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how to make animal illustration using only pencil

teacher avatar Dream Chen, illustrator

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (35m)
    • 1. 1.introduction

    • 2. 2. using simple shapes to draw doodle

    • 3. 3.getting to know pencils

    • 4. research

    • 5. 5.start to sketch

    • 6. 6.animal pencil drawing demo

    • 7. 7.sum up

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About This Class

In this course, you will be able to learn some of the key principles to design a cute , simple illustration character. to be more specific, animal character. using just pencil and eraser, I will teach you how to draw a furry cute animal illustration  .


some of the key points you are going to learn inside this course 

  • design language that helps you create an engaging character¬†
  • getting to know different types of pencils¬†
  • how to do your research before you start design your animal character¬†
  • how to capture motion, expression of animal character¬†



Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Dream Chen



Hello, I'm Dream Chen. I am professional children's book illustrator and independent animator 

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1. 1.introduction : welcome to my skill shared past in this class. I'm going to teach you some basic language about how to desire character using just the center console. Yes, I am Stater. I mean open. Ask questions about how it is. I express the queues characters. Well, I think in this class and came to give your old knowledge that I have to How to create Eight expressed the engaging, more specifically animal characters using the most simple 12. So Jim People in class with two first discovery. Some of the basic adamant to Zion Kechter whose shaves basic lines and we're going to moving forwards about how to putting everything together, so explores I'm off the quality of the pencil. Uh, in the past, I'm going to give your detailed demonstration and also how I do my research. So if you are interesting administration to this book or cute animal characters will come to this crass a little bit about myself. My name is drawing on the professional Children's book illustrator and my recent publisher she book, including Butterflies on the first day of School Way. Hope you remember one of the things my agent always told us that to be a true this way. Have catching a motion expressing Kemper's. So, um, this course I want to show you a few examples of how I craze. It's rested. Captors. Cute animal captures how just using one can say that furry. So if you're interested in and for more course now. 2. 2. using simple shapes to draw doodle: Hey, at one today, of course, we're going to talk about some of the basic principles to design a character. So before we dive into the detail how to join a single animal character using cancels, I want to introduce you some off the general idea general principles to design a successful character So this can apply to animal captor or a human character like Children, war, doubt or anything. Um so I think people problem. Joining a realistic style of Children illustration requires visits from characters, so we have to use a very simple shapes. For example, circle square or triangle. These are great basic shape everybody can apply to, and here are some of the good examples I'm not show. Those examples are from some of the mastery illustrators, mass Matt, master painters that I always admired and see how we can four years from them. Okay, so let's start it. The first master illustrator I'm going to introduce to you East Code Maria Hey Eesti, character designer for money of the Classical Fisher and animation, such as some off see book of cows produced by Khartoum Salam Studio. I really, really love Hiss designed because see how simple. Everything are and less take a closer look at this gorilla. So I have break down the design process for your guys. See how these guerrilla his chest is actually easy. A big main mess. And because his arms are supporting his whole body, they're gay vases, a strong force. So the force, uh, causing the back off the gorilla become the curve line and observing the never see space around this character. So, for example, the two arms between the two arms there is a yellow negative space and between the two lacks there's a year of negative space, and each buddy can be separated. Teoh. A very simple shapes like circle or straight line. It's very just very smooth. Everything's so smooth. That's how he designed the captor. And, well, we designed a animal character. Although probably the reference photo are kind off, very complex. We can always extract those simple design elements from our observing reference photos. Another artists I'm going to introduce to you a scold. Ah ha, Meaning who? He's a Chinese traditional painter. See, his cute characters, The Tiger are basically phrasing Po circles, the big round hat and the two for Ray rounds year and look at the goats. The goats are also divided into very smooth line, very simple shapes. So the next exercise I'm going to lead you guys do is to just design some do does. Just doing some do does using very basic shapes. So after a closer study, I proposed everyone to do a warm up way. Can be signed a character using just sequel shapes, for example. Monkey way . You already see my duro examples that I using one single shapes, two cranes, different kinds of animals. I want you to do a little exercise after this class trying to different shapes. Um, square plus circle or triangle plus square. What kind of animals can crates just using this to simple shapes? Uh, do it. Do it now, do your do does. And we're gonna use all those in the late of course. So thanks for watching and see you next time 3. 3.getting to know pencils: Hey, Hello, everyone. In this session, we're going to talk about from title pencils in different, high, bulky razor. Here I have prepare several samples, and I hope that this session you will be have a better understanding Which type of pens, though, is more suitable for certain type off a sketch. And I will also explain you how to use them to achieve that kind of a hurry feeling. So let's get starting out. So here have prepare you several different types off pans, those inch arkels. Um, you can you see the little marks on the and off de pencil. It is actually marks. The different graph fights grace and, for example, the HB pencil. Oh, it's kind of like a central points. And if you have more H like a to age three age four H is hotter and lighter. For example, if you have a beep enzo, for example, to be three b eight b dandies, a softer and darker, so you can see the difference here. Um, my suggestion is for joining an animal. You can prepare HBP Enzo and some off the pencil in B area because we want That's soft darkness and gray that it can apply to the joining. Another is the automatic pencil. Automatic pens, though, doesn't really easy to create that different type off grading. So, um, for the sketch, I think the automatic pencil is okay. But if when you apply to the final sketch final artwork, I would not suggest to use the automatic pencil. Also, we look at this charcoal. The charco is much, much more softer than any off the B pencil on. It's easy to be mocked and easy to blending with the texture of the paper. So for this type off pans oh, up for this type of charcoal, I would recommended to use it to create that overall furry fueling. And then this can be as a base and Daniel adding a pen so strokes on top if it's you can see the age. Pencils are clearly capable of producing light marks but are limited in the range of tone. However, the beep enzo allow for much broader range of possibilities for the razor. I also prepared to his heights off a razor one athe robbery razor regularly razor and the other is needed. The razor, um, the needed razor is like a um, plate so you can actually shaping the different shapes. And you can use it like a pencil to erase into creates a certain structure. Um, and with this a razor, you can need it. Raise very tiny, very small space. 4. research : Hey, how everyone in this session I'm going to walk you through the process of how to do a research. So even though we're doing a cartoonish, cute animal characters, it's based on the study and research that way made and accumulation off the enough information. And then we put them all together to create a new character. So let's get started. And I was, since I show you my process off doing all this research, how to find photos have to combine photos together and how to analysis photos. So let's get started. Um, I usually use Google to search the key. Worst am flying an image that I want you want to have. So for the demonstration that would like to do a draw little given. So I coating the keywords in the go go and then select some off the ah reference photos. And I think it's, um it's OK. So, um, I select some off the poultry. It's in close up shots off the Given, and also I would like to have several reference photo that showing the whole body, um as like accumulated those photos I would think about, Ah, what type off character animal that I want to create the age kind of the age range. So it's my character of little Given very cute, very lively, bouncing gibbon. Or it's a doubt given and also think about the mood. Is it like angry Given or is just a soft, cute, um, choir? It's given or the personality. I think the more I think about it, the more accurate the direction that would like to go will be clear. So I won't searched the photo based on the idea that I have in mind. For example, I pick up the keeping that I'm more cute, the photo or more cute and some off the photos that half a more movements than other. And some of the photos are, um, more study. So just think about what kind of character you are having in mind. And then the next next process I would like to show you is how I am bunch analysis Those reference photo. I will put everything in your boards. I will co it's mood board. So it's my reference photo mood boards, Um, and think about the exercise we have down in the previous session, trying Teoh, using very basic shapes to, uh, Ray creates those photos. For example, in those photos, I can see the givens face are just big circle with the two eyes is also a circle in the tri tango to represent the nose area. And also the mouth is 1/2 circle. Uh, doing this exercise in every reference photo, trying to use very basic shapes that we have learned in previous session in trying to use those simple forms to represent each photos. And then later, when you put everything together, you can see it becomes a very geometric shape illustration rather than the realistic photo . So that's gonna be a very good start for later practice. We're going to half. 5. 5.start to sketch : Hello, Everyone, Uh, this session, we're going to draw a sketch for final art for in the sketch stage. I would recommend it using the automatic pencil. So, uh, remembering the previous session, we have already make a bound ums off photo research. So based on that photo research, we came re composites and redesigns and put everything together to these I a, uh, little character. So the posts I'm selecting is the one on the rights the little given with the long arms putting down and sitting on the tree trucks. I think this post, uh, dynamically showing the, uh, characteristic off the Cuban. And when we do mix catches also, um, think about those geometric shapes that we have talked about earlier. However, Will you do the design, please? Remember that this is a animal character. Not just simply a photocopy. So you have to think about the personality of the character You want to show your audience . So in this sketch, I want to design a cute given that are very curious or a curious about world. So I made a little a gestion. Uh, I made a little reversion off the arms or want arms to be lifted up, and the given is curiously, uh, watching. He's left arm as if he finding something interesting. So you can't recruit Rachel Creek creature. You recreate aids your animal characters based on your research. And also make sure that's it is not a just the simple copy off the photo. It has a personality in your sketch. So in the next stage, we are going to transfer our sketches in Judy. Um, Final Arts and I will show you in detail how I use the other pins, though, to put everything together. 6. 6.animal pencil drawing demo: Hello, everyone. Welcome to this session in this session, I'm going to doing a demonstration off Given now they already have the sketch of Given the first steps, I would like to use the Charco. Ah, well, as I painted, I realized that to illustration the composition is as a host. So when they draw the first the head of the Given that realized that maybe the position this a little bit too tall and there's not enough space for the arms. So the first step is to use the Charco Jew lightly draw the outside, forms the contour off the given and remember the basic shapes. So the idea is, we use the basic shapes such as triangle circle, too lightly draw the contour. And as we already have t sketch as the reference. It should be very easy to just a lightly draw the outside forms, Um, because the charcoal is very soft. So even though we draw it since the very, um, dark, it's actually UK mop off and the tree trunks. I used the HB pencil, so we used the charcoal to draw the arms and lacks a separate parts. Of course, you can use the nature a razor to suggests the shapes. So now we've got a basic shapes off everything. Just use your finger to lightly mop Charco and to current aides, a basic foundation for the for for the Cuban. So you can see we create that very light radiant like a for rig radiance. Although everything is not very clear, we already God's those basic shapes. We can see the basic shape off the given now and then, um grabbed a truck again to emphasize the face. So I just used the charcoal to Rachel the face and make it a little darker. It and rest of the body and using finger to lights, the blending everything. So now the face, he's a docker. The following steps, um, I will use that needs to be razor to started to paint or to draw on top. If it's so, I used the razor to erase the face and to leave the white space for the I and 40 knows. So I just used the Sharp Point C area to draw the white space out. So, as you can see, I didn't leave out a white space. I used a razor to later you raise that parts and also a small little circle as the mouth area. And next step is using the Pantsil. Here's a pencil to draw the two big eyes. Um, because this animal illustration is not a realistic given, So I would think about what type of keeping I want to draw here. Um, so this scenario here I created for myself is a very cures little gibbon who accidentally found something so he just lift it his arm and observing this branches. So I drew a very big two eyes to show the curiosity of Little Cuban. I used the pencil eight B because it's more, uh, it's Docker and you can apply more details. Um, after Dad's think about the nose, as we already practice in the previous session, I using the abstract triangle as the shape of the nose and Dan Dwight area east the mouth. After that, our Judy, our Judy, too little years and Dan uh, started to paint the pencil. Brush pencil strokes on top off the charcoal foundation so you have more, um, texture, esti furry texture of the little given to rest up the body would follow the similar procedure, so, using a charcoal to paint as a foundation as a basic, and then using the eight beep Enzo to paint the, um, pencil stroke on top. If it's so, I was speed up the video a little bit. And one thing to remember is that were you doing the charcoal thing? Us. Do you be aware off D layers? Be aware of the grade Ian's. So, as you can see for the lax, there are two lay Aeroflex d Next, uh, which is on top off the, uh free trunks eyes The rights lack is lightly lighter than the other life. So other lack is behind tree trunks. I will use a docker charco. So I don't want you to paint everything just the same lab off black that will make everything not enough layers. Oh, so emphasised the hand and feats. I will use, uh, eight be pans. So to draw harder to apply debts. Docker black, Um, when they comes to the tree trunks, I have used HB hands. So to have a light attacks, sure for tree trunks. So just think about different types of pants. So in different types of day, um, texture, it can apply to and used the use it to create a different texture. Also, be aware off the direction off the for how differ can be, um, can be drawn on top off these charcoal base. - Now we've got the in the center of former administration. We've got our May capture animals there. I want to start it to adding some, um, dark hole around around it. So I'm I used the HB pencil to draw very light treat wrongs tree branches as a decoration around or main characters. 7. 7.sum up : welcome to the final session of this course, especially oil going to do a very quick review off everything. We have guns in this course first, before we have practice, using the dodos to training the mind. That's just using a jail Patrick shaped to form basic animal shapes and the full sessions. We explain the different use off the pencils, charcoal holes and to be beep Enzo H. Kenzo and what's the difference is between them and then we move on to do the research, which is, I think is very, very important. Snaps. It gives you expiration, also help you to have a solid foundation where you create eight characters following Dad's . We do a sketch in the sketch face. I explained you that the differences between just copy photo recreate AIDS animal characters. So if you want to create a vivid, uh, intriguing, engaging animal characters, it has to have a certain personalities. I can create a scenario. For example, if your character is hungry or hungry or it's a curious about world or is anxiously waiting for somebody. So just the create a story, and then will you creating this characters. It has more vivid facial expression and just think about everything. Based on this story behind condemning the last session, we have, uh, go deeper and I give you a demonstration of how I do this, a little Cuban characters. So I hope that in the end of the session you will be understanding the basic idea off using shapes to do the design and also understanding that using the pencil, apply the pencil using a different tax chur two grades the final arts So good luck start to create your own animal illustration.