how to speak like a native speaker and speak better English, how to use the word "you" like a native

Terry Gonigle

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8 Lessons (49m)
    • 1. How to use this course!

    • 2. How to ask questions with ARE YOU? quickly and correctly

    • 3. How to ask questions in the present tense with "do you" like a native speaker

    • 4. How to ask questions in the past tense with "did you" like a native speaker

    • 5. The infinitive and CAN, How to use the verb CAN correctly with you to ya

    • 6. Past tense of the verb TO BE and native pronunciation of "were you ?" questions

    • 7. How to use essential verbs:MEET, CALL and HELP, with native pronunciation of you

    • 8. Essential verbs TO GIVE + TO SEND , how to use correctly with the preposition TO


Project Description

participate 100% with the practice activities to get the maximum from the course!

your participation is essential to the success of your speaking and pronunciation

take your time and 

listen repeat and train your accent and listening to get the maximum benefit from the classes

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