From Idea To Screen: Screenwriting Made Simple

Jennifer Sparkman, Filmmaker

5 Videos (23m)
  • The Three Act Structure

    • 3 Act Structure

  • Genre Writing

    • Character Development in Genre's

  • The Rewrite

    • Tips in Rewriting

  • Marketing your script

    • Tips on Shooting your Scene

    • Script to Screen Scene


This class is no longer available.

About This Class

You will go through the fundamentals of writing a screenplay. Whether you are a seasoned writer or just starting out this class won't go over your head in understanding basics topics.  Different genres will also be discussed. Such as what makes a good fantasy idea or what is a good way to not make your romantic comedy be like all the rest. Peer feedback will be essential in this cla... Read More

Jennifer Sparkman, Filmmaker

I've been writing for seven years. Whether it's been screenplays, doc screenwriting or staged plays I've written it all. Throughout my journey as a writer I have also received a mentorship with a playwright to workshop a play that eventually went o... Read More