iMovie Projects for Beginners: How to Create a Photo Slideshow for Cats | Daniel Fayette | Skillshare

iMovie Projects for Beginners: How to Create a Photo Slideshow for Cats

Daniel Fayette, Make Creativity Happen

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7 Videos (13m)
    • Importing Photo Assets into iMovie

    • Adding Photos to the Timeline

    • Adding Music to Your Slideshow

    • Exporting the Final Slideshow

    • EXTRA: Adding a Simple Title to the Slideshow

    • EXTRA: Adding a Transition Between Photos

    • The Finished Cat Slideshow (What You'll Make)


About This Class

If you need to create a photo slideshow for a wedding, graduation, or anything else in-between, this project is for you. With no prior knowledge required, we will start at the very beginning from opening iMovie to exporting the final video. This also is a great course to get started working in iMovie.

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This is a really nice class to get me motivated to make a slideshow of photos—enough detail to get started but not so much info to be paralyzing with options!





Daniel Fayette

Make Creativity Happen

After getting my Master’s Degree in Digital Storytelling and my Bachelor’s Degree in Video/Audio Production, I began working full-time with businesses consulting them on digital strategies and implementing solutions.

Previously, I worked as a video producer intern in New York City creating educational content for students. Throughout college, I produced videos, websites, and designs for businesses. I also served as a Graduate Assistant, teaching underg...

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