Adobe Illustrator for Fashion (CAD II): Intermediate Technical Design Premium class

Mickaela Roxas, Graphic Design, Calligraphy

9 Videos (1h 12m)
  • Advanced Construction Details

    • Trailer

    • Unit 1.1: The Stroke Panel

    • Unit 1.2: Offset Path

    • Unit 1.3: The Width Tool, Adding Effects, & Unit 1 Deliverable Assignment

  • Coloring and Designing Patterns

    • Unit 2.1: Adding Color To Your Garment Flat

    • Unit 2.2: Designing Block Based Patterns

    • Unit 2.3: Designing Seamless Patterns

  • Adding Technical Details

    • Unit 3.1: Stylizing Your Garment Flat

    • Unit 3.2: The Pathfinder Tools


About This Class

This class is a follow up to Adobe Illustrator for Fashion (CAD I): Introduction to Garment Flats. In this class I'll teach you the technical design detailing you’ll need to create professional-grade garment flats in Illustrator, including how to add construction details like darts and hems; how to add colors, patterns and textures to your flats; and how to add advanced fitting techniques like draping and shaping. 

Creating garment flats in Adobe Illustrator is a foundational fashion design skill. Garment flats are how you’ll communicate your fashion ideas to pattern-makers, technical designers, merchandisers, or manufacturers. You’ll also need them for creating tech packs or fashion design portfolios.

What You'll Learn

In this class you’ll learn how to take a basic garment flat and add all the necessary details. We'll cover:

  • Construction Details. How to draw stitches, darts, hems, trims, buttons and zippers.

  • Coloring Details. How to add color to your flats in Adobe Illustrator. 

  • Pattern-Making. How to create swatches to communicate various textures and patterns.

  • Fitting Details. How to add draping and shaping techniques to your flats in Adobe Illustrator.

What You'll Do

You'll be able to apply these skills immediately to your own project: create a high detailed set of garment flats you can share with your classmates for feedback. Looking to get your fashion design produced? Submit your design for funding on Betabrand!

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Brilliant class! very helpful.
Sunita Palam


amazing and great stuff
good class with step-by-step details





Mickaela Roxas

Graphic Design, Calligraphy


Mickey is the Junior Graphic Designer for Betabrand. Mickey has endeavored to teach herself the in's and out's of designing - without exhausting her life's savings. From tutorials about up-cycling flannel shirts to customizable stuffed-toys, Mickey provides advice that comes straight from her experience as an inspired rookie lost in a world of professionals. Her work and tutorials have been featured on several occasions including The Oakland Tribune,, and 

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