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eCommerce Seller Tips (Amazon, eBay, Poshmark, Mercari)

teacher avatar Bryan Guerra, I Help People Start Home Businesses

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (42m)
    • 1. ECommerce Tips Welcome

    • 2. 5 Poshmark Tips that Will Help You Sell More

    • 3. 5 Mercari Tips to Sell More

    • 4. 5 Tips to Sell More on eBay

    • 5. 5 Tips to Sell More on Amazon

    • 6. ECommerce Tips Project

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About This Class

In this short mini Course, we'll go over several ways you can increase your Business's eCommerce Sales.

Whether your focus is selling on Amazon, eBay, Poshmark, or Mercari, this Course will walk you through how to increase your sales on each platform & take your eCommerce game to the next level.

Meet Your Teacher

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Bryan Guerra

I Help People Start Home Businesses


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1. ECommerce Tips Welcome: What's going on, guys? Welcome, Teoh the course. So today I basically want to run you through, You know, a bunch of different e commerce tips. Now I've sold on multiple different platforms. And obviously, depending on where you are in your e commerce journey, you might be selling on one. Or you might be selling on multiples as well. Okay, I've sold on Posh Mark. I sold on Macari. I sold on eBay, sold on Amazon, and I've scaled them all up to, you know, practically where they could be just a full time business if I just focused my attention on them. Now, I don't necessarily recommend, you know, just picking one, because you don't have to write. You should be kind of branching out. I'm not saying scattered, you know, kind of the scatterbrained and focus all your attention in different directions. That's not what I'm saying. But what I am saying is you should test and try to list on all of them and grow your stores on all of them and you'll see, you know, firsthand. Okay, maybe your inventory, depending on what kind of inventory your sourcing or your store has, is better suited for one platform, right? Or maybe it's better suited for, like, two or three platforms and not another one. And maybe, you know, your target customer more more likely lies on one platform than another. At or maybe specifically, you enjoy one platform more than another. Okay, but you're not gonna know that if you just pick one and stick to it. A big mistake that I see a lot of people making when they're jumping into e commerce is just hopping on Amazon, right? Or just hopping on eBay. Now, there's nothing wrong with either of those platforms. They're phenomenal e commerce marketplaces that said you should not just be solely handcuffing yourself to only selling on that platform branch out. Try them also right here as I build this entire course Right now, I'm gonna give you five of my top posh marc tips that are gonna help you sell more on that platform as well. If you implement them, I guarantee you it will help you sell more on that e commerce marketplace and grow your store. Same thing with macari. Then we're gonna move into my top five macari tips to sell. Moreover Qari, Then we're gonna move more into five tips to sell more on eBay and then five more tips to sell on Amazon as well. Now I will be adding to this course going forward. I will be generating five more tips for each specific mark place. But these are the top ones. So I want to put them first, and then maybe I'll go. Five more. Five more, five more and five more. And then I plan on also adding to that and saying five things that you should not avoid. There's fun that you should not avoid five things that you should avoid on each marketplace . You know, basically five of the top mistakes that I see you know, e commerce stores making and sellers making on those marketplaces. So these tips just right here will really help you get started. And then Chef back for updates. Obviously, once you go through the course project, you will notice that, you know, I recommend that you write these these tips down and use them as a checklist in a cheat sheet from when you're listening. So by the time you actually go ahead and do that, there might be an update to the actual course. So I hope that you're as excited as me. I love e commerce. I love arbitrage in general and, you know, wholesale and just kind of reselling inventory online. It's a genuine passion of mine. And I hope to share in these videos in this course you know, that passion with you. 2. 5 Poshmark Tips that Will Help You Sell More: tip number one is to list your items mawr expensively from the get go than you expect to sell them. This creates a sense of value when you drop your prices, whether that's during a closet clear out sale, which happens about 2 to 3 times a month, or if you're just dropping them and making an offer toe like ER's as you accumulate mawr interest in a listing. And if you sell it at that higher price point initially than great more power to you. Now two of the things that I touched on our closet clear out sale and making offers the Lakers those air two of the most valuable tools that you can utilize in your posh mark closet to prompt more sales. Right? That's the number one reason, or one A and one B really, because there's two of them there that you want to stick to. Hire listings initially so that you can drop your price and still maintain the error value So I usually sell mawr during a closet clear out sale or the two closet clear outsiders that happened right? Then I do the entirety of the month without the reason being is doing a closet clear out sale. What posh Mark Will dio is posh. Mark covers the shipping for the buyer and then obviously they get a 10% discount. So if you drop your your items in your listings down 10% from the re from the original purchase price that they're listed at, well, then that that the people that like those listings are you gonna notify that? Hey, this has free shipping for the next 24 hours. And, oh, by the way, the prices dropped 10%. So they don't have to pay the shipping and they get a cheaper price. One of the best ways that you can initiate more sales on Posh Mark is to utilize thes closet clear outs here advantage. But just like tip number one, you can't do that if you start listing your products too low, so list them high and be patient. Tip number two is toe. Organize your closet for visitors and firm or sales, so there's two ways to basically do this right. You want to put your sold items at the bottom by as you as you get it sales, and as you accumulate more sales, you'll see that you get that little sold tag on it, right? So what you want to do is you want to share all the items around that so that your soul ones end up at the bottom because when you share an item, it moves to the top of your closet. So you want to make sure to organize all your sold items toward the bottom of your closet so people don't have to scroll through a bunch of sold stuff to see exactly what is available still for sale. And the next one is to put your most desirable items at the top of the closet. You'll start to notice that as you put your most desirable items at the top of the closet, that's really gonna prompt a lot more sales on those specific items because the majority of people that come to your closet are only gonna share back the top to toe four things. Maybe because the majority of people are doing it from the app and you'll notice that once you have on the app, you can only really see the top 2 to 4 items, and they're the easiest to share. If somebody's coming back to do share for share. Kind of like like for like on instagram. Right? So if you share something in theirs and they're gonna come back and share something years, they're not going to scroll down to, like, 10 listings below and share one of those. No. They're going to share the top two or four listings, so make sure that you're organizing your closet items for that actual optimization when people come back and share them. Tip number three is to organize your closet for specific party. So what do I mean by that? For instance, let's say that there's, you know, I don't know a gene party going on right now, right? And you have two or three genes in your closet. Well, what do you want to dio? You want to organize your genes to the top of your closet by sharing them, And then what I want you to do is go to the gene party and start sharing from there. Now, you can really utilize tip number four that we're gonna go over here in a second to get more of your bang for your buck when you're doing this. But in short, where you want to do is you want organize your genes to the top of the closet or, you know, whatever the niche or party that you know is currently going on. If you have listings for that, and then you're gonna go to the gene party and share a number off, list things and just continually do that, why is that? Why do you think? Because anybody in the gene party is either listing jeans so they obviously are interested in potentially looking and liking your genes in the future or they're there to buy. And as you start start to share more and more stuff, it's gonna bring more and more traffic and more and more shares to your closet. Also, like we talked about before, the top 2 to 4 listings in your closet are going to get the most visibility, the most traffic and the most potential likes and shares, thus pushing your genes out to a number of variety of people that are currently on the platform. Looking for what? Looking for jeans, right, So make sure you're utilizing that's your advantage. Don't just organize your closet to by putting the sale sold items to the bottom and your best items at the top, but also organize it for the specific party that's going on currently and the specific party that you're sharing from at that current time period. That is one of the best tips that I could give you to prom or sales and really convert a lot more of your posh mark closet traffic in the purchaser's. So Tim Number four, is to use automation software. Like I said in the intro, it is one of the only places and e commerce marketplaces that I know of that you can automate consistently and successfully so that you can go about your life and you don't have to worry constantly about. You know, organizing your prices and organizing your list things and bringing traffic to your listings were even paying for a PPC on Amazon or something like that, right? No. You can use automation software to bring consistent traffic while you're going about your life. Now there are many services out there, but I personally love simple posture. I love this. I've been using this for I don't know about a month or two now, and it only costs $10. It's 9.9, which is a complete steel, and if you're not sold on it, you can get a free seven day trial for that. It's not an affiliate link. I don't have an affiliate link for that. But if you're not sold on it, you can use it for seven days for free and then keep just cycling through seven day free trials. You don't actually really ever have to pay for it, although $10 is super, super cheap. And the reason I love simple posture and automation in general is because it takes your time avidly equation so that you're constantly bringing traffic to your closet, constantly sharing other people stuff, constantly, liking it constantly common and constantly engaging on the platform or app. While you're going about your life you're eating. You're sleeping here watching TV or whatever it is that you do on a daily basis. You don't have to constantly be on your phone or on the website sharing and going crazy. Tip number five is one that I see a lot of beginners not really understanding, and that is to be patient and not expect your listing to sell right away. Okay, you could be leaving a lot of potential profit margin on the table if you're trying to really, really list your items low, or even if you list them high like I initially said Teoh, and then you're dropping them too fast, right? Be patient. Don't expect your listings to sell right away or, you know, realistically within a couple of days, even. Okay, some listings will sell almost immediately. Some will sell in a couple of days. Some will sell in a couple weeks, and some might sell in two months. When you find the right buyer, obviously there's no way to test specific. You know, the specific sales velocity of an item or initial posh mark. It's trial and error, but one of the best tips I could give you to sell MAWR higher margins is obviously the scale your listings up more or less things, but also be patient. And don't always expect your listings to sell right away. OK, so use the automation to bringing consistent traffic. Use the sharing techniques that we've gone over in this video to then bring more traffic to your cause, it consistently and properly pricier items higher than expected and don't drop your listing price too low and too soon, because not only will you potentially sell it at a lower margin, but it also if you drop it too low, too fast. Buyers will see that and will create this air of, you know, no value in that listing. This is something that I noticed across the board. Whether you're selling on Amazon eBay, Posh mark, warmer car, you're literally anywhere. If you price your price point to low, buyers will make the assumption that it's lower for a reason because there's not that much of value in there. So price it high. Your listing will sell eventually if you give it time. 3. 5 Mercari Tips to Sell More: Tim. Number one now is to list your prices high. By listening your prices higher than normal or higher than retail value, you'll be able to accumulate more views and more likes. You'll also then be able to use the most valuable tool that my car gives sellers, which is the promote button. If you lister prices too low, not only will you miss out on chances to sell your products form or initially, but you also miss out on the chance to continue to promote your products to the people that have viewed and liked your list things. Now the reason for this is because Macari stops you from promoting at a certain price point where it's no longer profitable for them. So by listing your prices higher, you'll get an opportunity to sell them for more profit initially. Obviously, you'll then get an opportunity to promote more times over the lifespan of that particular listing, and you'll also be able to drive up the perceived value of your item so that if you do make an offer through the promotion button in the future, well, they will be more perceived value on the customers, and that ties me in the tip Number two, which is to promote, promote, promote promoting my list things is the single best way that I sell on Macari. Not sure, every once in a while, you know, I just list something and it sells right away. Maybe because either there was either higher demand on the market place than usual for that item, or one of my followers, Sollett. And you know they wanted it for whatever reason. But most of the time I have to use the promote button to drive sales and increase my visibility on the platform. Now there's two main ways to promote your listings on macari. Now. The 1st 1 is to promote toe like er's by making an offer lower than the listing price. And this will send a notification to all those Lakers on that list thing that you've offered the item they shown interest in by liking it to them exclusively for a lower price , right? The second is to promote it site wide, and this drops your listing permanently 5% lower than its current price, and you won't be able to raise it back up, although the benefit of that is that macari will start to promote your listing across the platform tome or people that they believe might be interested in your listing. Now promoting Toe Lakers is a great way to drive sales. Promoting site wide is a great way to potentially make more sales, obviously, but more so. I use it to accumulate more likes and eyes on my listings so that I can promote in the future and sell them to those Lakers in the future. None of this matters, though. If you've already listed your item to low, because the higher you list your item, the MAWR promotions and the more times obviously you can use the promote button in the future. Now that doesn't necessarily mean that you want to, you know, list stuff at outrageous prices to, you know, be able to promote hundreds and hundreds of times, right. But it does mean that you'll want to list everything higher than you believe. You know it's perceived. Value is, or whatever it's worth or what you think it will sell, right. So then you want to use once you do list that higher, like we talked about, then you want to use the promotions to drive interest and drive sales. Tip number three is to accumulate reviews now, just like any e commerce platform, the more social proof that you have a set as a seller, well, the easier it will be to actually then sell. Now. This point means potentially selling stuff in the future and initially for less profit. Then maybe you might have wanted Teoh just for the positive review. The more reviews you accumulate, the higher you can pry stuff in the future. And unless buyers will think twice about purchasing from you in that future, now don't get me wrong. When I first started selling on McCurry, I sold practically everything for profit and most items. I did actually list higher than that, although there were also plenty of items that I took ridiculously low offers on or sold for zero profit or like, 10 cents profit because I understood that those sales would then lead to more five star reviews, which then obviously lead to more sales at higher prices in the future. Now, when most buyers come in my store, well, they don't even think twice about purchasing anything because they see the social proof and they just innate Lee Trust, and this tip is super crucial no matter what platform you're selling on. But especially on Macari. Tip number four is very similar to that last tip, obviously, and that is to accumulate each one of the seller badges or as many of the seller badges as possible. And they also display underscores home page along with the reviews and will help increase your stores Social proof on the platform. These badges include the members since badge, so mind specifically says Member, since 2017 since that's when I joined now, I joined in 2017 and I don't think I ever listed anything until late 2000 and 18 early 2000 and 19. But obviously this isn't something that super super important. So this is probably the least important badge, you know, Really, all displays is you know how long and how trustworthy your store's been been being for an extended period of time, obviously assuming that you've been doing it for a while, so you really don't have to worry about this one too much, although it can help as you build a store into the future, The 2nd 1 is a fast responders badge to get this badge, you'll want to respond to all messages in a timely fashion. Now, that doesn't mean that you have to have the APP open every minute, checking it to make sure that you're not getting messages. Okay, but what it does mean is that if you do see one of those push notifications and there's little red notifications next, the macari app will then check it because it could be a message the Fed and could also be a sale as well, which is great for you, right? So the faster you respond to these messages, not only will you get the potential badge, but it will also result in happier customers, which will then result in more reviews and better of use for you in the future. The 3rd 1 is the quick shipper badge, and this is pretty self explanatory. You know, customers like fast shipping, so do your best to ship products out on the days that they've been ordered. Now, if this or you know, really realistically, if you can't do that as fast as you possibly can, the last one is the reliable badge, and you can get this badge by having a large majority of the orders delivered to buyers, which is pretty self explanatory as well. Now that means basically, just don't cancel any orders or cancel very few orders or, you know, don't get any orders that air lost in the mail. So obviously that goes without saying, and it's pretty easy to control. But this is another one that you can get pretty easily. If you're not drop shipping or anything like that you shouldn't really worry about. Can't too many canceled orders or, you know, un delivered orders or anything like that? Most sellers are gonna be able to get this one fairly quickly, and badges play a big part in customer trust on Macari. So if you can go out and try to get that finally, tip Number five is toe offer free shipping. Now I talk a lot about offering MAWR listing value than your competitors, regardless of if those competitors are actually on that same platform or completely different platform. Now. That means that you're not only competing with other macari sellers for a sale, but it means that you're competing against other sellers across other platforms that are selling similar items every where. Okay, so that means online retail, Amazon posh mark any other site, any similar listing you're competing on. Okay, So since companies like Amazon and others have really kind of reset the market, and most buyers now expect fast and free shipping well, it really makes your listings more attractive to the buyer. If you also offer fast and free shipping, that's where that comes into play. So there you have a guy's five tips to sell more on macari and make more money on the platform. 4. 5 Tips to Sell More on eBay: tip number one now is toe. List your prices a lot higher initially than you even expect to sell them for now. Why do you want to do this? You want to list them high so that you can build up that sense of more value in the listing and collect potential people on the watch list for those items and those favorites that you see on the eBay side of being a seller, right? So that way, in the future, you can drop your price down for that listing 5% and those people will get an email notification that, hey, the price on this listing that you favorite it or put on your watch list has dropped 5% and that will initially, hopefully prompt immediate sales. It's creating that sense of urgency and that sense of value. Both are very important to selling products online. Tip number two is to actually do product research ahead of time before you go out and source items for eBay to list, right? So, for example, if let's say you want to go out and you want a source a coupon product for coupon arbitrage for the IV, a platform and you want to see if you know what the sales velocity and sales history for an item like that is on eBay and also what you potentially sell it for. So you know if it's going to bring you a profit margin and it's a good practice source, right? So then what do you do exactly? Well, you want a copy? The lit the the title for the Amazon listing, taking over a TV, a search, right? And then you want to sort on the side of eBay and you want sort for sold and completed listings on what that's gonna dio is. It's going to show you if a product like that has ever sold in the past, and if so, for what? How many? And on what dates? Right? So if they have sold frequently, if they sold recently what the prices were, and if, for example, if you're you're too your searches to niche, then you just want to take out some of the keywords search from the main keywords. So it's not like a long title, if only if you're not seeing any search results or very, very minimal and then you want to search for you know, maybe like the top five keywords in that listing. So if it's a scratch off, Matt, you want to do, like, world scratch off map, blah, blah, maybe just take, like, five of the 65 to 6 keywords in the title instead of the long full title, right? And that's only if you're running into issues seeing potential West things in the sold and completed items, then the same thing, right? You're gonna search for that. A broader Solden completed. See if any items like that have sold. If they have and they've sold, you know recently and for decent profit margins, then obviously you want to go ahead and potentially source that you basically want to do your product research ahead of time. So, you know, going in full well, A. This is a good potential item to sell on the eBay marketplace or be this isn't. And if it is a good item, you want to know what the potential profit margin that you can make is what you can potentially felt sell it for, and obviously, what other similar items like that have sold for. Now, when you go, another little cat caveat. Bonus tip. When you goto list that item, you don't want to just go create your enlisting. You want to go back, search for it again, go to sold in plead items and hit one of the items that have sold with a good profit margin . That's very, very similar. And sell one like this. What that's going to do is it's not only gonna take, you know, the category and a potential title that you could then manipulate and change slightly. But it's also gonna take the specs that helped it get sales or help to get a sale and help to get more visibility on the eve A platform, right? You want to take the specs, and that's the easiest way to do it. Tip number three is that you want to go out and you want to get the fast and free badge on all of your listings. Okay, so what is the fast and free badge? First and foremost? Well, it's that little fast and free thing up in the top of the list thing. That kind of looks like the Amazon prime badge for eBay buyers. Right? So what is it then? How do you get the fast and free badge. Well, what you basically want to do is you want to offer free shipping hence the free part of the fasten free. And you wanna have handling times that are at least one day or same day, that will be the fast and the free part of it. And what that will do is then you'll get the fast and free batch on your listing. And eBay claims that that increases sales at least at least 11% across the board. I'm not saying this. This is what they're saying that their data shows. So one of the best tips that I could give you is make sure you're handling time is at least one day or same day delivery. Not not same day delivery, same day handling, times writes. That means that you're taking at least on Lee one day to handle the item and ship it out. Also offer free shipping, and then your sales should increase across the board by at least 11%. Now, Tim number four is gonna go directly against tip number one, but hear me out. So tim Number four is to sell items for no profit or practically any profit at all. And before you get all up in arms, hear me out. What you want to do is you want to sell items very, very cheap when you're initially ranking your eBay account. And that might mean zero to no profit on some items or even, you know, your first couple items. At least the reason being is you want to accumulate positive feedback now, positive feedback. When you're selling items right, you're gonna you're gonna prompt the sales to accumulate positive feedback by listing your items a lot lower. Even though initially I told you to list them a lot higher, you gotta feel out for where you are in the process, right? If you're ranking a new account, this is the route you want to go. So Lister items very, very low to prompt sales to accumulate positive feedback so that you could get that snowball effect to start rolling. Because as you accumulate more positive feedback, you will then be able to sell more products at a higher price in the future. So it's an exponential effect, so you might have to take the hit or at least sell them for no net. profit in the beginning on like your 1st 5 to 10 items just to accumulate some positive sales history so that people, when they come to your resting in the future and you have some positive feedback that they don't think twice about it because that you're a trusted seller now and you have some, you know, history of positive sales. Tim Number five is to invest in quality shipping supplies. Now, this is one of the things that I fought for so long because it can go against your profit margin, right? If you have to go out and buy shipping supplies like boxes or envelopes, for example, that could go answer margin, cause then you're that's another expense on your business, right? If you're going out and sourcing for something, I would tell you here in a second priority mail, when you're shipping right, that's gonna cost you more to ship it out. Because if you're paying priority mail, then obviously you're shipping. Prices are going to be more than if you were shipping like meat, email or ground shipping, right? So keep that in mind. It can be an expense on the business. You don't have to do it right away. But one of the best tips is to invest in quality shipping supplies. Okay, so that means that you're not shipping out repurposed Amazon prime boxes to your house, which is something I didn't initially in the future. It's not the worst thing in the world, if that's you know what you want to do in the beginning to kind of keep your margins as high as potentially possible. That said, it's definitely not gonna make you look that professional as a seller, right? So what I would say is instead, go out to Amazon and by you know, some really, really cheap boxes or go to, like, typing like really cheap boxes in bulk on on Google, right? You should be able to find good prices for boxes that fit the majority of your items. Or you could even go to Amazon and buy like 100 envelopes for, like, super cheap, like 5 to 10 bucks and use them to ship out right. Then you just need to take the envelope shut and, you know, then you have an entire thing, that you just slide into the post office and it doesn't cost you much at all, but it makes you look more professional like you actually prepared for this. And you didn't just repurpose in an Amazon box. Another example of this that I see from new ABC eBay sellers A lot is like a shoebox, right, because we all have shoeboxes, extra shoeboxes laying around the house. Don't do that. If you want to look professional and you want to be taken seriously as a seller on eBay, if you take your business seriously, your customers will as well. But if you're not prepared and you're not taking it seriously, well, chances are they won't take you seriously, either. And then it could hurt your feedback ratings going forward. So make sure that you're investing in quality shipping supplies, and it will payoff free. On top of that, if you don't want to essentially pay for shipping supplies, you don't want to go out in paper boxes. You want to go out and paper envelopes. Essentially. What you can do is I'm gonna give you two other options. You can go to the grocery stores or, like stores like Best Buy and ask them if they had extra boxes, or even like target, or WalMart asking if they have extra boxes that they want to get rid of. A lot of those stores will crush them up into, like that little palate, crunchy or whatever it is. I don't remember what it's called. I used to work a target, and then they recycle out of the boxes so they have droves of empty boxes that they're not using in all shapes and sizes, and you can utilize them to your advantage. If you just have the balls to go to a store and ask if they have some extra shipping boxes , you get free ships and shipping supplies like that. Another way to do is to go to USPS dot com, and you can get free shipping boxes. You know, two year tour for free, and they come in all different shapes and sizes. You can get patted flat rate envelopes, flat right envelopes, shipping, shipping box, all sorts of ships, shapes and sizes, rights here, door for free that you can then utilize to your advantage. Another great tip to is to just go to like a store like a like a Walgreens or like a what's another store like Walgreen's CVS essentially, and just by wrapping paper, like like a shipping wrapping paper that's like beige or tan, right? It cost you like three bucks a role, or even sometimes one or two bucks a role. If you buy it on bulk on Amazon, and then you can wrap your products. And just like that, just take the wrap up like you're wrapping a present. Ship it out like that will be really, really cheap. And don't make you look a lot more professional than if you just repurposed in an Amazon box or send it in a freakin shoebox. So take your business seriously investing some quality shipping supplies and it will pay off for you. It will make you look more professional. It will definitely result in a lot of better positive customer feedback, which we've talked about previously. The importance of and basically what you're doing is you're over delivering on their shipping expectations. By doing this, another way to over deliver to is like we talked about when you're going to USPS and using the priority mail boxes, then you can ship out with those for free, although just keep in mind that while you're getting those boxes for free. You do have to pay the priority mail shipping, which can be a little bit more than ground. So just keep, you know, keep that in mind when you're factoring that in your potential profit margin. The best way to go out and do it is just trial and error. You'll learn by doing it, but highly recommend that you invest in quality shipping supplies. 5. 5 Tips to Sell More on Amazon: now, Tim Number one is to use a re pricer or re pricing software. Repressors are a complete game changer. They allow you to always be competing for the by box on a listing which there are maybe multiple or, you know, a bunch of competitors on that actual listing. Okay. And keep in mind, too, that the by box is really where a majority of the buyers go on Amazon and the majority of the sales come from now. I thought this for so long, but as soon as I started to use a re pricer, my sales really rose dramatically with a lot less effort on my part. Now there are several re prices you can look into using for Amazon F B A. Two of my favorite are re price it and be cool. And those air to that I recommend that you look into now There's also a lot less sophisticated one that does come in Amazon Seller Central. Now there are some issues with that. I've noticed that, you know, sometimes it plays around with your lowest like your lowest price that you can kind of set so that I can kind of be frustrating if you're selling, you know, like used books or something that's like, really, really low value or if you drive the by box price all the way down, so keep that in mind. You can play around with that if you really looking for a low cost one where you don't have to spend money initially to get in, because obviously that one is free to get from that from Cellar Central. What you want to do is you want to go into pricing and then make sure they go go over to the automate pricing thing under that tab, then create a new rule, Then set your desired outcome rule parameters and which listings you want it to actually apply. Teoh. If I could give you one tip when you're doing wholesale or arbitrage or investing in really any products on Amazon that compete with other sellers with in that actual listing, it would be to invest in re pricing software. Tim number two now is to do more product research. Ah, head of time. That means before you buy the product, quite often we can get caught up in potential profit margin or being the first to market sometimes if you're doing wholesale that we kind of, you know, purchase the product prematurely without doing adequate researched that's necessary. Then it sits in our inventory for a lot longer than we expected before it sells or the margin drops dramatically. The truth is, if you spent just 10 more minutes per product doing a little bit of research on, maybe your competitors were checking how many units your competitors actually have for that actual you know, products. Or, you know, making sure that your profitable with an F B A calculator or checking the sales velocity specifically of a product or this is a big one to checking that you can even sell it. Yes, a lot of people forget to even check if they're able to sell it, or they actually have to request approval. So that's a big one now for higher margins with less time invested, this is really what you want to dio ahead of time. Don't waste time returning your items that you can't sell or getting stuck with inventory because you didn't do your product research. Don't take on unexpected losses on products that you guessed on. You want to be sure Now it's super simple to check all those things, too. You can do simple product research on your competitors with a Google chrome plug in called online seller Adam. Now, this is a simple one that you can install right from the Google Chrome Store. You can check the sales velocity of a product as well, or the potential sales velocity of a product that you're looking into with just the click of a button with the Jungle Scout chrome extension. Now you can run the numbers on a potential F B a margin to using the F B, a calculator that Amazon provides you and simply googling the F B A calculator on Amazon. Or you can download yet another Google Prohm chrome plug in that I recommend called AMC Scout F B A calculator. Perhaps the symbolist one of all these, though, is just to make sure that you're checking the products ass end in your cellar central to make sure that you are able to sell it to. So when you go to a product and you see that product you're interested. Make sure to do a little bit, and we're not sitting here doing like 30 minutes of product research. Okay, make sure to do a little bit of extra research pre purchase. That way, you can be confident that you're going to stay profitable, that it will sell quickly and that your competitors won't be too much of a problem for you moving on its hit number three now. And that would be to ship your products in two F b A. Now fulfillment by Amazon is a huge game changer for most sellers. It allows you to tap into Amazon's distribution network, which is huge there. Warehouse storage, their employees time and their customer service. Now all that is huge for you as 1/3 party seller because it means that you're basically means less time and less trips to the post office, less time dealing with customers, etcetera, etcetera. They have all the infrastructure built in there for you, so you might as well tap into it. That means that all you have to do is focus on sourcing profitable products than shipping them into F B A and then letting Amazon do all the work for you. The most important reason that you want to ship in the FDA, though right, is not actually, because they're gonna fulfill everything for you, although all that stuff is a nice bonus, right? It's not. It's obviously the fact that you don't deal with customers or returns or any labelling or anything like that, right? They're gonna do all that for you, for the most part. But the most important thing is because when your products go in the F B A, they become prime. Eligible for shipping to Amazon customers now is a complete game changer, and it means your customers will get free shipping when they purchase your products and they'll get them in a day or two. Max. Now you might be sitting there saying Awesome, Thanks for the tips, but how does that help me sell more on Amazon? Simple. The two main things as we know they go into a winning the by box on Amazon are your listing price and your availability to the customer. That means by shipping your products into F B A. Well, you'll be more. You'll be able to win the by box at a higher price point. Then you would otherwise if you did it so you'll sell Maura here units. Now if you don't want to ship into F B A. For some reason, I understand some people don't. That's pushback that I get every once in a while. What I would recommend that you look into is seller fulfilled prime and applying for that. Now, I know that they're not accepting applications currently at the time of recording this video because I've applied and I'm still waiting for them. You know he to hear back from them. That said, you can apply now and maybe a month or two out. You can get accepted for that. Now, at the very least, you should be offering free shipping as a merchant if you're merchant fulfilling your orders, okay, The way that you can do that is by making sure that you're on the professional seller plan . A lot of people ask, you know, I can't see it. Well, the reason being for a lot of people is your in individual seller planet. Need to upgrade to a professional seller plan. Then you want to create a new shipping template in cellar central and simply apply that shipping template to all your current products or all your skews or products that you wanted to apply to Okay, so just like the re price or an Amazon, you're gonna apply that to your actual specific products or just select it for all tip number four. To sell more on Amazon now is to actually think about sharing the by box. Now, when most people you know, when they add a product onto a listing, right and they think, Hey, I'm just gonna you know, you know, just let's mind a little bit under, you know, maybe like a cent under the by box price. That way I can, you know, undercut the market, get the by box and so mind really quickly for a profit. And that can work. Sometimes The issue with the strategy with undercutting the by box is that most sellers, like we talked about before in Tip number one, have re pricing software. So by listing your product below other sellers, all that's really going to do is it's going to start rat race to the bottom pricing between you and their software, right? It's not a lot of times it's not even the other seller sitting there clicking, which you might think, Oh, I'm gonna beat this person every 10 minutes. You think I'll just be more on top of it than them and I'll win the by box at one point. It's really you versus their software, which is automated, and that's a lose lose for everyone. In that scenario, nobody wins. So sometimes, not always. But sometimes it's better to simply match the by box price. Share the by box for the other sellers because then that by box will rotate between everyone with lowest price. Obviously, assuming that you know your delivery built, your your deliver ability to the customer is the same. Okay, and then everybody is going to sell their products at a higher price, even if it takes slightly longer and everybody wins. Now the final tip is a little bit, you know, out of the ordinary for video like this, and that is to not yes, not just sell on Amazon. Okay, now, while this video is clearly about how to sell more on Amazon, you should also think about looking outside of it for other marketplaces. The cell on expanding toe other marketplaces can help your bottom line, but it can also give you mawr important techniques to then transfer back to Amazon to get more sales on there, right? It's gonna give you different ideas, different, different innovative strategies, a different experience. But perhaps all you know, more importantly than anything, it's going to give you a different customer that you might not have otherwise have access to on. You know, just Amazon. Specifically. Now I recommend that you look into selling on eBay, look into selling on posh mark and look into selling on Macari. In addition to Amazon. They all have their benefits, and they all bring different things to the table. You might just find yes, you might just find that you gain access to a completely different customer than you would on Lee on Amazon. Like I said before now, this will increase your customers. It will increase your products exposure, which is the name of the game, obviously, and how you're gonna sell more and ultimately allow your products to sell faster. Overall, one of my favorite ways to sell outside of Amazon on all of these is by using multi channel listing software. Now there's a bunch of these out there, but one that I highly recommend looking into is list perfectly. List perfectly. Is a complete game changer and multi channel listing software. Just like list perfectly will save you ridiculous amounts of time by allowing you to list on every single platform at once, Right? So you're not sitting there listing on Posh Mark, then listing on my car, then listing on eBay and wasting about 2 to 3 minutes each time for every product, whatever that is, or even a minute every time. Instead, you know, free for those of you that are trying to grow your e commerce sales instead, what you want to do is you want to go to list perfectly, and I think it's you. The cheapest plan is like 9 99 a month, so it saves you a ridiculous amount of time. It's gonna pay for itself 10 times over. I'm not affiliated with with this perfectly at all, just recommending you what works for me and it totally. And then you literally list it once, and it disperses it across all the platforms overall. So there you have a guy's five tips to sell more units on Amazon this Q four 6. ECommerce Tips Project: All right, guys. So that pretty much sums up all the e commerce tips for you. Now, I want to give you a specific project that's really gonna help you implement these tips better in your own e commerce business. Okay, So what I want you to do is I want you to go through the videos, obviously, and write down each specific tip that I outline for that specific platform. Right. Then I want you to use that, maybe make it on, like, a little note card or a little post it note and put it right by the computer that you list on. Okay. So that way, when you're going ahead on your listing on those platforms, I want you to use that little cheat sheet as, like a checklist to see, Am I doing all these things when I'm listing? And if you are doing them, obviously that will help you increase your sales and really, just, you know, just get more notoriety and visibility for your products on each specific e commerce marketplace. So I really hope that you guys got a lot of value out of this. You know, I really hope that it helps you with your own e commerce stores. With that being said, I'll see in the next one