how to perform a psychiatric evaluation | André Ferrer | Skillshare

how to perform a psychiatric evaluation

André Ferrer, Hello friends!

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6 Lessons (43m)
    • 1. Psychiatry Class Intro

    • 2. Psychiatric Interview - Basics

    • 3. Psychiatric Interview - Structure

    • 4. Psychiatric Interview - History

    • 5. Psychiatric Interview - Mental State

    • 6. Psychiatric Interview - Management


About This Class

Discover how to form the doctor-patient bond with your psychiatric patient, resulting in better outcomes and happiness!

This course is meant for doctors, psychologists, technicians, researchers or even patients and all knowledge enthusiasts who like to know more about how to perform an Psychiatric interview.

I start by explaining the basic concepts, to the more abstract parts, making it efficient and user friendly.  The videos contain guiding images and many of my insights and experience tips.