# 5 Creating Online Class: Clean Audio Tips using Audacity Premium class

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13 Videos (28m)
    • Master the Skill - Clean Audio in Minutes!

    • Audacity Open Source Software

    • Background Noises vs Clean Audio Track

    • Easy Step 1

    • Easy Step 2

    • Easy Step 3

    • Easy Step 4

    • Quick Demo - Beginning to End

    • Rosa's Trick - Remove Breathing Easily!

    • Rosa's Method 1 - Remove Hollow Echoey Sounds\

    • Rosa's Method 2 - Remove Hollow Echoey sounds

    • Bonus: Remove Pops & Clicks

    • Final Thoughts & Congratulations!


About This Class

Skillshare Newbies:  Learn my Awesome Audio Editing SKILL to create high quality videos online!  It takes less than a minute in the whole process!

I've only been very active in Skillshare for the last 3 months and am happy to find myself in a community of teachers and students who are passionately sharing our skills with one another.  This is what makes SKILLshare an awesome place to be in.  It reminds me of a classic picture of a grandmother passing on her cooking skills to her grandchildren - something that the kids cannot learn from books or TV because they are 'family secrets' passed on with each steps shown all the way.  This is exactly what I am doing in this class.

In the last few years, I've created many online courses.  One of the big challenge that we as instructors face is: how to create nice clean audio tracks to our videos so that when students take our courses, they will have a good and pleasant experience during their learning process.

When I first started teaching online in 2008, I was often bogged down by the immense task of cleaning up the audio tracks.  I watched tons of  You-tube videos & took different courses to help me pick up this skill.  It was very time consuming & left me very frustrated in the end.  I would end up spending hours and hours re-doing a lot of my audio tracks because I didn't know where to focus.  Is this your situation?

For this reason, I am creating this course for all Skillshare newbies or even online veterans to join me in this specialized class where I show you everything you need to do to create clean audios to your video production.  You just need to follow my Easy Steps & Methods to get your audio tracks cleaned up in minutes.  This class is going to help you concentrate on the ESSENTIALS so that you know exactly how to clean your audio tracks after filming your classes.

Great audio quality is critical to ensure students stay engaged in our courses

  • So it is absolutely essential to clean up the audio track professionally so that students do not get distracted by the background noises that are created by the fans, computers, or any other electronic devices that we have in the room. 
  • Even if you use a top quality microphone to do your recording,  there's inevitably still a lot of buzzing noises that need to be removed such as the hollow and echoey sounds in the room.  I will show you my secret method of how I do them quickly & effectively.  

We will use the an open source software Audacity to create high quality clean audio tracks!  Once you've picked up this skill, you will become very good at it following the procedure that I show you. What took me months to learn will just take you less than an hour to pick up this needed specialized skill.  You have the advantage of the many experiments I've tried on my videos to get them perfect. By taking this course, you also don't need to make the many mistakes I made when I first started.

Come on in and join my students here.  They are having a lot of fun!  There is an effective and quick way to create clean audio tracks taking out all the background noises, hollow & echoey sounds,  the annoying breathing that appears because of talking too closely into the microphone.  For a bonus, I will show you how to clear out all the clicks & popping sounds that come up because of the powerpoint presentations we use during the recording. 

See you inside the class,



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I don't know how Rosa does it with the many courses she teaches, but she responds to student questions within a day or two. The class is valuable, but even more valuable are her answers to the questions when you do have them Would recommend this class and any of Rosa's classes as she truly cares about her students.
Jonnalyn Camba

Entrepreneur, Language & Technology Instructor

Rosa is very clear and organized and she provides excellent and very usual information. Her tips have made my recording experience so much better!
Joanne Reid

Kindle Writer

Thank you all for doing the project and showing me your clean audio tracks. Yes it works magic as you see it before your eyes. Audacity always update with new versions and my version was not updated at the time of recording. The features are more or less the same as you look for those different tabs. Have fun and love to hear from all of you.
Rosa Suen

Skillshare Coach: Follow Me





Rosa Suen

Skillshare Coach: Follow Me

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