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5 Videos (20m)
    • Intro

    • Class 1 - A strong character

    • Class 2 - Antagonists and conflict

    • Class 3 - Movie script

    • Final


About This Class

Within three simple steps (Yeah, you read correctly - THREE SIMPLE STEPS) you'll end up with a short-movie script of your own!

You don't need to know how to write for movies (I'll teach you)

You don't need to be a writer at all!

You don't need to have a previous idea (We'll catch that together)

The only thing you need is something to write on and follow instructions for a little while.

Don't believe it can be possible? Try me!

12 of 12 students recommendSee All

It was a great class. She removed the mystery of script writing. It was also amusing and compelling.
Really interesting class. I'll try to write a script. Nice work Laura. Thanks.
Laura makes this class very simple and easy to follow. I was fascinated by her perspective of the nuts and bolts of screenwriting. It made me think of films I've seen and see the process she described, mirrored there. Lots of fun! Looking forward to getting my project done. ; )
Chris V

Artist, Designer, Founder of





Laura De los Santos

"It's kind of fun to do the impossible" - W.D.

I'm a Screenwriter, a Script Doctor and Teacher.

I am the author of the book: “La vuelta al guion en 80 secretos” (Around the script in 80 secrets). ISBN: 978-950-895-294-3, available for free online.

I'm a huge fan of horses, literature, movies and decoupage.

Life is just too good! =D