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getting your hero5 session game on lock!

teacher avatar Philip Campbell, web3, OBS Open Broadcaster, Screenflow

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (16m)
    • 1. 1.0 - intro to hero5 session course

    • 2. 1.1 - introduction hero5 gopro course

    • 3. 1.2 - the hero5 session is only £250?!

    • 4. 1.3 - wifi & cloud on the hero5 session

    • 5. 1.4 - interviews and how to get ready

    • 6. 1.5 - cloud, edits and timezone hacking!

    • 7. 1.6 - quickfire shot list when 'on the ground'

    • 8. 1.7 - getting, got, doing? - take the project!

    • 9. 1.8 - the roundup on the hero5 session

    • 10. 1.9 - share and review (...)

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About This Class


4k, cinemagraphs, voice activation, stabilzation for £250!


i decided to put together a course about a few areas that i think can help you be more informed about making a decision on buying the hero5 session camera.

in the course. . .

  • discussing the new £250 hero5 session camera and using it in the field
  • wifi and cloud access will increase the chances of you grabbing the gopro
  • 'record now' - voice activation interviews and how to be ready
  • outsourcing your edits with virtual workers using new gopro cloud
  • day out with a gopro5 session - grabbing a collection of content

Meet Your Teacher

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Philip Campbell

web3, OBS Open Broadcaster, Screenflow


brand new for 2022 | let's decentralize our content into web 3

i'm an internet strategist teaching anyone that wants to efficiently learn digital skills and tools often with free software based in the cloud - twenty-five plus years of expertise with all things digital and covering the latest trends today (and weekly in our podcast!)

I make courses as often as i can (in between blogging daily that is) my courses are about things I've learned or already done online -- i never make a course about skills I don't have yet!



hitting the road, working mobile, exploring across the uk and america! remote working 

building out creative m... See full profile

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1. 1.0 - intro to hero5 session course: this course is around 20 minutes. Welcome back. This is a new course. It's on a piece of technology, a piece of hardware that I'm gonna be using real soon. And it's the hero five session. So I thought I'd build a course around this piece of hard work, so I think it's a good starting point for anybody. You want to get into video blogging, making four K video, making cinema grafts, just doing little personal video blog's with Little Little Conference blog's for £250. I think this camera is gonna be an absolute steal, and I think a lot of people will get a lot of value out of it for the money. So I will be discussing the new £250 hero five session camera and using it in the field will be talking briefly about the WiFi and cloud access of this new device will increase the chances of you grabbing that GoPro is that of your D A salon getting that content into the cloud. Biggest problem with the GoPro has always taken the content off the SD card, putting into machine, loading it into the program. Now all of this is stored in the cloud so you can operate that with the app on the go perfect little device record Now voice activation interviews and how to be ready Someone to discuss about the fact that now you can literally strap this little GoPro hero five session on to you and say, Go pro record now or whatever the activation term is, actually start recording hands free. That's that's a really cool addition, especially when you're at a conference or festival and you're kind of doing other things. Are your hands of four. You might have a microphone or camera, another camera in his hand and drinking this hand be enough to just start recording with somebody opposite you with it mounted on your back. A pack is, is huge is going to really cool at on what's going to be discussing outsourcing your edits with virtual workers using the new GoPro Cloud. Finally, a day out with the GoPro five session grabbing a collection of content, the process in the background, thoughts that I have when I go out on a shoot 2. 1.1 - introduction hero5 gopro course: come back. Hope you enjoy this course. This is for the GoPro five session camera, not the GoPro five Black. The new camera from GoPro. These look like amazing cameras. For now. Around £250 you get a voice activated. Upload to the cloud four k Recording camera on this is gonna open up massively the quality on the ease of use of capturing video, from interviews to cinema graphs to all kinds of things for your content, marketing and strategy. If you're not a premium enrolled user, do think about subscribing. I put out anywhere between 10 or 15 videos a month. I'm trying to get to 1000 followers 100 courses before the end of 2016. If you're watching this in 2017 hopefully I made it. Do enjoy this course and I will catch you soon. 3. 1.2 - the hero5 session is only £250?!: Okay, so Okay. Video stabilization on voice control for £250 that is unprecedented. That's the first time I've ever seen a device that has all of the things that I've been waiting for. A camera come all at once and also at a price that is super, super reasonable to be able to shoot in four K at their frames per second that it does incredible to have additional image stabilization onboard on. Then, on top of that voice control to actually be able to start recording. It's It's a device that I wish I had when I was 18 1920 years of age to be able to make video because it's got all the components to remove a lot of the frustration that you have been out of the chute in super high resolution, super high quality. The stabilization to get rid of all that shakes and bumps and jumps and having voice activation is that of having to run to the thing, to press it, to set it up in front of you, to just be able to say, start recording, we live in the future. It's amazing. So this device is perfect for making cinema graphs, time lapses and the hands free video block. So if you've been thinking about getting into video, blogging or making content for your Brandl, the business that you work for £250 to get into this is not a lot of money. It all you're the good thing about this GoPro is it's waterproof, which means you no longer have to worry about using get when you're outside in the storms in the rain. You could just put it onto amount found in front of it. Put it in four K se start recording job Done access. Have a camera that has the ability for this amount of money is unprecedented. If you're thinking in any way to get a video blogging camera, this is one that I think should start with the fact that you can do hands free video that goes straight to the cloud of I. Your WiFi connection is that of having to take it off. It's removing gradually what companies are doing or removing all the pain points, all the frustration bits. I think a lot more people would make content. Would record video put Mawr content on the Web if that the controls were easier and GoPro definitely doing that. GoPro has always been a sports company sports camera, where you have it on a skateboard or on a surfboard activity that you're doing running, jogging, whatever it may be. And they've simplified and simplified and simplified to the point now where we get in devices that have all of the controls all the fine tuning that you would normally have to do by spending time of the device. You could literally by this, put it on a tripod, press the button or even talk to it to say that recording and off you go no more worrying about having to upload that content onto your computer at home. It puts it into the cloud straightaway, which is super awesome. So this is perfect for a digital nomad or location independent person on the go. Think of it like this. Instead of worrying about having to have lots of SD cards, you could just have 1 64 gig or 128 gig card in their record. The content gets the next destination of the coffee shop. Open your laptop. Make sure that your devices connected to the WiFi or tether from your your computer to this to the device and upload the content in the coffee shop. Then you can go out again and start shooting again. I just think the ability to not have to worry about those additional steps is just going to revolutionize making content. 4. 1.3 - wifi & cloud on the hero5 session: the biggest problem with the GoPro that I usedto have was remembering to take the content off. You might go out for a day and shoot some content on video Blog's. If you're not a daily video blogger, you won't have that process pipeline. You'll get home. You'll put the GoPro on the side. You might forget to check content off where I might take that content off of the weekend when I got some free time. Now we don't have to worry about. It's all in the cloud. Using a separate four g WiFi device syncs to sink into the device to speed along the cloud updates. So if you start to do this regularly, you'll probably find that you'll be pushing a lot of content. Regular. Use a separate for G WiFi device. Sync to another device that you have to speed it along. Cloud update. So if I was going on location as a brand advocate, maybe I was flying to the States for a two day conference somewhere. What I would do is make sure that I have a my fi device with unlimited for G connection on it. Make sure that my hero five session is sink to that my fi device instead of it being sink to my mobile phone. That way I've got to separate WiFi networks, one which is constantly uploading content and the other one, which I can use for Instagram Vine text messaging connection. I'm not relying on just one device. The benefits to this is that you have a backup device, but you haven't dedicated device that is constantly pushing that content to the cloud, so it's getting there faster. If you've got a remote user who's got access to your details of your cloud account, I'm presuming that you'll be able to get it. They'll be able to get into that content on edit that content while you're still out there shooting in the daytime, which opens up a really big scope for for what? Collaborating on projects like this. So, according to the information I've read, the GoPro Plus, which is the cloud component off the new GoPro's, will offer 35 hours off 10 80 p included in your cloud storage package, which is a hell of a lot of stuff. It automatically as well, which is an amazing feature. Trans codes that means sizes down the four K video to 10 80. So even though you're sure shooting get for four K, it will re scale that down to 10 80. And that's a really nice feature because you get the benefits of the four K shots and then you get it all scaled down in the cloud. You don't have to do that. You sell when you get home on your computer. Or you might be mobile on a laptop that can't deal with four K videos have been able to edit on remix that on your iPad on the go on the plane or on the train after sinking with the cloud access. Having that content ready to go in 10 80 he's just really, really nice to be able to play with it as soon as you've shot. It might be an idea, however, to selectively decide what is uploaded. I'm not sure if this is in the cloud of motor or not need to dig deeper into this, But remember, if you're uploading four case sized files, they will take a long time to make sure you do have a decent for G connection or WiFi connection somewhere. Be careful using tethered cellular as your WiFi hot spot. Because the data quota you may not have unlimited on your mobile phone and you might go over your data quota really quickly. My start costing you a lot of money. So maybe he'll be a good idea to just have the hero five session connected to a WiFi hot spot that you know has unlimited data. Be very careful about your band with quotas if you're uploading content on the go daily. 5. 1.4 - interviews and how to get ready: so voice activation is exciting for me for on the ground interviews not be knelt to have to put things down in an interview. If I've got another big DSLR middle of the hand of my hands of full at a mixer or network, mix Orem at south by Southwest on a rooftop somewhere, being able to just voice activate my hero on my backpack on the front on one of the downward strokes of my backpack, being after just voice, activate start recording and having that image stabilization, we're having that ability to just jump in and say, Do you mind if I just record this and then get that 30 seconds, that 60 seconds thing from that person without having to get your camera or set it up or make them feel uneasy being over tohave it almost camera. You could spray the hero five. To blend in with What you're wearing is, well, a stealth, but I would suggest you tell the people that you're doing it really awesome for interviews in the moment. Get a quick release strap so you can mount it so you don't have to worry about losing. It will knock it awful forgetting about it. Get one of these really awesome amounts that you could buy fairly cheaply. Have a quick release to snap onto your backpack. Don't forget your collection of SD cards with it as well. So review your shot on your smart device before recording one of the brilliant things about the hero. Five. Be enough to tether to it and see the video shot that you're getting because obviously you can set it up on your backpack. It doesn't necessarily mean that it will always be at the right height, and you want to put it as high as possible without it impeding you. Causing an issue anywhere. Have been out to review your shop on your device for recording and then being able to just leave that that setting all day long and just being out to do voice activation. I think that's gonna be a really neat video blogging tool. So this would work great on the side of a helmet or on a capper eye level when cams firm or Spicewood worked really well. If you've got an extra £250.1 of these mounted onto the side of a helmet or one of these you know separately on on a mono pod that's one of your friends could hold. Having a twin shot in this small compact size, I think, is really powerful. I don't know if the voice activation works across both as and you can say start recording and both will start up. But having that second shot being elf to flick to that second shot as a wide shot makes this production makes his Moammar video production capability at a price that's never existed before. So that's really, really excited to me to have a twin shot of reasonable quality. You can have one on one side of your head and you just have the other one in your hand or have somebody else in the group of people talking, holding the camera, doing wide shots with it that you conflict to in the edit. I think that's gonna be really, really neat and really compact solution. I also think the hero five sessions going to be good for in car recording, So the windscreen and attaching this to your window screen and putting the picture and picture later. You could have two of these one facing out recording the road, so you may be on a road trip somewhere across America or Europe. You can have one recording, the other one facing inwards, and I'm interested to find out the voice activation works by starting recording of each at the same time. Because if that's possible, then you'll be able to do some awesome picture and picture in your video editor driving along. But also capturing the video from you would be able to switch between the two imports, so I'm pretty excited about that. 6. 1.5 - cloud, edits and timezone hacking!: So if the GoPro plus Cloud is fairly open, I think being able to copy to Dropbox and Google would be a really option. And the reason why I'm suggesting this is if you're somebody who's a brand of who wants to capture as many interviews as possible. You don't want to be worrying about edit the after You want to be able to actually outsource that to somebody. Why you're at the events I've been able to have access to the GoPro plus Cloud. Not giving freelances your log in details to your account is obviously safer, but I'm hoping that the GoPro plus cloud will be fairly open so that that means they will be open to different AP ice to be able to move your content from their cloud into other clouds. For, for instance, having a virtual pH edit high remote worker toe Any your four K clips together to get that higher resolution version instead of the trans coded version that you're getting on the go could also benefit from the time zone difference. So you could send that content to an editor to have ready for the next date. If I'm in America and I'm shooting things at a conference. Being ableto have that content in the cloud that you've uploaded over WiFi. Maybe you leave the unit in your hotel room, uploading to the cloud for WiFi and then have the editor get access to that edited Do your nice little edit or blood that to YouTube by by the next morning. So what you're doing is you're benefiting from the time zone there because somebody who's seven or eight hours behind has got that amount of time he'll put people wake up in the morning. Might be Day two of the conference, and you have this fully edited piece makes you look professional, and it also makes it look like you've got resources that you're available to tap it. So people are looking for that. Content creators, ponies, events, conferences are looking for content creators who could not only shoot but deliver that in a timely manner. There always be uploading B roll. It's good to keep a collection. I'm start to do this with a website that we're building called Nomad Video, and the idea is that I'm recording five or 12th videos wherever I am, for different things, so cafes, boats, cars, night scape. Time lapse is having a big collection of B roll is really good, because you can use those as different droppin elements for different conferences or events . Maybe you're going to film some different streets in Austin, Texas. You could do. You could also put those up for sale as premium packs on come road. So the faster your upload connection also, the faster you could be done Is grateful reporting. I'm super excited to get out there and use this in the field. 7. 1.6 - quickfire shot list when 'on the ground': So before you get out there and shoot what I would suggest that you do is create a jobless . Maybe use something like Trela dot com. Seacon Take off those jobs as you go. I would do anywhere between five and 10 seconds static B roll that you can use between the speaking parts and I would also go out there and create time lapses of 15 to 30 seconds for intros and outro, capturing things like sunset and Sunrise. Also record a theme around a topic so you might have a series of shots. Maybe do 10 shots of close up a wide. Outside the venue. There is venues and events that are looking for content. The ability for them to grab that B roll in disperse it with testimonials and the interviews that they did is hugely valuable to him, and you might find yourself getting some work out of it. You could sell those packs of styled shots on something like Gum Road. Bring in some additional income, especially to cover your expenses of going out shooting for a day 8. 1.7 - getting, got, doing? - take the project!: have you enjoyed that? I hope you take part in the project. If you are a video blogger or want to be a video blogger or thinking about buying a go pro for the first time, I want to hear about it. Please go to your project in the bar below the course, put an awesome project title. Get yourself a picture from no man Pictures to put in as a cover image. Click save and you're done. It literally takes a couple of moments, so detect part of the project's please. 9. 1.8 - the roundup on the hero5 session: So let's go for overview. Hope you're excited as much as we are for the Go Pro Hero five session for content creators that some of your process Parkland ideas are useful for you to get the most actual device. A voice recording and the uploading to cloud over WiFi. Super exciting. Being out to have all K recording for a tour of fortifying camera is just unprecedented. And take all of that social media content up a level. So if you've been shooting stuff at 7 20 p, be enough to jump straight to fork. A lot of people uploading content on four K on YouTube these days. So now we can catch up. Please leave your photos links to videos in my projects. I love to hear from you. If you're going to get a hero five session or even the hero fight Black Edition, I would love to know what you using it for. You've been waiting to get this particular camera. I'd love to know how you enjoy the course. I will catch it. We see it check out by 10. 1.9 - share and review (...): while I have you enjoyed the course, Please share and review the course. It really does. Help me out. Click on the triple dot button. Leave a review shared with Twitter and Facebook. I'll catch up with you.