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  • Creating Your Statement Necklace

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About This Class

Learn how to spot trends and create them on our own, in your personal style and for your budget - that’s the skill behind DIY. Leave this class with an on-trend, ready-to-wear necklace of your own creation! I started I Spy DIY after working at InStyle Magazine in NYC for over 5 years. Spending that much time with some of the most beautiful fashion I’d ever seen, I taught myself how... Read More

Tags: Fashion
Jenni Radosevich, I Spy DIY Blogger and Author, InStyle columnist

Jenni Radosevich is founder of I Spy DIY- and author of “I Spy DIY Style”. Before taking on full-time DIY-ing, Jenni worked at InStyle magazine in NYC for 5. 5 years, giving her occasion to find herself  surrounded by the most breathtaking, straigh... Read More