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iMovie: Advanced. Edit Faster. Create More Professional Content

teacher avatar Jae Lee, I post more on yt, follow me there!

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (18m)
    • 1. Introduction: How do I edit faster?

    • 2. Events: How do I use them?

    • 3. Still Texts: Is this possible in iMovie?

    • 4. Two Clips: Picture in Picture?

    • 5. Freeze Frame: Let's do this faster

    • 6. Command B: A must-know for all iMovie editors

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About This Class

Now that you know the basics of iMovie, it's time to edit faster and more efficiently. Nowadays, if you want to grow your brand, speed is the name of the game. The more content you put out the bigger your brand grows. So, leave it up to this course to make your editing skills faster on iMovie. With this course, you will go from one video a week to one video a day!

If at any point, you have an inquiry about a certain skill in this class, please message me!

Meet Your Teacher

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Jae Lee

I post more on yt, follow me there!


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1. Introduction: How do I edit faster?: My name is Jay Lee, and I've been using I movie for about 10 years. Ever since I was a little kid, I've been editing videos, uploading videos for school projects like fun videos on making for on the Side. And I have accumulated a lot of trip tips and tricks. And I know there are a lot of my movie beginners, and they're now starting to get understand these different interfaces. But you know they want to up their game. And I know in this day and age you want to be fast, that editing. You know, you have to release content every day. It's your slow. It's gonna take up a lot of time. So in this course you're gonna learn a lot of tips and tricks to just make everything faster and more professional things like Command D are adding freeze frame, attaching audio things like adding picture in picture, adding still text. You know these things can make your video not only edit faster, but look more professional. So if you're interested, please join me in this course, and I'll teach you all my tips and tricks 2. Events: How do I use them?: Hello was into the first section of this course where I teach you about the advantages of using events. Now a lot of beginners I know they're still using one event to edit multiple projects. That's really inefficient. What I mean by that is, basically, if you look at my events, they're very neatly organized, so this is Korean, but it says, making making ah, cutting board. So I have making a cutting board event, and I have every video related to that in this one event, and this one is cooking, and I have cooking related to in this one event. Now this is really important because when you start working on different projects and when you have to work very efficiently. In other words, once you start making videos like twice a week thrice a week, this becomes really important. If you have all your raw footage and one event, it becomes really hard to see through. All the footage is, and it just takes away a lot of their time. And I say this because I know a lot of you know how to use events because, you know, it's very direct that says, like movie library and different events. But some beginners are still having like this event that looks like this where they have different, you know, different projects. But all the raw footage is inside this video in this that this makes. So let's say I'm editing the project where I'm, you know, hailing friends have to scroll through every time. This might not seem like much, but once they add up, it can take up to, like, five hours of your week, which could be spent on editing more. Right? So the tip I'm gonna tell you is whenever you make a new event, you want to be clicked on I movie library here file New event. Name it something that's related, right? Don't just have the date. So let's say I'm making a movie about making bread making bread right? It's really simple, Not much work. Once you have this, you're going to realize that you're gonna become much more efficient and editing. Please uses to advantage 3. Still Texts: Is this possible in iMovie?: in this section of the video, I'm gonna teach you on how to add Still text. I'm movie still doesn't have a future for this, which I don't understand why, but when you want to add text your videos, you have to go through the titles and choose an animation text. Now, this is bad for two reasons. Firstly, when you have a text that moves or has animation looks very messy over a video. Now, using this until a still picture well, look good, because, you know, it's the only one thing moving. But if you have this on top of a video, your video looks very unprofessional. So I'm gonna teach you how to fix this. I just want you to compare first of all, what it looks like animated. So you're probably adding text like this, which is animated over your video, which makes it really messy. It's just causes unnecessary noise. It reminds me of, you know, those like Power point presentations, where you add just too much animations, transitions. That's what it reminds me of. But compared to this, we're just example. Texas shows up, you know, says what it needs to say. It just disappears. It's so much cleaner and looks much more professional. So I'm gonna teach you how to do that. So, first of all, where you're going to do is you're gonna go to Google now, here in Google, you're gonna just search something like high resolution picture black. Um, I just choose black because it's just simple. Um, but it doesn't matter what you choose. So let's say I choose this image. The important thing you have to remember is that it has to be high resolution than that way . Your text will also be high resolution on video. So let's say I go to this, for example. You're gonna have to download Justin image. Just any image. It doesn't matter. Like once again, I said, it's just has to be high resolution. You can clearly tell this is high revolution. You're gonna save image. You're gonna save it as something you can remember. I usually like to just a blank. Can this black something like this? Um, this will help you find a faster on the desktop. Uh, save it and then we're gonna do is you're gonna go to that file open in preview. Now, the thing about this is You can't edit jpg files on preview. So when you try to edit it, it's gonna tell you to convert to PNG. It's totally fine. It doesn't change anything from our process. So what you gonna do is you can press command a select everything and just compress backspace delete everything. Like I said, it's gonna ask you to convert. That's fine. Make sure you save it with command s. And do you want to do here is you want to add text that right? So you're gonna literally click text block and just, you know, make sure it's big, the bigger you make sure it fills the whole thing because you don't zoom in so much later. This is all gonna make sense. Once I started moving into the in movie project. Um, the good thing about this is you can import your own front, right? Um, you can just search you tips on how to import, wants it to Mac. It's really easy this'll way. You don't have to only rely on my movie fonts. You can add your own fonts that you find on the Internet and just as another level of professionalism to your video, so I'm just going right. Example. Text capture. Something are I'm gonna just say example Captured. I don't wanna add in the video. I'm gonna save it Now you can do is gonna come back to that. I'm really page, I'm going. My media. You would import that image Now, I think to note here is it doesn't look so you give me one second. It's when I when I select it, it looks black Because the reason is because, you know, I added a black fun, right? It's gonna be the college black, so I can't see it on tubal black image. But don't worry, because once you import it and drag it into your video, you're going to see it, right? Because obviously, the background of my video isn't the same. Color is the fine, Right? So a few tips, once you add it is you're not finished just now. I just yet Sorry. Um, you have more steps to do, So we're gonna click here and you're going to see this icon right there. Ah, and then click picture in picture. That makes it moveable around your video. Maybe you want the you Maybe you want to text a little bigger, maybe smaller. Maybe about this size. And, you know, I would be only allowed you to have text here or in the center or the lower third, but you can move it wherever you want it. So maybe I want to hear, you know, with titles you can't do this, right? This is why this is so useful. And an important thing I like to emphasize here is not adding animation here. You know, sometimes it might be good, but most of the times I just like to just get rid of it to give individuals but zero seconds for the time and then obviously no border to make it just look cleaner. If you play it, it's just gonna appear, you know, read what you need to read or say what it needs to say disappear really simple. And it just adds a level of professionalism to your videos. 4. Two Clips: Picture in Picture?: in this section of the video. I'm gonna tell you how to use two videos simultaneously. So sometimes when you're editing, you're going to realize that you wanna use these two clips at the same time. Maybe you wanna split the screen and play one video on one side, the other young, the other side. Maybe you want this to appear just on the side. Or maybe you just want to use the audio. One clip on top of it on their video clip, right. It's very easy to do. So your first gonna click on the video that you want to insert, right? So I want to put this clip inside this club Right. Then I would select the clip that I want to insert right, and when you simply pick it up and drag it on top, that's all you have to do now. In order to change the usage is you have to click the same button that we used for the still text, and the default will be a cutaway. Say, once the top clip appears, goes to the next video. Now, this is something maybe you want. You know, maybe you're explaining something in the bottom clip and you want to show the actual action you would use a cutaway right sometimes. And for maybe you wanna show yourself explaining at the same time what you would do is you would go toe split screen. What that would do is like like the name suggests it would split the screen and show the two videos at the same time, right? But the problem was split screen is it's very inaccurate. Maybe you want you don't want this part of the view. Maybe you want the top left corner. You can't decide that with split screen. So what I suggest you is using picturing picture what picture in picture and does is it treats this video as like a like a picture on top of the bottom clip. So maybe I want it right here. So to show the full thing, right, split screen obviously cuts out some of the clip. So it looks like this. Although it was added as a picture, it's still gonna play like a normal video, right? As you can see, a very useful tip and same as the picture up to keep it professional. I like to make it just appear sometimes dissolve makes it look better. Obviously, that's up to you and always really important. Keep it no border just to make it look professional. So just appears right and then place through when it needs to play through, and then it just disappears When you're done with the video, right? This is really useful when it comes to showing two clips at the same time. Now, another instant where you might use this, Another instance you might have to use to clip at the same time is maybe you want the audio of this clip to play while you're showing this video. It's also very lucidity. You're gonna click the video where you want to just take out the audio, right? Click and click Detach audio. What that does is it just literally like names as detach is the audio from the clip. And obviously because, you know, you didn't want to show this video. That's why you detach the audio, just going to get rid of it. And now you can freely move it around of where you want to play that audio. So maybe I wanna start playing the audio here, and then it just play the audio and on top of the this provisional clip is really important when you're trying to explain things or you wanna, you know, fill up silences from the original clip. What I use it often is, is, let's say I previously mentioned Let's say I previously mentioned this point. I don't want to add this video again, you know, it's kind of repetitive, right? So what I do is I just detach the audio. Just bring it here so that just you can refer to just by the sound. 5. Freeze Frame: Let's do this faster: in this section of the course, I'm gonna teach you how to add a freeze dream. Now, what is a freezing? This is what a freeze frame looks like. The video plays and it just stops on a certain frame. And once it stops, it just continues playing. Now, this is important and videos where you want to highlight on a specific moment in the video . So maybe right now I'm explaining juggling rate. And maybe I wanna explain this moment right here. I would freeze frame it and then have this space where it doesn't move. So I can clearly explain what's happening and then let the video continue. Now, this is really important. And you're gonna realize that people who are just making videos that are professional you're gonna need this all the time. So how to do? Is, is let's say I have a clip right Before you do this, you need to select the clip that you want to edit, right? So I want to add a freeze frame in this clip, right? You just click on it, make sure it's yellow highlighted, right. You're gonna start playing it and let's say, oh, enough freeze frame it right here, Right? Just press the space for it to stop it. And don't don't move. Anything isn't right. Click Add pretty friend. And it's gonna add for three stream where you press the space bar. Right? So this is what it looks like now. So free speech has been at some people, you know, they need to explain something for a minute. Some people need to just freaks me for a second. That's that's all controllable by this lighter. This hand symbol is how long the pretty strange gonna be. I don't like using the yellow slider. It just makes it really messy. What I like to do is use the slider on the top to increase it lengthy, increase the length, increasingly diffuse the light, right? Maybe I need to cleanse anything for this long. So you will play. It'll freeze for you this long and then we'll just continue like nothing happened. The reason why I tell you this is because some people resort to adding, like taking a screenshot of the video and then importing it in adding it. There's two reasons why this is so bad. Number one, if you take a screenshot imported It takes up a lot of your time. You have to screenshot imported back. You know, it takes a long time, and secondly, it changes the size of the video, so it looks really awkward. This looks very natural. The dimensions of the video never change, right? So for those two reasons, this is a very important skill toe have in your movie editing arsenal. 6. Command B: A must-know for all iMovie editors: and this action committee should really cool tip on how to truncate your editing time by using the split function. Now, when you edit videos, it's all about splitting right, picking out the bad parts and only using the good parts, right? So, for example, let's say in this clip, from this point to the end, I don't really need to show my viewers right, so that's I need to get rid of it. You can always use a drag, and you know it will always do. It served its purpose. The thing is, it's very time wasting, and the problem with this is it's sometimes inaccurate, although you know it can snap to the marker. But sometimes you might miss it by 1/2 a second, and maybe a word doesn't get included. This this happens really often, so in order to prevent that, we're gonna use the split function. And the reason why it's so good is there is a hot key Ford. So command be, That's what you want. That's what you want rubber command to be. So let's say I'm playing this audio and here I finished talking right and I wanna stop it right here. you're just gonna press the space bar on the point you want to stop, say, for example, right here. I want the video to stop here. We're simply going to do is don't click anything once you press space bar. The next thing you presses command be and I'm movie will automatically split this clip and all you have to do is delete the one that you don't want right now the reason why this seems so obvious but I'm still telling you is because space far and command B is very close . Like you have realized once you press space bar command is like right there. This is really useful cause these keys make it so fast. So rather than having to, you know, deep decrease the slider like this, what I can do is literally press space command, be just delete so much faster. Now, obviously comparing these two times, you know, it doesn't look that fast, but these add up, it just saves you so much time. So if you're gonna walk away with one thing from this lesson, is the command be function? It's gonna save you a lot of time. Another important place to use the command be function is when you want to remove filler words. What fill the words are it is when you're talking, you realize that you sometimes say, uh or, um, things like this looks very unprofessional. So when you will get video or movies they never have on or moments So the best way to get rid of this or the fastest way to get rid of it is to use the command. The function we're gonna do is you're gonna play the video, and then usually this is how it goes. You'd say a word, and then you would say, um and then the word like you continue to the next word. What you want to do is you wanna press space bar on where your first word ends and the press command be, and then play the young and don't wait for the next word to appear. Listen just to the UN and to the point where the UN ends. That's when you want a press command be again. I'll show you what that looks like. You can't listen to the audio, but let's just first example I'm saying Hello, my name Is she lately right? I stopped it about to say All right. Right. And then I press command be and I say, um, And before I say the next sentence, you have to press space for right because you want to include the next word. Sometimes if you wait to listen to the next word you're gonna truncate, which you know, sometimes words get lost. Bad things like that happen, for example, so once you the UN finishes, you just press command be just get rid of the right. I'll show you one more time. Let's say hi, my name is Jay Lee. I'm gonna press Can be I played, um and I'm gonna stop with on ends on the plate. I went to this school whatever water. Right Now that you're, um, is secluded, just simply remove it. This is so much faster than having to pause and then, like, dragging and then re dragging the part where it continues. It's so much more accurate, and you're gonna Your videos are gonna feel much more professional. And to the listener, it's easier for them to understand