Hey, Cool Shirt: Designing Effective T-shirt Graphics

Chris Delorenzo, Lead Designer for Johnny Cupcakes Inc.

5 Videos (1h 9m)
  • Get to Know Your Brand

    • Trailer

    • T-Shirt Design Showcase

  • Sketching Your Graphic

    • Research and Sketching

  • Getting To Your Initial Illustration

    • Typography and Illustration

  • Finalizing Design For Printers

    • Setting Up for Production


About This Class

Whether you're starting your own clothing brand or you've always wanted to design a shirt for your favorite clothing company this is your chance to design a shirt for that dream client of yours! You'll learn to define your brand of choice (or your own) through research and sketching and create a design that represents it using typography and illustration, then we'll get it all ready... Read More

Chris Delorenzo, Lead Designer for Johnny Cupcakes Inc.

I'm a Boston based illustrator and graphic designer, and currently the head designer for the clothing brand Johnny Cupcakes where my t-shirt designs are coveted and worn all over the world. My designs are playful, clever and bold with a strong emphas... Read More