iMovie 2019 The Complete Guide to iMovie: Beginner to Expert | Alli Saunders | Skillshare

iMovie 2019 The Complete Guide to iMovie: Beginner to Expert

Alli Saunders, Filmmaker. Youtuber. Business Owner

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20 Lessons (1h 37m)
    • 1. 2019 iMovie Course: Why You Need to Take This Course to Become an Editing Machine!

    • 2. About Instructor and This iMovie Course

    • 3. How to Download iMovie if You Don't Already Have it

    • 4. What are Events? Let's Open iMovie and Learn How to Make Events

    • 5. Using Backgrounds and Animated Maps

    • 6. Titles and Fonts and Backgrounds Oh My!

    • 7. Bringing Footage Onto Timeline

    • 8. iMovie Effects Color Correction

    • 9. iMovie Effects The Many Ways to Use The Cropping Tool

    • 10. iMovie Effects Camera Stabilizer

    • 11. iMovie Effects Record Voice

    • 12. iMovie Effects Speed and Your Footage

    • 13. How to Use the Green Screen Effect

    • 14. More Fun Editing Effects Using the Overlay Tool

    • 15. Beginning to work on Our Edit By Placing Clips on Timeline

    • 16. Using Stock Clips and Audio to Enhance Your Edit

    • 17. Trimming Footage to the Beat and Fine Cutting Our Edit

    • 18. Keying Voice and Music Tracks

    • 19. Adding a Lower Thirds Title and Final Effects

    • 20. How to Export Your Video

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About This Class

Hi there soon to be iMovie Editing Experts!

This iMovie Course is going to teach you everything that you need to know about iMovie, from how to use tools and effects to how to put footage to music and create an engaging and awesome video edit!

If you have an interest in editing and an eagerness to learn how to edit in a creative way then this course is for you!

You Will Learn How to:

-Download iMovie if you don't already have it

-How to create a Movie/Video Editing Project

-How to access photos/music within iMovie

-How to use Events and Name an Event

-How to Use the iMovie Library

-How to Find and Edit Royalty Free Music and footage

-How to Work with and Customize Backgrounds, Transitions and Titles

-How to use Animated Maps and add your own travel destinations in them

-How to import footage and other media into iMovie

-How to create in and out points in your raw footage

-How to color correct footage

-How to change the color temperature of your footage

-How to crop footage or photos and use the Ken Burns effect

-How to use overlay effects

-How to stabilize shaky footage

-How to speed up or slow mo footage and reverse footage

-How to record your own voice in iMovie

-How to flip your footage

-How to make bad audio sound better

-How to Work with Green Screen

-How to cut clips on the beat of music

-How to make decisions as an editor

-How to create an engaging video edit using talking head footage, b-roll clips, music, voice over and a logo!

-And so much more!!!