The Inspiration: Where Fashion Design Begins

Daniel Vosovic, Fashion Designer, CFDA Member

7 Videos (41m)
  • Finding Inspiration

    • Trailer

    • Finding Inspiration Part 1

    • Finding Inspiration Part 2

  • Constructing the Mood Board

    • Constructing the Mood Board

  • Defining Your Customer

    • Defining Your Consumer - Part 1

    • Defining Your Customer - Part 2

  • Translating Ideas into Design

    • Translating Ideas into Design


About This Class

In this class you'll learn the very first step of fashion design: finding inspiration. Often, this can be the most challenging step but I'll take you through the process I use for my brand to source inspiration and synthesize it into something meaningful and beautiful that you can actually translate into a working fashion design. I'll teach how you to go beyond the literal repurpos... Read More

Daniel Vosovic, Fashion Designer, CFDA Member

Michigan native and FIT graduate, I have been on the fashion main stage for nearly a decade. My various endeavors have achieved a level of success that generally takes an entire career to attain. Today, my main focus is heading my eponymous New York... Read More