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6 Videos (59m)
    • Premiere101 0 Promo Teachable

    • Premiere101 1 Overview, Workspaces, & Panels

    • Premiere101 3 Syncing Video, Audio & Multiple Cameras

    • Premiere101 2 Importing & Organizing

    • Premiere101 4 Basic Editing & Exporting

    • Premiere101 5 Color Correcting & Wrap up


About This Class

Adobe Premiere Pro is one of the best editing softwares currently available, but using it for the first time can be daunting. That is why we created Premiere 101, for those of you wanting to test run the software. Without going over your head we'll take you through a project from start to finish during this five video series.

In the five videos you'll learn how to import footage, sync video & audio from multiple cameras, color correct, setup workspaces, properly export, and more.

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In am new to video editing. I started with imovie and quickly realized that I needed more flexibility and I went to Premiere Pro. I've used Premiere for about 15 videos of all different styles and up until now I learned it all through trial and error. This video series showed me how to use all the things I did not really knew existed in the program and taught me more efficient ways of doing the things I didn't know I was struggling with. Highly recommend it!
Great intro to editing! Caleb not only walks you through the basic tools of the software but also share some tips he uses for a smoother editing experience.
Really clear, engaging, doesn't send you to sleep. Helpful tips!!
Sylvia Entwistle

Freelance Videographer





Caleb Wojcik

I want to help you create better videos.

Caleb Wojcik has been making videos off and on for nearly a decade. In that time he has filmed the NHL, MLB, NCAA basketball & football, weddings, commercials, book trailers, and plenty of training videos for the web. He teaches web video production at and runs a video production studio in San Diego, CA called Caleb Wojcik Films.