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how to draw cartoon heads using simple shapes

teacher avatar Jay Dubb, cartoonist/freelance illustrator

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (33m)
    • 1. Intro (2)

    • 2. Drawing the cartoon head 1

    • 3. Drawing the cartoon head 2

    • 4. Drawing the cartoon head 3

    • 5. Project

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About This Class

drawing is fun,but it can be a little frustrating some times, once you know some of the rules and guidelines it makes things a tad this class i will be drawing three cartoon heads loosely based off of three simple shapes,these shapes are considered to be the building blocks for nearly everything that you can having a step by step routine it should give you a good starting point and the confidence that we all need when ever you set down to draw a head. in future classes i will be expanding on these fundamentals.mastering art takes a lot of patients and dedication, so don't give up, instead have fun and let it be your sanctuary.remember it not always about the destination,the journey can be just as important.

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Jay Dubb

cartoonist/freelance illustrator


About Me

Hello, I'm Jay Dubb and I'm a self-taught freelance artist. I share my art on Instagram,I also make animations and art related videos on Youtube ! I'm also a teacher here on Skillshare and i hope you can learn art and drawing with me!

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1. Intro (2): Drawing is fun, but sometimes it could be a little frustrating. If you don't know the rules. In this class, I will be drawn cartoon hit kids, based on three simple shapes. Will add a few guidelines. We will then use those guidelines to add into eyes, nose, and mouth. So come draw along with me. All you need is a pencil paper and that you Reiser. And I'll see you in class. 2. Drawing the cartoon head 1: How's it going? My name is James and I'm a cartoonist, and I'm also a freelance illustrator. In today's lesson, I will be showing you guys how to draw a cartoon character using simple shapes. You, today's character will be based off a circle shape. So less lightly sketch out a support. And you want to take your time with this. This doesn't have to be a perfect circle. Erase whenever you feel it's necessary. Nyse, now let's jot a lower half of the face. This will indicate the chin. And once you're happy with that, erased the bottom line of the circle. Next we will draw a center line. Draw a line across to indicate where the eyes would be. One. Next, our job to small circles placed on the gatt line. This represents where the eyes will be. I will also draw lines to indicate whether nose and the mouth would be. Drawing the ears, which are simply ovals on the side of the face. Add some operands, which are rectangular shapes, dropping some pupils so he can see. And I didn't catch that. I like to draw our leads on my cartoon characters. It gives them a somewhat realistic look. The nose is just a simple line with three humps. Let's give him a simple smile. Now, let's erase some of the guidelines. Okay, this gardening some hair. So let's start by drawing his hair line three. Now let's give him a hairstyle. Remember, this is your cartoon, so you can add any hairstyle that you want. Yea, you guys are rock and now we're almost done. At this point. It's just time to clean up the picture, erase all the laws that you don't want there. And dark and analyze digital life. And we did. All right guys, I hope your pitches came out just the way you wanted it to. Keep practicing. And thanks for watching. And I'll see you in the next class. 3. Drawing the cartoon head 2: In this lesson, we will draw a cartoon, hey, based off the shape of a square. Just like before. We will start by lightly sketching out the supple shape. And once again, typed a tile with this. It doesn't have to be perfect. Notice the squares are slightly curved on all sides. Good job. Now, let's add in some guidelines. First we'll draw the center line to the path that face evenly. Next we'll draw a line across to indicate what the eyes will be. And after that, we will draw a guideline for the nodes. Are then draw simple shapes on both sides of the face to indicate what the IRS will be. These are just simple ovals. Always remember to relax and take your time. This is not a race. Now, it's time to draw in the eyes. I start by drawing a tiny circles using the guidelines to help keep them even on the face. Yeah. That looks about right. The eyebrows are next. I'd like to use chunky rectangular shapes. Now, let's draw the ALI, IT, I draw are too small lies over the eyes. After that, joined the pupils or gave em. So let's draw his mouth now. A straight line across indicates the top bob is mouth. I'll add two slanted lines to indicate the size of his mouth. And they connected to with a straight line at the bottom. This guy's on a good move. Look at that somehow. And a lightly at a small line to indicate the bottom of the loop. I add a few lines to indicate the bones of the ear. And whenever we do something to hold their head up. So let's put in a neck. It's time to ask them here. So let's start working on the hairline. Start by drawing two curve lies just above the eye level. Thus give him oppose, cut. Lightly sketch a free lies in the mouth to indicate the teeth. Now, let's work on that. Knows. The nose is pretty simple. Just add three, use shapes. Remember, never be afraid to erase if you make a mistake. Plus this time to clean up the picture that a bit, that's erase the guidelines. You can kind of nice. I like to add darker areas to the picture. I do this by filling in the eyebrows. And I also dock into peoples and my drawing his hair as a light color. So R will add a little shading to the hair. You can add any hairstyle to your character. It's all up to you. For. Now. Let's go over the whole picture, adding in the fine lines. And always remember that you raise is your friend. And so again, we're almost done guys. At this point, take your time and dark and all the lands on your picture. Don't forget to add a little shady under the chin. And there you have it. I hope you had fun and I hope you'll picture turned out the way you want it to. So keep practicing. And I'll see you in the next class. 4. Drawing the cartoon head 3: In today's lesson, we will be drawing a cartoon hate based off of a triangle. Just like before. Less lightly sketch out the shape of a triangle. And you wanna relax and stay loose. Slightly curved the lines on all sides. Now let's add some guidelines. We'll start by drawing one line down the center of the face. Now, draw a line going across this, we represent where the eyes would be placed. Just below that, draw a line to indicate where the nose will be placed. And don't forget about the math. Now we're all set to draw into features. The ears are just almost shapes placed on both sides of the face. To help drum evenly. Used the gatt line that you drew for the eyes. Start the top of the ear from the airline. And the bottom of the ear. She even near the mouth line. Now less Jada eyes. Ah, that's right. Place two circles on the guideline. Be sure to erase whenever it is necessary. Now, let's make that I alert of better. Not bad. Next, our Jada alley, it you'll wanna draw shot line over the eyes. I will darken those up a bit to indicate thicker eyelashes. No less draw end up pupils. I like to draw a small circle right in the corner. This indicates the reflection of light. Now we're starting to see eye to eye. This ad is some lashes. And look at those papers. And let's draw in the app, browse down and like before, things are just triangular shapes. But this time, let's make them a little thin. And let's darken in the apparatus. Nice. I've drawn two small curve lines, kinda like parentheses. This will indicate the shape of the nose. A couple of slits and between there to indicate the nostrils. Remember withdrawn a female character and you don't want to draw the nodes to be. Now let's give her a pleasant SMOW. Let me draw a line that curves on the E and then draw smaller land under that to advocate the bottom smuggled. We'll add a few labs on top and voila ce, let's pretty happy. Add bolts through the ear by drawing a few curved lines. Now, I'm adding earrings to my character. Remember, this is your picture. You could add anything that you like. Less work on the care. Now, these are just two small CORS, place above the eye, drawn over in the corners, of course, connected to, by drawing one sweeping line, going across the place. Add a little more volume at the top of the head. She is a ponytail. So let's give her one. I think of a soft puffy clouds when I'm drawing this, you know, here it is fully complete with our neck region slowly. There she is. Looking at this part of the picture is almost complete. Now, unless darken some of the lines. Add a shadow under the chin, shaping and the lips a bit later. And finally, let's shade in the hair. Take your time with this and have fun. All right. For life as well. You have it. Keep practicing. And thanks for watching and I'll see you in the next class. 5. Project: Hey guys, thanks for watching. Not with SAP for you to draw your own cartoon. Hates using the steps that were shown. Have fun with this, and keep practicing. And I'll see you in the next class.