You Don't Have To Dress Up To Dress Well: Men's Basics for Fall

Akaash Achreja, Community Development at Skillshare

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"Understated garments… are tasteful. That’s why I love menswear. It’s the subtle details that set a quality garment apart. The fit. The fabrication. The feel. What a piece looks like on the inside. Those are the things that matter. " - Menswear designer Eunice Lee Whether your job doesn't require you to don a suit, or you're simply dressing for a weekend afternoon - this class is al... Read More

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Akaash Achreja, Community Development at Skillshare

After beginning his career at Intel, Noah went on to be employee #30 at Facebook, where he was a Product Manager, and employee number # 4 at Mint, where he was the Director of Marketing. From there, he helped start two $1, 000, 000+ businesses - Kic... Read More