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iMovie Projects for Beginners: How to Create a Photo Slideshow for Cats

teacher avatar Daniel Fayette, Learn, create, share.

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (13m)
    • 1. Importing Photo Assets into iMovie

    • 2. Adding Photos to the Timeline

    • 3. Adding Music to Your Slideshow

    • 4. Exporting the Final Slideshow

    • 5. EXTRA: Adding a Simple Title to the Slideshow

    • 6. EXTRA: Adding a Transition Between Photos

    • 7. The Finished Cat Slideshow (What You'll Make)

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About This Class

If you need to create a photo slideshow for a wedding, graduation, or anything else in-between, this project is for you. With no prior knowledge required, we will start at the very beginning from opening iMovie to exporting the final video. This also is a great course to get started working in iMovie.

Meet Your Teacher

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Daniel Fayette

Learn, create, share.


After getting my Master’s Degree in Digital Storytelling and my Bachelor’s Degree in Video/Audio Production, I began working full-time with businesses consulting them on digital strategies and implementing solutions.

Previously, I worked as a video producer intern in New York City creating educational content for students. Throughout college, I produced videos, websites, and designs for businesses. I also served as a Graduate Assistant, teaching undergraduate students Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere Pro, video production, and audio production.

Now, I am eager to work with businesses with a passion to think big and a story to tell. I also hope to share some tips and collaborate with you guys to help you all learn somethin... See full profile

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1. Importing Photo Assets into iMovie: and this. Listen, we're going to open up my movie and import some assets, some photographs that we're gonna be using to create our very own photo slideshow. So let's get started. So the first thing we need to do is open up. I'm movie minds down here, so I just click on my movie and it gives me this screen. Once I'm here, I want to click the create new button, the plus side, and I'm gonna choose movie. Now your screen might be a little different than mine. It might show up as the photos library or all events. Right now it's clicked on my movie, and it gives me the import media option. If you don't see that option, you can click on the side here to my movie. Or, if you don't see this option, you can import media a little bit differently because what we want to do right now is get the photographs into our project. So to do that, I can either click here on import media or I can go to the top click File Import Media. Now I'll leave the link down below that you can click on and download all of these photographs. If you want to follow along with me, otherwise, you're welcome to use any other photos that you have. Maybe some family fillers, anything like that. I'm gonna be using photos of my cats for this demonstration on, and I'll give you those in the description below. So now I'm gonna click Import all. And there we go. Now, all of the photos of my two cats are in this project, and they're ready to be added to the timeline. And we're going to do that in the next lesson. I'll see you there. 2. Adding Photos to the Timeline: in this video, we're going to take the photos that we just imported from the last lesson, dragged them onto the timeline and create our slideshow. So let's get started. So to drag these onto the timeline, I can click on these individually, like this first cat photo dragged down. Place it. I could take the next one, drag it down, place it. That's definitely one option, especially if you're trying to pick and choose which ones you want. Include or not include in the video. What I want to do for this video is I'm just gonna highlight these first and delete them. I want to highlight all of the clips from my project media up here and drag them all in the same time. So let's give that a try. So I'm just clicking and dragging on all the photos and then dragging him down to the timeline down here and then releasing. And now we can go to the very beginning by just moving our master, the beginning and press the space bar and you can see I'm movie does something really, really cool. Which, and as a Ken's burns effects effect, which is it sort of zooms and or zooms out. And the other cool thing is that it makes all the clips four seconds so really quickly. It makes it possible to create a cool photo slideshow in zero time by allowing you to select a bunch of clips at once, dragging them all onto the timeline. And then it adds his own Ken's burns effect, which makes things look a lot more polish. So this is a great option if you're looking to create a wedding sideshow, graduation sideshow, anything in between. This could be a really quick and easy way to make that slideshow video without having hire someone or something like that. Okay, so in the next video, we're going to add some music to this project, and then we're going to be getting ready to export this out to share with their friends. I'll see in the next video 3. Adding Music to Your Slideshow: now that we've imported some photos and added them to our timeline, it's time to add some music to ran out this project. So let's get started so you might have music already on your computer or you make your own music. But if you don't, there is a good place to find some music, and that is youtube dot com slash audio library sash music. So let's jump over there and find some music that maybe fitting fish for this project. So here it is, the euro. For what I just said, I'll copy and paste that down below. So you just click on that and follow the link. And this is a great place that for any sort of music that you're looking for because it does have a lot of music that doesn't require attribution doesn't require licensing so you won't get sued or anything like that. This is a great place. If you're looking for that, I will say that you need to make sure if you want to use this without having to do any sort of attribution or worry about licensing because there's an option where you have to click attribution not required. Required are all licenses. So if you don't want to worry about attribution or anything like that, just click the attribution not required by right there. And it will give you a list of music that you can click through and find that will hopefully be fitting for your project. So let's click through some of these and see what we can come up with. It's got some kind of role body sort of feel to it. See what Marshawn sounds like definitely got some definitely feel like marching after that . So you can, in this case, I have changed it to inspirational. You can change too. Angry, bright, calm, whatever you think fits your mood. So that is sort of a nice sorting mechanism that you can use here, uh, get onto bright future. That sounds a little hard core, but we're gonna roll with it. And as you see, I've already downloaded it down here. So what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna jump back to my movie and I'm gonna actually click my finder here. And one other thing you saw before that I went to file import media to get these photos into this project into this event. What you can also do is if you know where it is and find her on your desktop. You can just click and drag it right in there and it will appear in your project. Been so here it is, right here. And I'm just gonna click and drag this underneath the first photograph, the first video clip since video's gonna be playing, we want the audio to be playing at the same time as the photos or the video is being explained. So right now when you click it, we can kind of here was going on Okay. Was looking a little hardcore for for cat photographs, but we're gonna roll with it. And one thing that means to solve here is that Theo So the video the photos stop displaying at this point time, but the music continues for a very long time. So what we need to do is go to the very end of this clip and you can see this sort of changes into an arrow that goes sort of both directions. So I'm gonna click this and drag it back so that it goes right to the end of that soda right here So, actually, it's snapping right to this point, which is pretty perfect as to what I want. So now let's see what it sounds like and hear what it sounds like. Okay, so the video right now looks good. It's fading out, but the audio down here, it's still cuts off really abruptly. So we're gonna try to smooth that out a little bit. So I'm gonna zoom in here by pinching on my Mac book pro. And if you look really closely, there's a little note here where you can kind of click and drag. And what that lets me do is unless me faded out gradually. So now you can see there's a dark and area and that sort of display the decrease in volume over time. So now I'm gonna bring my play head before this little fade here and hear what it sounds like again, Theo. Thanks. Okay, that'll work for now. So we just wanted to make sure that the audio and the video we're both stopping at the same time and that it wasn't so abrupt on the ending. So now that that's done in the next video, we're gonna export this video and prepare to share it with all of our friends. I'll see there 4. Exporting the Final Slideshow: now that we've added photographs to the timeline, added music and make sure that the ending wasn't so abrupt, it's time to export the final movie. So let's get started to export the movie. We want to navigate to the top right of the eye movie screen and click on that icon located up there and then choose file by choosing the final option. It gives us a lot of flexibility because then we can upload it to YouTube and Facebook Later. If we would like to on this screen, we can change the name. I already changed it to cat slide show. You could change the description, tags and so forth. Most importantly, we want to make sure the format is on video and audio because we do have both video and audio in this case, and the resolution is cool a 10 80 p because it has enough resolution. The images do, and quality high and compressed faster is totally cool. So just make sure it looks something like this and should be good to go, and I'm going to click the next button and then I'm just gonna ask you where you want to save it up in this case, I've already uploaded. Exported this to save some time on screen, someone to cancel this out. And I'm going to navigate through the finder. And here it is, the cat slideshow. So I'm gonna click on this and press the space bar and see what we got. Okay, so there we go, as you can see really quickly. We went from beginning to end, not knowing any I movie to importing some photographs, adding some music, cleaning up the outro and exporting it out to the final sideshow. So I hope this was useful. I hope you can use this and create your own projects. And I hope this helps you make creativity happen. I hope to see in some other lessons. Good luck. 5. EXTRA: Adding a Simple Title to the Slideshow: in this video, I'm gonna show you how to add titles to your photo slideshow. So let's get started toe at titles to your photo slideshow. What you want to do is navigate from the my media tap to the titles tab. And once you're there, you can sort of hover your mouse your cursor over each of the title effects and sort of scrub through and see what that looks like before you drag it onto your timeline. So maybe you're creating something for senior graduation or you're creating something for a wedding slideshow or something like that. You want to make sure you put the person's name, maybe the date, whatever information that maybe you can kind of keep that in mind and find one of the title templates is gonna work for your specific scenario. So in my case, I just want to put the name of my cat Dexter. So I just need one area of text. So I'm gonna click on this one right here and drag it down on the timeline. So what I want to do is I'm gonna drag and drop it on top of the video because I want to be blamed over top of the video and in this case, I want to be playing at the beginning of the video. If I wanted it to be sort of on the second half of the first video clip in the first half of the 2nd 1 as you can kind of see here, I could drop it right where it's at. But for me, I want to be at the very beginning, so I'm gonna drag it to the very beginning and then drop it. Once I drop it. It gives me the option to change the title text. So I'm gonna go ahead and do that. Changed Dexter, Click out of there and go to the beginning and press the space bar to check it out. Way go. And that's how you add a very simple title to your movie photo sideshow 6. EXTRA: Adding a Transition Between Photos: in this video. I want to show you how you can add some transitions between the photos in your photo slideshow. So let's get started. So what we want to do is navigate from the my media tab to the transitions tab first. And then once we're here, we can hover. Are mouse over each of these effects just like on the titles tab. And we could sort of see what each of these transitions is going to do. So this one is called Fate, but black and unsurprisingly, it shows said it's fading black. This one's fatal white and begin sort of scrub through here and see what each of these effects is going to do. So what I want to do is I'm gonna maybe drag this cross blur one. I'm gonna click and drag it between this clip here and you can see it. It will sort of put a little blue box here and I'll drop it. And when I play it back, it adds that fade right in. Now if I decide I don't want this, I can just click on this and click the delete button and then it will go away. Maybe I want to try something else. Let's try to spin it. I'm gonna click drag and moved here way have sort of an interesting little spin. And actually, we can't even leave this year. And if we wanted to try a different effect, maybe the crosses all. And I could just drag it right over top and it'll turn into a plus sign, and I'll just drop it way across. That happens. And once again, we could just click on this. Believe it if we want Teoh. But this could be a cool way to spice things up between your photos. If you want to drag some of these in and somebody's air pretty fun, it could be pretty cool to add to a project. So feel free to explore. Find one that's gonna be fitting for your project. And that's how you add transitions between your photos and I movie 7. The Finished Cat Slideshow (What You'll Make):