually have music saved on my phone, so I'm gonna click on this plus button again and I'll click on audio to go back, I'll click over here on my music and over here under imported. I have some songs that I imported in my phone. So I'm going to stop this real quick cause I want to go back and show you how I added these songs to my phone in the first place. So keep your phone open just for a few seconds. There's plenty of different options of doing this. I'm just gonna go back in time just to show you how I originally put the song into my phone . I'm back over here on my computer. I have a couple of songs in my hard drive. So on that song, I'm going to select it and then I'm gonna right click it. I'm gonna go to share and select Airdrop. I'm gonna pull out my phone. Once I have it open, it's gonna come up. And I selected over here, which is the real gee, I'm going to accept it, and I'm gonna get a pop up and out of all these options, I'm the select I'm movie. And once you insert that song into any of your project is always gonna be saved on your phone. So I was just going back in time just to show you how I originally wrote the song into my phone. Let's go back into what we're currently working on right now. I'll preview this really quick and oppressive plus button to insert the audio clip. And here are the few options I gave you to import audio and video into your timeline. All right, so by now you should already have some video and music added into your eye Movie timeline. 5. Step 4 Trim Button: Now I'm going to show you the trim button. But before I do that, I have a couple of clips from a fitness gym that you can download to follow along. The video clips should be available to download below. I showed you in previous lessons had a transfer these clips to your phone. You are also free to use your own clips. I just had to suggest that you get some shots of someone being interviewed and more shots showing the details around your location now dragged through this time way so I can show you the clip of someone being interviewed. And the rest of the clips are the detail shots of people working out. Now go back to the beginning. I already give you a brief overview of the workspace on previous lessons. I showed you how to play the video. I show you how to add media, and if you click done, this will send you back to the projects. This is the undue va, and seeking always press here to reverse any mistakes. I'll go ahead and play the video and rolling. So one of my absolute favorite things about I want to trim my voice in the beginning of this clip, Go ahead and select it. This over here is the trim. But as long as this is highlighted, you'll see the trim handles and these other options. Here, let's first you the trim handles to remove my voice. I'll bring this in right before she starts talking. I'll play this to review it. So one of my absolute favorite things about this particular work out the slow pace that we do since we moved so slow in here, it offers you the ability to really connect to your body and your mind. I can use that moment where she pauses to split the clip. Go ahead and collect it. We'll start using these trim options over here. The 1st 1 will split the video to two clips. Go ahead and press the split button. This video is now split into two clips. I need to find someone working out slowly like, she says in the interview. I have a couple shots over here. People working out, press holding, drugs clip down. The timeline will move this clip right here. Why split the other video? Now let's check out your mind. So when you're in this, So I'm gonna grab a couple more clips of people working out. She's talking about slow movements. I want to get shots that relate to what she's talking about. I need to review this clip a little bit because I know towards the end it got a little bit shaky, so I need to trim that right about there. All right, I'm gonna grab one more clip of people working out. I think three clips is good enough. I'll turn that one a little bit. All right, that's good enough. Let's girl this back to the beginning When she's doing the interview, go ahead and select the clip because I want to show the detached option. Now we want to detach the video from the audio because we can trim the video clip a little bit so the audio extends out and we can get some voiceover. Make sure your clip is selected and pressed. Attached. No trim. The video closed down a little bit. They're blue. Bar is the audio, and that's rolling over the next clip. Let's review this so I can show you the voiceover. The slow pace do since we moved so slow in here, It offers you the ability to really connect to your body and your mind. This is where the voiceover it cuts off. Let's do the same thing with the second half of the interview. Make sure the video is selected and pressed attached. I'll trim this down so the audio can barely touch the previous audio clip, and that's close enough right there. All right, so you see a talking head. You see some B roll while there's voice over and then talking yet again is going to review this. You're so when you're in this room, we're not moving quickly. We're not jumping around. We're taking things really slow, so you could feel absolutely everything that's happening in your bony. You could focus on your form. You can focus on your pace. You could focus on your breath. And when you have a question, there's always an instructor there for you. It's one instructor for 10 clients, So over here she's talking about the instructor, and I have that clip right after this one. Let's trim down the end of this video. So the voice over control over the following clip. Now I have this clip of the instructor on the treatment down a little bit cause I know it was shaking the beginning in the end of the video. That's good enough right over there. So let's go back and review this video. So one of my absolute favorite things about this particular workout is the slow pace that we do. Since we moved so slow in here, it offers you the ability to really connect to your body and your mind. So when you're in this room, we're not moving quickly. We're not jumping around. We're taking things really slow, so you could feel absolutely everything that's happening in your body. You could focus on your form. You can focus on your face. You can focus on your breath. And when you have a question, there's always an instructor there for you. It's one instructor for 10 clients, so we're always there for you to give you that individual attention, and that's good enough to showcase a small business. I'll show you the other trim options that we didn't use. Go ahead and select any clip you'll see over here. Have the duplicate and the delete option to book it will make a copy of the same clip. I personally don't see myself ever using that. So when I press that, you'll see a copy of the same clip right after this one. And over here is the delete button, in case you want to get rid of that clip. Remember, if you made any mistakes throughout this tutorial, you can always press this. Undo buying. That's it for this lesson. Hopefully, you have enough information to start a project from home. Now let's move on to the next lesson. 6. Step 5 Speed Button: now show you the speed, but you can use these clips if you want. They are available to Della below. If you decide to use your own clips, use one clip at normal speed and three other clips in slow motion so you can follow along. I'll show you what I have over here. My first clip was shot at normal speed, and these other three cliffs were shot in slow motion. I have a pushing shot of this office base, a glider shot of the playhouse and another push in through these leaves. You'll notice how much space these clips. Philip the timeline. If I use two fingers to pension that timeline I consumed now, now I have you all my clips inside the timeline. I can also use my two fingers of push outwards to zoom in the timeline. I'll go to the beginning to review the first clip. I'm going to zoom in just a little bit more because I want to turn the beginning and the end of that clip. I just want some shots of the leaves flying by the camera with this shot still selected, Click on the speed, but and below you have these three options over here, you can either freeze it at it or reset it. Drag the slider towards the left, where you see that picture of the turtle. Remember, this was shot in normal speed. I'll show you what happens when we play it in Slow Mo. You'll notice it's a little bit choppy. Moving this back to one next will run the clip at normal speed. What if I adjust the speed two times faster? It might look a little bit better. Think it looks better seeing the leaves quickly Flight to the camera. This next clip was shot in slow motion. You can see this is not choppy. Over here, I'll click on this clip. Over here is a clip range, which I'll explain more in a few minutes when you record in slow motion on your phone in the middle of the cliff ranges in slow motion and the beginning starts off at normal speed . Also, girl towards the end to show you the last clip range, which is also at normal speed. The's clipping just can always be adjusted. If you see over here, it's at normal speed, and in the middle you'll see it's a lot slower. If you click this reset button and it'll clear out the clip range and the video will run at normal speed, let's go back so we can check it out. I'll trim the beginning and end, since this will be a long clip. When I move it back to slow motion, I need to go back to impress the trim. But now press the speed but in and adjust the speed. I'll bring this lighter all the way to the left to decrease it. If I replay that video, it will be a lot more smooth than my previous clip. That's also because I shot it in slow motion and it doesn't start off fast or into fast, all right, I just wanted to show you the reset button with that clip, So let's move on to the next video. I want to trim this little bit and I want to add a free spring to this clip. First, I'll make sure the trim, but in this elected and I'll trim the beginning of this clip. Now go ahead and trim the end of the clip. I think I trimmed enough over here. So now make sure it's elected and press the speed. But let's review this because I want to see it. We're gonna freeze the frame. Go ahead. Impress the freeze button. The clip ranges showing what's frozen. If I click on this clip range, this is the part that's in slow motion. Image will pause right over here and you'll see as it goes to the next part of the clip range. It starts moving again. Let's go to the last clip Now, over here I have a pushing going past these leaves and you get to the playground in the background. Select the cliff and make sure your plate is somewhere in the middle. That flip press ad. We just added a clip range. I want this last. Have to stay slow motion and I want to work with the beginning half. Make sure the first half of the clip ranges selected, and let's be this up all the way. Now we're gonna have speed ramping, so it's gonna come in fast and slow down, right with you can grab the speed ramp handles and extend a little bit further so you can take it more of the video. Now if I pull this out just a little bit more. The speed will change just right about here. So let me show you the difference now. So I showed you this earlier. But here's the recent, but it'll reset everything to normal speed. And that's how you had just the speed. There's plenty of options you can do with that. Whenever you're ready, let's move on to the next lesson. 7. Step 6 Transitions: Let's get into the transitions. But let's review this. First, you'll notice the default transition is that cross dissolve. Go ahead and select a transition. The first thing I want to show you that you have controlled the time you wanted to dissolve . I'm gonna click two seconds. Just something dissolved last little bit longer. Now let's check it out. Most of my shots I just want some simple cuts over here. If you click on none, it will just be a simple cut just in between the two shots. The one over here next to it is Theme will have some custom templates that you can use for your transitions. Tap on the settings button over here. Here's the theme options. I have any UN selected. I'll go ahead and click on News. Click Done and we get See others. Transition plays out. Now that was a quick transition. Remember, you can always adjust speed for this one, too. Let's go ahead and click on the settings button over here on Project Filter. You can also add a filter on any of the transitions that I might not make much of a difference on some of those. Go ahead and select any of them and click done. Now go back and show you any other rent and theme just so you can see the difference. Is there all custom made templates that are reinstalled in my movie? I'll try out in the young. I actually think some of these air pretty cool. So let's go into the next one will try out the slide. Slight actually inserts the cliff inside the frame, and I'll show you the white transition. The difference with this one of that. You don't see this shot inserting into the viewer. I personally don't see myself using the slider white, but I do use the fate a lot like this one, because it will fade into black and faint back into the next shot. But faded to black was a little too quick for me, so I changed it to two seconds so can kind of use in a little bit better. I like that transition better because it's not so abrupt. I'll show you some other options that you can do with the overall video, so go ahead and click on any of the transitions and click on the settings button. You can have your whole video, fade in from black or have it fade out to black. I'll show you an example. So go ahead and turn on faith in From Black and turn on fadeout to black. Click Done. Let's go to the beginning so I can show you how it feeds into the shot. Now show you how it fades out to black towards the end. Now go ahead and click on any of the transitions and click on the settings button with any of these templates selected. Go ahead and click on Themes soundtrack. You can select any of these things over here. No, play the music based on that theme. Click done. Let's review it. I personally don't like using any of the music in the theme section, so I'm gonna go back to the settings but in and de select team soundtracked. So there's a few options here in the project settings. Now let's click done to go back out of all of these transitions. The ones I commonly use are these three. None dissolved and faith. You can also amuse the sound over here, and each transition will have its own sound effects. And that's how you had just all the transitions. Now, whenever you're ready, let's go on to our next lesson 8. Step 7 Sound Button: you may have noticed the destructing sound that still in the shot. So this lesson I'm gonna show you the sound. Blaine, let's review this clip. I want to completely remove the audio, so let's move back to the beginning. Select the clip and make sure the audio. But in the selected, you have the option to adjust the audio if you like, or you can tap them, you but in over here and will mute the audio for all the clips. All right, remember for the last lesson. We had audio on the transition, so we'll go ahead and get that way need to and music to this video. I showed you how to add music and step one, but I'll do a brief recap again. Selected Import media. But click the audio category down here. You can play around with these three different categories to explore a little bit. I showed you earlier how important music from my hard drive. So I'll go ahead and click on my music and I'll click on my imported music. I've already done my research or what kind of music I want to pick. So I'm gonna use this one over here I'll press the left side of that clip to preview it. I'll press the plus, but into imported. Now we can check out the music and the video together. That's just a quick preview of the music and video together. Go ahead and click on your music clip. You can also adjust the cell levels in this music clip. I'm going to skip that for now, so let's go ahead and press the fate. But and here's the fate handle. You can bring that in if you want to fade the music in, and I personally do not need it, so I'm gonna bring it back out. But I do need to face the music out at the end of the video. Let's move towards the end. Select the music clip and you'll see the fate handle. Let's bring that in a little bit so the music fade out. You also have the trim, but over here, if you press it, you'll see the trim handles. You can turn the music if you like. I personally don't need it, so I'm gonna bring it back out. Now we can review how the music vato. I like the way that smoothly faded out. Let's go back to the beginning. Just so. Review a little bit of it. And that's how you have just the sound and the music. Go ahead and play with that with some of your own videos, and whenever you're ready, let's go on to the next lesson. 9. Step 8 Text Button: Now I'll show you the text. But if you have that fitness project we worked on in a previous lesson, go ahead and open that up. Otherwise, you can follow along with any of your own projects. Once you have that open, we're gonna go ahead this girl towards the last clip. Go ahead and select it. Make sure you have the textbook and selected and you'll see the title styles you have over here. I'm gonna pick the text that has a line in the middle of it. I'll call this mantra fitness. Now you get to see how slow I type here on the iPhone went. I'm done typing mantra on the top portion. I'm gonna go ahead and select the bottom portion and type fitness. When I'm finished, I'll click done tap outside the title style to dismiss them, and we can review it now. Give you individual. You can see it out of the sound effect. If you select the clip again with the title style selected, you can press the mute button. Now we can review it again without that sound effect, always there for you to give you that individual attention. So that's one way to add titles. Let's go to the beginning to the very first clip. Go ahead and select it. Make sure you have the text button selected over here. You notice there's a center and lower button over here. I'm gonna show you how that works. I'm gonna click the standard text all type instructor to identify her. You can put like a person's name if you like. You want to clear out the top layers, so I'm going to select it. Professor X to clear it out Now click Done. Together, we want to bring the text to the lower third, so we're in the bottom. Click lower now. The text has moved to the lower thirds. Let's go ahead and review that. My absolute favorite things about this particular workout is the slow. Please do all right. I am Movie will let you do some simple text over here on your phone. Go ahead and play with that for a little bit. And whenever you're ready, let's move on to the next lesson. 10. Step 9 Filters: Now we're going to look at the filters. Select any of your clips. This last button over here is a filter button. Go ahead and tap that I movie include the number of video filtered you can use to enhance the look of the clip. Go ahead and select any filter to preview it in the viewer. The one that I currently use the most is dreamy. Kind of like how it takes away of the saturation a little bit. You get Tep outside the filters to close it, and I'm gonna go ahead and preview this. I like the way that looks over there. So I'm gonna go ahead and select this next one and change this one too dreamy as well. You do have the option to select him by each clip, or you can change the filters by the whole project. I'll show you how to do that. In a minute. You can select individual clips to maintain its original look. So on this one, I'm gonna change this one to none. Now we're gonna filter the entire project, go ahead and click on the settings, but in thes they're all the same filters over here. I'm gonna click on vintage just to change it up. Click done. You'll notice the cliff that I haven't touched yet. Have the new vintage filter. I'll show you why the 1st 2 clips haven't changed. So select this clip over here earlier I clicked nine, which means this is deli selection, Aiken de Select this so it has the same look as the entire project. Now you can see it has the same vintage. Look at the other clips. Now I'll go back to my first clip, and I could do so like the filter that I have on here. So here's different options that you can do with the filters. So go ahead and play around that filters on your own videos. If you like the original colors, you can always go back to your settings button and change it all back to nine. All right, that's it for this video. Whenever you're ready, let's move on to the next lesson. 11. Step 10 Ken Burns: Okay, So if you have any photos, go ahead and insert that in right now. This will only work for still images, not videos. Now I'm gonna show you an example. Here I have this one selected, and it shows Ken Burns enabled you can either select tinge to position to start or a pinch to position the end. Use two fingers to pinch the screen into zoom out of the fewer or push out ism in and it will end or start from right there. For me. This is my ending point. When they click Pinched a physician from Start, I go back to the beginning and I can see my starting point. So the video's gonna start from here, and it's gonna end where I left it off when I zoomed in. Now you'll see on the next photos. If I don't adjust them, I'm movie will animate them itself, using the Ken Burns. If you don't want the Ken Burns, go ahead and select it and click Ken Burns enabled. Now it is disabled. And here's a little bit of a history lesson of who is Ken Burns? He is a documentary filmmaker. He takes photos and he has moving images in the style of filmmaking. So now they use this on final Cut pro and over here in my movie, I'm sure you got a lot of photos on your phone. Go ahead and play with us yourself. And whenever you're ready, let's move on to the next lesson. 12. Step 11 Trailer: all right, so the trailer project could be pretty fun if you're doing it with your family. It's not something I would recommend doing for a professional film production, but I wanted to show you this just so you can play with it a little bit at home. Click on the Import Media, But now we'll use I movie templates. So tap on trailer you'll have all these templates over here to choose from. I think just for the fun of this video, I'm just gonna choose scary. Just a shining example. Once you have your selected click create, you'll have the choice to edit the outline, text of the video or the storyboard pictures of the video that was going to play to review it. Okay, we'll stop it right there. I'll give you a brief overview how to change the text. I'll click on the text next to movie name, and I'll just call it something simple, like 14 Life. This is just to show you how to edit the text over here. I can change the studio name. I can change a logo style. You could put anyone's name here on the credits, and after you're done, editing the text. Go ahead and click. Done. You can be creative and edit the rest of the text. However you like. I'm just gonna cut it short. What we hear, just like it, shoot the main parts of the sectorial. Once you're done editing the text in the outline section, you can go ahead and press storyboard. You can click any of these dumb nails to add a video clip from your phone. You can also see the duration of how long each clip will play in the shop. So all of this is showing you where each shots could be placed inside the video. Click on the first time. They'll I added some video clips here in my favorites, even though it's recommending that I pull up a medium shot for this. I'm just pulling up some random clips that I could show you how to import from my phone. You can also see after I add a clip, I can add another part of that same clip. Theo Trim handles is showing you which part of that clip has been selected. I'm just tapping on these random thumbnails just for the purpose of this tutorial. Once again, that orange bar over here will show you which ones have been selected. And just so you're not the Reese, like the same clip again, you can also test the photos, but in tow at photos from your phone. I put food over here. My fair is probably just to make you hungry. And once again, I'm just selecting random photos just to fill up the trailer. So I'm not gonna finish up all the clips. I'm pretty sure you got the legit of this when complete click done. So the text on any of these can also be edited. I'll just happen the blue bar just to make some changes. Just remember, all the text that you're typing here is gonna show up in your trailer. All right? I didn't make a masterpiece, but I'll just review this just so you could see the changes. No. Okay, if you're having a hard time editing in this little space, you can expand your storyboard or outlined by pressing here. And when you're done, you're gonna press the same button to collapse it. All right. I know that was a little bit silly, but the purpose of this wasn't to show you a masterpiece. But I hope you didn't learn how to edit on your trailers. And you can have fun with this, even air own home. While you're quarantine as well. That's about it For now. When you're ready, let's move on to the final conclusion. 13. Conclusion & Project: while you made it this far, and I want to say congratulations. The next thing I want to see his community building. Usually when I create a course, I just see the number of students in here, but I don't get to engage with them enough. So go to the discussion section and start a conversation. Ask the question or leave a comment. Anything related to this tutorial and I'll be happy to respond back. And don't forget to follow my skills sharp profile because I'm always updating more courses . Now here's your assignment. If you have time to do this, please do this at home cause this is how you gonna remember all the information that I just provided. In this course, you will create a one minute video showing the day to day activities going on at home. If you have any other ideas of another one minute video, you could make go ahead and do that, too. And when the stay at home order has been lifted, I'm talking to my future students. I'm sure you might have some other creative ideas and videos you made from your phone and edit it on my movie, and I want you to share that over here to include your project over here. So the rest of the students here in skill share could start generating ideas of what they could do from home. I'm also a high school video production teacher, but the difference with this is that I don't have to great you guys, but I do want to see your projects. Now that we're getting towards the end, I want to show you this video that I shared on my instagram. And some people message me thinking that this was done on final cut pro. So here is proof by watching my timeline and the viewer how this was made on my movie on my phone. That's about it. I want to end it with this video. And thank you for taking this course four. - All right.