how do i download my vine videos? #RIPVINE | Philip 'dm' Campbell | Skillshare

how do i download my vine videos? #RIPVINE

Philip 'dm' Campbell, Decentralised Your Life

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9 Videos (11m)
    • 1.0 - get all your vine videos today!

    • 1.1 - vine is dead, long live vine!

    • 1.2 - get your videos into giphy today!

    • 1.3 - savedeo is a fast method/api possible!

    • 1.4 - qqvine url before vine urls

    • 1.5 - take the project please! - leave your urls!

    • 1.6 - the roundup

    • 1.7 - share, review and take premium!

    • 1.8 - BONUS - screencast of downloading your profile


About This Class



vine is dead. long live vine.

exporting all your vines!
export your vine profile!
download your vine profile!

i wrote a blog post about what i think vine 2.0 should look like.

also, this is not a complete solution to getting all your profile videos as yet but i'm looking at solutions to be able to do that. that being said chances are by the time this goes live an exporter will be around to get all your videos from vine itself. but until then, this is your go to action course for getting those awesome vines that you cannot lose!

we will talk about. . .

  • export your entire vine profile to giphy for animated gifs (no audio)
  • use savedeo to get your fav videos from your profile one by one
  • using qqvine url to get each one of any video on vine that you like
  • get EVERYTHING with firefox + saveyourvines +

hope this helps some of you with anxiety or stressed about losing some of your three legacy with vine. i'm sad to see it go but maybe something else will rise out of the ether!





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Philip 'dm' Campbell

Decentralised Your Life

I'm Phil (and this is my lovely daughter) from England and I make courses as often as i can (in between blogging daily that is) my courses are about things I've learned or already done online -- i never make a course about skills I don't have yet!

an internet strategist teaching anyone that wants to efficiently learn digital skills and tools often with free software based in the cloud - twenty-five plus years of expertise with all things digital and cov...

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