Everything You Need to Know to Create Animated Video Presentation in PowerPoint 2016 Premium class

Arun Nagarathanam ✪, SEO | Web Developer | Designer

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7 Videos (28m)
    • Introduction to Animated Video Presentation Skillshare Class

    • Add Title, Subtitle, Image and SmartArt in PowerPoint 2016

    • Add Video in your Content Slides in PowerPoint

    • Create Animated Title slide in PowerPoint 2013 or 2016

    • Add Audio along with Video in PowerPoint

    • Animate Video inside your PowerPoint Presentation slides

    • Trim Audio and Video in PowerPoint


About This Class

How to Create Animated Video Presentation in PowerPoint 2013 or 2016

Today 46% of college students take at least one class online.

By 2019, roughly half of all college classes will be online. That’s why Online learning is one of the fastest growing industries in the world.

Not only that,

More than 3 million students in U.S access their courses online.

Let’s keep these facts aside. I know you’re already into course creation. But have you ever thought, what would happen to you, after 2 - 3 years when everyone starts to create online courses?

Why should students buy your courses, and not from your competitor?

How would you differentiate yourself from other online instructors?

Not only that, 7 out of 10 students don’t come back to your next course, if they feel your first course is boring.

So it’s highly essential to produce classes with eye catching infographics or animation.

Many professionals use Adobe after effects, Anim studio or many other professional software packages.

Yes! You can produce awesome animations with them, but won’t that be time consuming?

Now students expect online classes to be in the quality of current day movies.

So with which software you can do online courses of several hours with animations and produce high quality videos quickly and easily?

If you want to just use infographics, then you can use canva.com. If you want the preset animations you can use Adobe Spark. But what if you want to do a custom animation with some software you already own?

Yes you already own. I’m talking about Microsoft PowerPoint. In this class you’ll learn to make animated video presentation in Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 and up.

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I can't believe how much I learned in such a short course. This was truly amazing.
Patty Johnson

Just Wanna Be Me

This class was SO helpful. Thank you!
Robin Liefeld

♥¨♥ You CAN learn this! ♥¨♥

I have learned lots of tricks from your class. Thank you.
Partha Gupta

Set your goal and work hard for it





Arun Nagarathanam ✪

SEO | Web Developer | Designer

I'm an Electrical & Electronics Engineer, Computer expert, Blogger, Skillshare, Udemy Instructor and a budding Chartered Accountant from India. I'm a teacher of examples. My teaching style is, breaking-down complex concepts through simple examples and animations. I go deep in whatever I learn & whatever I teach. I derive immense satisfaction in teaching the concepts, I'm expert in. That's why, my students call me a VERSATILE teacher!

You may follow me at instagram to get updates on my latest Design / Drawing / Art / Craft works

Areas of Expertise

  1. Adobe Audition, Photoshop, Premiere Pro, After Effects, Illustrator
  2. Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint
  3. Camtasia Studio, Cyberlink PowerDirector
  4. Windows 8, 10 Pro
  5. Programming in C, C++, Java, php, Python, HTML
  6. Data Structures
  7. Desktop & Laptop Software Troubleshooting, Hardware repair
  8. Android Smartphone Custom ROM installation & rooting
  9. Privacy Protection & Securing PC, Smartphone from threats
  10. Setup, Maintenance, Security & SEO in Wordpress
  11. PIC Microcontroller Programming
  12. Arduino Programming
  13. Applied Electronics, Power Electronics & Medical Electronics
  14. High Voltage Engineering, Transmission & Distribution
  15. Strategic Financial Management
  16. Photography
  17. Indian Yogasanam

Budding Chartered Accountant [August 2012 - Present]

I have been presenting so many captivating presentations. These presentations, they speak for themselves through custom motion path animations and that's my secret of keeping my audience engaged. I'm specialized in 'Financial Management'.

My job is to:

  • Supervise auditing of establishments, and determine scope of investigation required.
  • Inspect cash on hand, notes receivable and payable, negotiable securities, and canceled checks to confirm records are accurate.
  • Inspect account books and accounting systems for efficiency, effectiveness, and use of accepted accounting procedures to record transactions.
  • Collect and analyze data to detect deficient controls, duplicated effort, extravagance, fraud, or non-compliance with laws, regulations, and management policies.
  • Prepare detailed reports on audit findings.
  • Report to management about asset utilization and audit results, and recommend changes in operations and financial activities.

Blogger / WordPress Admin [January 2011 - May 2012]

My work was to:

  • Publish news, reviews on latest and upcoming computer hardware components.
  • Implement updates, upgrades, and patches in a timely manner to limit loss of service.
  • Back up or modify applications and related data to provide for disaster recovery.
  • Collaborate with development teams to discuss, analyze, or resolve usability issues.
  • Prepare, rewrite and edit copy to improve readability, or supervise others who do this work.
  • Assign topics, events and stories to individual writers or reporters for coverage.
  • Review or update web page content or links in a timely manner, using appropriate tools.

I also helped my followers to manage WordPress blogs, optimize SEO, design logos, create animations, customize the look of their themes, secure their websites and ultimately to monetize them.

Freelance Writer [June 2010 - December 2010]

I started my career as a part time Freelance Writer. My responsibilities were:

  • Organize material and complete writing assignment according to set standards regarding order, clarity, conciseness, style, and terminology.
  • Review published materials and recommend revisions or changes in scope, format, content, and methods of reproduction and binding.
  • Edit, standardize, or make changes to material prepared by other writers or establishment personnel.

Electrical & Electronics Engineer - [2006 - 2010]

I have done several simulations and hardware projects.

To name a few,

  • 'Portable heartbeat calculator' in 2008
  • 'MPPT based solar charge controller' in 2010
  • 'Hybrid & Intelligent Power Supply Unit for PCs' in 2012
  • 'Low cost audio amplifier' which provides stereo Output, with enhanced pre-set equalizer with bass, treble and supports Virtual environment effects.
  • 'U – Bend accident preventer' which displays warning signal on alternative sides of roads in hills and glows traffic lamp based on speed of the incoming vehicle.

Moreover, I guided several students, to write coding for micro-controllers. My areas of interest are 'Applied electronics' and 'Micro-controllers programming and interfacing'.

Computer Expert - [From unknown time - future]

I love to troubleshoot software issues and repair / replace hardware issues. I provide consultancy on what software to buy / use, what computer hardware to buy, what laptop to opt for etc.