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5 Videos (40m)
    • Learn how to create a rib trim using the clipping mask option

    • Creating brush strokes

    • Creating trim

    • Learn to create fills, resize them, and change there direction

    • Create call outs to show detail


About This Class

This class is for the Adobe Illustrator intermediate user interested in fashion sketching. Articulated and technical flat sketching can be intricate and requires an attention to detail. This course will assist the student in understanding how to create these details and trims.

The skills gained from this course will also assist the student in understanding the almost limitless possiblities of Adobe Illustrator and hopefully encourage creativity and exploration of the program's other uses.





Ira Rollins

Fashion Designer + Artist

I graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology, F.I.T, with a Menswear design degree and have been working in the fashion industry for 10+ years. I've exceled predominately in design and production which includes flat sketching, tech pack preparation, and BOM (Bill of Material) processing at such companies as Converse, Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, and Victoria's Secret.