Hey, Cool Shirt: Designing Effective T-shirt Graphics Premium class

Chris Delorenzo, Lead Designer for Johnny Cupcakes Inc.

5 Videos (1h 9m)
  • Get to Know Your Brand

    • Trailer

    • T-Shirt Design Showcase

  • Sketching Your Graphic

    • Research and Sketching

  • Getting To Your Initial Illustration

    • Typography and Illustration

  • Finalizing Design For Printers

    • Setting Up for Production


About This Class

Whether you're starting your own clothing brand or you've always wanted to design a shirt for your favorite clothing company this is your chance to design a shirt for that dream client of yours! You'll learn to define your brand of choice (or your own) through research and sketching and create a design that represents it using typography and illustration, then we'll get it all ready to print!  



What You'll Learn

In this class the student plays the part of the freelancer as we cover important aspects of the design and pre-production process, which include:

  • Get to Know Your Brand. Researching your brand and conceptualizing graphics
  • Sketching Your Graphic. Sketching from thumbnails to refined drafts
  • Getting to Your Initial Illustration. Basic t-shirt set up and guidelines
  • Finalizing Design for Printers. Differences between printing techniques, and tech packing your shirts for printers



What You'll Make

You'll design a t-shirt for yor choice brand. Along the way we will share our work within the Skillshare Classroom for feedback from peers and myself.  If you happen to choose Johnny Cupcakes as the brand you are designing for, there is a chance we actually feature the graphics in a new collection! (With your permission of course).

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great course, wish there'd be more courses like this! Especially the part on preparing the shirt graphic for print is very helpful!
Great knowledge, experience, and I'm definitely going to use much of this in my designs. Thanks a lot!
This is a great class for anyone interested in starting their very own brand or even a basic tee shirt design. This class is very helpful for students on multiple skill levels and as a student I'm very glad I had a chance to be a part of it. Thank you for your valuable lesson Chris!





Chris Delorenzo

Lead Designer for Johnny Cupcakes Inc.

I'm a Boston based illustrator and graphic designer, and currently the head designer for the clothing brand Johnny Cupcakes where my t-shirt designs are coveted and worn all over the world. My designs are playful, clever and bold with a strong emphasis on visual humour and typography. 

After graduating from Syracuse University, where I took interest in graphic design, art direction and packaging, I was hired on as an Associate Art Director for Saatchi & Saatchi in NYC. In the summer of 2010 I became the head designer at Johnny Cupcakes Inc.

In my short professional career I have provided design and art direction for clients such as AMC, GE, City of London, Wendy’s, Fiber One, Wired, Texas Monthly, Monocle, Sarah Lawrence College, Nidecker Snowboards, LG, Smirnoff, and Samsung.