ghetto greenscreen setup for newbies | Philip 'dm' Campbell | Skillshare

ghetto greenscreen setup for newbies

Philip 'dm' Campbell, Decentralised Your Life

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9 Videos (18m)
    • 0.0 - introduction to ghetto greenscreen

    • 1.0 - basic things you will need

    • 1.1 - you don't need it to be perfect

    • 1.2 - software i use to capture green screen

    • 1.3 - process i got through on site

    • 1.4 - webcam settings for mac

    • 1.5 - future kit to look at

    • 1.6 - the roundup

    • 1.7 - find me after the course


About This Class



I don't like answering questions about stuff over and over to people, I like to help when people hit roadblocks when they have experienced them and have had a go at the problem. ..

so i made this course for all those people wanting to get a green screen setup and was worried about how to get started, how much to spend, what software to use, what works, how they can get set up quickly, especially when it comes to a mac, the c920 vlogging camera from Logitech and so on. ..

so here it is. .. enjoy! :)

in this course. ..

  • so you want to setup a green screen, this the basic things you will need
  • you don’t need the perfect setup, I am living proof of that (I'll describe my setup)
  • the software I use to capture my green screen and understanding the settings
  • the process that I go through when I'm editing the green screen shoot on location
  • mac software you can buy to tune a Logitech c920 webcam (common vlogger choice)
  • future kit and cameras to look at including 4k Logitech camera and the panacast 2

super quick course, super easy to get up and going and hopefully the confidence to TRY!

p.s - check out my other course on obs streaming from a mac using FTL





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Philip 'dm' Campbell

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